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The only 20 Dynamic Creative examples for successful Facebook and Snapchat advertising

Best-in-class creative and performance marketing teams always want to be on the cutting edge of what's new. That's why it’s a pain for us to find the time to stay current with all of the latest trends in the Paid Social landscape.

Thankfully, your googling game is on point, since you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll provide you with some inspiration from the best-performing and most beautiful Dynamic Creative examples in the industry.

They're all very different but share a common goal: grabbing your consumers’ attention with their creativity and uniqueness at scale, and alas - driving conversions, and $$$.

20 Dynamic Creative examples

Engaging consumers in personalized ways is critical for all D2C marketers, and these 20 stunning Dynamic Creative ads are proven to catch the eye of your audience and deliver your KPIs.

#1 Enhanced DPAs for product promotions

Enhanced DPAs for product promotions
Deliver the most relevant product promotions to your targeted audience.

Dynamic Product Ads for retargeting are more powerful than static advertising because they're able to adapt their messaging based on the consumer’s history.

You're displaying personalized content based on consumer behavior and preferences by customizing interest paths that allow users from engagement all the way up through conversion. These smart journeys increase brand loyalty while also building trust by providing personalized offers and relevant content at every stage of the funnel.

And since shoppers demand relevant promotions - deliver them personalized journeys with the Hunch Retail Playbook. In client success, it look’s like this - the Adwise&Lucardi case study.

#2 Multi-format Dynamic Creatives

Multi Artboard Templates
Easily control all template formats within one functional unit.

This is a necessity for launching campaigns with creatives on each placement and in several formats.

Instead of creating a separate template for each size and placement, you can create one master template and replicate it as needed, ensuring design consistency and full creative coverage of all known format sizes. With Hunch, ditch loads of manual work while still delivering highly-tailored ads. Empower the creative team to break free from creative roadblocks.

Hunch’s Multi Artboard Template feature speeds up the workflow, provides an excellent preview of all formats in one place and allows for real-time changes.

#3 Dynamic ads for Snapchat

Dynamic ads for Snapchat
Find your spot in Snapchat advertising by leveraging Hunch.

Our Creative Studio lets you create the next level of targeted creative by building dynamic templates. This way you can personalize creatives by audience interest, location, or any other preference.

Also, Automated Ads for Snapchat can elevate your advertising game with relevant ads, multi-format creatives, or video creatives. Turn your creative strategy into amazing campaigns by personalizing and contextualizing all your creatives for the right audience.

#4 Hyperlocal targeted creatives

Hyperlocal targeted creatives
Online traffic turns to in-store shopping, and if done right - results in on-the-spot purchases.

When shoppers recall an online ad and have a positive impression of the brand, they are more likely to visit the store to learn more or make a purchase.

With these creatives, you can launch automated hyperlocalized campaigns targeting a radius of 100m within each retail location to drive in-store traffic and increase sales.

Get a look at how to run hyper-targeted campaigns with immense results with the Fjuz case study.

#5 Multi-language localized ads

Multi-language localized ads
Capture attention and connect with your audience to maximize local impact.

When creating a global campaign, it is important to take into consideration different countries and cultures. The quickest way to do this is multi-language ads.

Provide a language/copy data sheet and join the feed dynamically into all creatives produced, thus ensuring relevant and contextual brand messaging, which allows Hunch to automate distributing the ad around different locales and dialects with ease.

When an ad isn't localized, it will be ignored. Then again, when someone sees one that speaks their native tongue, they're much more likely to tune in as evidenced by increased CTR.

And on this Hunch Voice episode, I briefly demonstrated how to launch multi-language campaigns in 4 easy steps through the Hunch platform.

#6 Localized Dynamic ads

Localized Dynamic ads
Data-relevant dynamic templates for each market with local pricing, special offers and products.

With dynamic localized ads, you’ll reach more customers in multiple markets by contextualizing your ads through localization, whether it's location, language, weather, demographics, offer info.

You’ll also maintain brand governance and reach a wider audience with relevant and engaging content by adapting to the specific needs and preferences of each market.

The Hunch Localization case study goes in depth with the capabilities of localized dynamic ads. 

