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Vidmob vs. Hunch: Top Vidmob alternative for brands

Vidmob is a relatively new platform in the creative automation space, mostly known for its video ad generation capabilities. Vidmob also helps in connecting clients with ad-industry professionals such as designers and copywriters. This is a unique feature that makes it stand out from competitors. But is Vidmob a suitable all-in-one solution for brands looking to launch omnichannel ad campaigns?

Hunch is a Vidmob alternative, but with significant differences. Apart from being a creative automation platform, Hunch offers an integrated solution for campaign management that allows users to extend their dynamic video ads to Paid Social. Hunch specializes in both video and image creatives.

Both Vidmob and Hunch help users leverage creative insights to make data-driven decisions for their ad campaigns. However, they vary greatly in terms of features and user experience. We conducted a thorough investigation to create a side-by-side unbiased comparison of both platforms. Information used for creating this comparison is gathered from different review websites, mentioned in the article, and from the website of the compared platform.

Comparison tables

Hunch offers a comprehensive suite of features for ad generation and campaign management. On the other hand, Vidmob’s biggest feature is its creative intelligence capability.

While both Hunch and Vidmob can provide great results, they have significant differences in terms of features, user experience, pricing and additional services.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:


Facebook (full) green-tick green-tick
Instagram (full) green-tick green-tick
TikTok (library and creative integration) green-tick green-tick
Snapchat (full) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Google ads (rules and automations) green-tick green-tick
Custom metrics green-tick green-tick

Hunch is one of the few Vidmob alternatives that offer a multitude of integrations to support your creative automation requirements. Both Hunch and Vidmob are Meta Business Partners.


DPA Product catalogs green-tick green-tick
Display and banner ads green-tick balck-cross-icon
DPA templates green-tick green-tick
Campaign management green-tick balck-cross-icon
Collaboration tools green-tick balck-cross-icon
Automated media buying green-tick balck-cross-icon
Cross-account workflows green-tick balck-cross-icon
Creator marketplace balck-cross-icon green-tick
On-demand creative green-tick green-tick

There is a huge difference in features between both platforms. Hunch offers both automation of creative production and campaign management, which allows it to provide a whole range of additional features that are essential for performance marketing. This includes media buying, creative automation, and omnichannel distribution.

Vidmob offers limited ad generation capabilities as they only facilitate video ads. On the other hand, Hunch specializes in every kind of digital ad: whether it is static banner ads, dynamic creatives or display ads of any dimension.

Hunch also allows you to align media and creative teams with collaboration tools, which is missing from Vidmob. This is because Hunch has a centralized dashboard where users with different roles can create, repurpose and distribute assets.

Finally, Vidmob offers a “creative services marketplace” where customers can connect with ad-industry professionals. Hunch does not have this feature. If that is something that you are looking for, Vidmob might be worth considering.

Services and support

Customer success green-tick green-tick
Account management green-tick green-tick
Training services green-tick balck-cross-icon
Professional services
Solutions and integrations green-tick green-tick
Creative and production green-tick balck-cross-icon
Strategy green-tick balck-cross-icon
Support (24/7) balck-cross-icon balck-cross-icon
Knowledge base green-tick green-tick

Hunch offers a comprehensive suite of production support services across campaign management, creative automation and media buying,  since Vidmob does not offer campaign management and media buying services, naturally it does not have the same degree of comprehensive end-to-end support.

When it comes to strategy support, Hunch shines as one of the top Vidmob alternatives in this regard. Hunch offers services such as automated post boosting and leveraging creative insights to optimize your ad campaigns. For example, if you connect your Google Analytics account to Hunch, it identifies your top-performing products and creates ads for them.


Flexible green-tick green-tick
Pricing Structure Ad spend through platform Per video generated
Subscription green-tick balck-cross-icon

Hunch and Vidmob greatly differ when it comes to pricing, so based on your requirements your ROAS will vary on both platforms.

Vidmob has pricing based on each video generated, while Hunch charges users only on ad-spend going through the platform. If you are looking to scale your ad campaigns, launch multiple variants of creatives or simply want to experiment, Hunch is a clear winner. That's because with Hunch you're getting 3 image and 2 video templates in onboarding phase to have something to start with. You can always get additional design on demand.

There may be niche situations where you would benefit from launching a predetermined number of video ads through Vidmob, but for most brands, Hunch's pricing is far more customer-friendly.


Vidmob testimonial:

For us at Equality Now, video is a vital tool to communicate with supporters by distilling complex program issues down to 10 seconds of content. VidMob Gives has granted us access to industry leaders in video production. The content they’ve created for us over the past year has allowed us to reach thousands of new supporters across the world through our social campaigns.

Hunch testimonial:

I love that you can make thousands of custom ads from all your e-commerce products just by creating 1 template. This helps you to test your ad creative very fast and find which one performs the best. This process would usually spend a lot of time and resources while Hunch lets you do it automatically.

You can even connect your account with Google Analytics and let Hunch create ads from just your best-performing products to increase your profit.

Another great feature is smart automatic post boosting. This would mean that you can make your regular organic post content and with certain rules, Hunch can automatically create an ad from this post and target this ad to the people depending on the content of the post.

Also, Hunch advanced alerts and rules can help you stop bad ads and scale on good-performing ads.

Amazing tool for saving your time and running ads more efficiently.”

Hunch's unique angle: What makes Hunch a superior choice to Vidmob

There are three key factors that make Hunch a superior choice to Vidmob.

First, Hunch offers campaign management which integrates perfectly with its creative automation capabilities.

If you are looking to launch a campaign, Hunch is your one-stop solution. You can generate creatives according to your requirements, plan a campaign, gather data on what works, and optimize your campaigns based on data collected… all in one place.

Secondly, the pricing model of Hunch is far more cost-effective for SMBs. If you want to test different creatives or create multiple ad variants, Vidmob will require you to pay for each video ad generated. As for Hunch, you are only required to pay based on your ad spend going through the platform. This means you have greater room for creative testing with Hunch.

Thirdly, Vidmob only allows the creation of video ads. Hunch offers a much greater variety of creatives that can be generated on its platform. This is a clearly superior product offering in that regard.

Pros and cons comparison: Is Hunch truly the best Vidmob alternative compared to other creative automation platforms?

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of each platform to help you in your decision-making process:



  • Fully automate your advertising for Paid Social
  • Full-stack solution for ad production, including campaign management
  • Creative insights for optimizing ads
  • Has a Creative Studio for both image and videos
  • Flexible pricing


  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Specialized for SMBs and B2C brands
  • Video and image templates have a small learning curve



  • Unique “creative scoring” feature which uses data to measure impact
  • Creator marketplace to help find talent on a per-project basis
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real-time


  • New to the creative automation space
  • Pricing may not be cost-effective for SMB’s
  • Limited to video ad generation
  • No campaign management feature

Why choose Hunch?

To conclude, Hunch is a far more extensive ad-tech solution than Vidmob. While Hunch offers a suite of features for facilitating end-to-end Paid Social campaigns, Vidmob essentially just automates video ad production and provides creative insights to help with optimization.

Campaign management is an integrally important part of the advertising process, and Hunch enables businesses to scale their creative production and launch their campaign from one centralized hub.

Brands that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

If you’d like to read more statistics, check out our case study. Check out how to lower CAC by 47% by leveraging our platform for localization at scale.

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