#7 Weather-triggered Dynamic Creatives

Weather-triggered Dynamic Creatives
Capitalize on your customers' shopping intentions in different weather conditions.

Dynamically use weather data from 3rd-party feeds to customize your creative to weather conditions outside.

Weather-triggered ads dynamically use data to deliver personalized messages at a time that is most relevant and appropriate to users based on location information combined with weather forecasts updated hourly.

An excellent ad hack is to increase product purchases by adapting the discount to the outside temperature. You won't just communicate the current temperature, but a promotion or value of a discount.

#8 Time-based Dynamic Creatives

Advertise in a timely manner. Increase purchases of different products based on the part of the day.

Take a look at how time-based ads work in the cosmetics industry, and how to increase purchases of some products based on the part of the day. Create two sets of visuals and adapt them to the part of the day. For example, the visual promoting the night creative is active from 8 PM to 8 AM, while the daytime creative starts popping up from 8 AM till nighttime. So, depending on the part of the day, you’re displaying relevant ads and products to your customers.

You’ll increase shopping relevance at a relevant time by using rules to define the timespan a certain ad will be running.

Here are 4 weather and time-based playbooks to be fully convinced.

#9 Multi-market localization

Multi-market localization
Show different copy and elements and customize your ad based on your audience's location.

Provide a language/copy data sheet that dynamically populates creatives, ensuring relevant and contextual brand messaging for a multi-regional reach.

​​When ads are tailored to the local market, they feel more authentic and trustworthy to the audience, which helps in building your client's brand credibility and increases customer trust. Plus, this can give a competitive advantage to win more customers in each market.

See use cases like this one and many more in Hunch’s Localization playbook.

#10 Data-powered geo-targeted ads

Data-powered geo-targeted ads
Geo targeting lets you serve localized ads and drill down to an even more granular level.

Launch automated geo targeting campaigns targeting a radius of 100m within each retail location. Create local promotions depending on where the viewer is right down to the district of a city or the exact micro-location of an event.

Or even better - speak directly to your audience just like Genero. Here’s their case study.

#11 Scalable dynamic video ads

There's no need to hire an expensive designer or know an advanced tool to make a good-looking and functional video

The Hunch Creative Video Studio features full-frame animation, advanced text controls, support for video formats and a codeless animation environment.

It also enables you to showcase multiple animated products with our Slideshow feature. We made the Slideshow feature as simple as designing a layout, how your products would look, and then letting the system animate it on its own. So, there's no need to hire an expensive designer or know an advanced tool to make a good-looking and functional slideshow video.

Go try it out! I’m not a designer myself, but this is beyond exciting to work with.

And if you’re skeptical about the outcome, here’s the case study from one of our partners - FEEDB<CK. They utilized Hunch for their luxury market client to build high-converting video ads through a DCO video campaign focused on user activation.

#12 Travel and Leisure dynamic ads

Meet your travelers' needs with highly-tailored offers and the right deals.

In our Travel Playbook, we gathered use cases that’ll inspire you to make ads which push travelers to immediately grab their passports and make reservations. You’ll learn how to manage multiple travel destinations, stay relevant on a granular level and measure your campaign's success.

And in practice - a case study from our partners, G Adventures, the world’s biggest adventure travel company.

#13 Dynamic ads for flight offers

There are many cheap and affordable flight offers, but not all are relevant travelers.

Imagine if you could instantly serve a city-specific ad that speaks directly to the interests of your traveler, or perhaps one for an upcoming event.

Take a look at how Air Serbia's online bookings soared with data-fueled customer journeys.

Geo targeting combined with Dynamic Creative can do this and more. You can now target your audience down to specific cities or even events in real-time through imagery, videos and ad copy that are tailored specifically for each of those locations.

So, just in case - your handy Travel Case Study for unleashing dynamics in the travel industry.

#14 Automotive Dynamic ads for Meta and Snapchat

Automotive Dynamic ads for Meta and Snapchat
97% of people looking to purchase, repair or customize a car begin their journey online.

Automotive Dynamic ads are an excellent way to reach car buyers, although it’s not nearly enough to properly show off available stock from the car brand. It's important to serve relevant ads if you want buyers to be attracted, and car dealerships are doing just that.

Read our Automotive Playbook which includes use cases and examples that will help you effectively promote deals, book more test drives and convert them into sales. And if you’re more of an ops-type of marketer, the Automotive Case Study will suit you better.

#15 Dynamic Creative for Betting ads

Dynamic Creative for Betting ads
Provide real-time updates on sports matches, live odds and other relevant information.

Automate promotions for betting matches in real-time with workflow automation. This will increase the relevance of your Betting ads by showing resonant, personalized offers.

One more betting playbook and case study coming your way. Hunch’s Betting Playbook includes use cases and examples that will help you maximize acquisition, increase user activation and improve retention. While out Betting Case Study will explain how to run successful betting campaigns in just above 2 minutes.

#16 Dynamic Creative for Casino ads

Dynamic Creative for Casino ads
Automate promotions for individual casino games, such as poker or roulette.

Dynamic Creative ads for casinos are based on automating promotions for individual games like poker or roulette by dividing them into different categories (mobile/desktop, new/popular) and showcasing through a variety of ad types.

#17 Countdown timers

Create FOMO with Countdowns. Clearance sale in 3, 2, 1...days!

Create urgency in special promotions with daily countdowns. Show special timed promotions with a countdown for better engagement and to drive conversions.

Using conditional layers in DPA templates, set up countdown timers or call-to-action cues for how long the promotion will last.

#18 Review-centric product ads

Review-centric product ads
Utilize social proof and reach relevant new buyers with review-centric product recommendations.

Reviews are matched to the product feed. Incorporating snippets of positive customer reviews in the creative or ad copy increases the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

With social proof, shoppers feel more confident in their purchase decisions which can boost sales and thus - revenue, faster.

#19 DPAs focused on sales

DPAs focused on sales
Communicate the discounted offer by showing the original product price next to the sale price.

​​Make it easier for shoppers to quickly identify and take advantage of discounts. The highlighted discount price increases shopper interest and motivation to make a purchase, improving your sales efficiency and driving revenue growth.

Moving away from traditional DPA can effectively solve any troubles you have with Dynamic Product campaigns. Unlock better ways to capture attention with the Hunch Fashion Playbook, or if you don’t have the time - a 2 minute Fashion case study will do the trick.

#20 Holiday & Calendar site promotions

Go the extra mile by incorporating holiday or specific calendar date data onto DPAs.

Activate the campaign a few weeks prior to a specific holiday (Christmas, Easter, Mothers\Fathers Day, Valentine’s), or in a period where some events are more likely to occur (vacations in the Summer, weddings in Spring/Summer). Birthday events are always active.

DPA visuals remain inline with event promotions. Valentine’s sales, Summer specials, or Black Friday promotions all create a sense of urgency with the customer and shorten time and path to conversion. And since it’s seasonal campaign activation, with calendar specifications, you’ll experience lowered CPA and CPP.

To sum up

This shift to Dynamic Creative has resulted in agencies providing more effective advertising that resonates the best with their audiences than traditional methods could ever do before.

The key idea behind this success? Contextual and hyperlocalized messaging.

Build and scale hyper-localized creatives in Hunch Creative Studio.

The concept of Dynamic Creative is an alluring and intriguing future of advertising, quite hard to resist, and you're missing out on some hidden ROI if you’re not utilizing it.

And if you’re ready to supercharge your advertising with Dynamic Creative, get in touch with us for a free strategy call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is DCO advertising?

While Dynamic Creative is an ad unit that has a combination of elements that can be changed and assembled on the fly, Dynamic Creative Optimization allows you to swap those ad components to create a winning combination that resonates the most with your audience and aligns with your campaign’s goals.

In short, DCO enables advertisers to test which ad performs best by dynamically delivering different combinations of creatives to the target audience.

2. Why is dynamic creative good?

The rapid development of Social keeps getting faster, that's why delivering hundreds of relevant ads can be challenging. Dynamic Creative allows you to do that in real-time and unlock the huge potential of personalized ads.