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Marpipe vs. Hunch: the battle between Mario & Super Mario

The main difference between Marpipe and Hunch is that Hunch enables you to do much more than just DPAs, with fully automated weather-based, countdown, live odds, and hyper localization ads.

Marpipe is a platform that lets marketing teams take control of their dynamic product ads. They believe that better DPAs bring better performance, and their goal is to help marketers turn any boring DPA into real ad creative. 

Hunch also lets you go crazy with DPAs, and generate thumb-stopping ads. 

Hunch is a platform that combines AI and automation to help marketers scale creative production and delivery and streamline campaign management. Hunch liberates modern marketers from the everyday hustle, helping them achieve better performance with less tedious & manual tasks. 

Let’s be honest: we think we’re the best choice for all performance marketers & designers suffocating in inefficient creative processes, but it’s only fair to do a comparison of the features & capabilities of both platforms, to help you make the right decision for your team. 

Comparison table of the most important features 

Choosing a new platform to work with is never just about features, but a simple ‘yes or no’ checklist is mandatory to see if the problem you have can be solved. So, here it is, without further ado. 

Multi Million Image Rendering green-tick balck-cross-icon
Multi Placements Design green-tick green-tick
Photoshop Upload green-tick green-tick
Conditional Formatting green-tick balck-cross-icon
Feed Enrichment green-tick balck-cross-icon
AI Background Removal green-tick green-tick
Color Palette Suggestions green-tick balck-cross-icon
Dynamic Layout Adjustment green-tick balck-cross-icon
Campaign Management green-tick balck-cross-icon
Creative Testing* green-tick balck-cross-icon
Variations Testing* balck-cross-icon green-tick

*See more at Creative Testing vs Variations Testing.

DPA - where Marpipe stops, Hunch continues

Marpipe mastered the production of DPA templates. They let you easily upload your existing product feed to their platform, use their studio to create better ad visuals, and then take the enriched catalog and use it for the campaigns on all major platforms. 

By connecting layers in your design to the columns in the product feed, you get as many variations as you need. Marpipe highlights the importance of showcasing different data to your dynamic ads, giving you many options to upgrade your SKUs and create both evergreen and seasonal templates. 

Hunch also lets you upload your existing feed, use our best-in-class Creative Studio to create stunning visuals, and then use the enriched catalog for any channel. 

But that’s just step one with Hunch. 

Hunch’s feed management lets you add, transform, or showcase any data from your feed. You can seamlessly add new data and manage your feed so each of your creatives can tell the product story. 

Once you produce stunning creatives Hunch offers three options. 

First, you can take the enriched catalog and use it on any social platform. Second, you can use creatives built with Hunch to enrich existing Advantage+ campaigns. And the final stop is launching and managing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat through Hunch.

This is how Hunch helps with decreasing friction between marketers and designers. Once your designer creates templates with different messaging and info, you can take everything from there. The designer won’t go back and forth for each edit.

With Marpipe, each change in communication requires new template, new catalog, new campaign, and more designer work. 

AI-Generated Features Compared

Marpipe focuses on generating data and displaying it on templates. You can enhance your product ads using AI-generated titles, descriptions, value propositions, or testimonials. Just upload your feed and drag the data onto the canvas. 

Marpipe heavily invest in AI generated data, while Hunch is able to collect all the data from your website and makes it usable in Hunch Creative Studio. That’s why we bet on real data. 

Hunch specializes in AI-powered background removal, solving one of the most tedious tasks for designers: removing backgrounds from product images at scale. We excel in removing backgrounds for fashion, apparel, and furniture industries, providing marketers and designers the freedom to focus on creating stunning visuals. 

Creative Studios Compared 

Marpipe’s studio is strongly focused on helping marketers generate the best possible dynamic product ads. The set of features lets you create dynamic templates in square formats and play with the data you want to display to make your product ad pop. 

Hunch’s Creative Studio is a top-notch design tool for ad creative. You don’t have to be a designer to produce killer image & video creative, because our Studio is marketer-friendly. 

Hunch’s AI-powered tools will clear your schedule dedicated to repetitive boring tasks, features in Hunch Studio such as the Multi Artboard Template help you automatically create multiple on-brand templates in any format you need, while the slideshow feature lets you turn any product image into video. 

You build your templates from scratch, or import .psd files your designers have prepared for you, and do your marketer’s magic on them, to make sure you promote your products in the best possible way. 

Creative Testing vs Variations Testing

Marpipe offers Multivariate Testing. What this feature really does is randomly displaying creative variations based on different assets to your audience, to enable analyzing which option works the best.

This feature is perfect for designers who are not sure what kind of assets work best, so they can lean on the technology switch between them and make that decision for them. Also, once you launch the Multivariate Testing, you don’t really have any control over the process.

With Hunch, you get real creative testing, that’s why our technology is the best for both marketers & designers who know which triggers they want to pull. With Hunch, you can test up to 20 completely different templates, with different messaging, different information displayed and CTAs for one catalog.


Marpipe’s Review on G2:

What do you like best about Marpipe?

The Enriched Catalogs product is simple to use and just makes sense. Gives me a lot of freedom to improve my DPA!

Hunch’s Review on G2:

What do you like best about Hunch?

Hunch is helping us a lot by creating attractive ads. It looks way better than for example the images from a product feed. Moreover the team is very helpful!

How to make the right choice? 

If 100% of your budget goes to dynamic product ads if you’re satisfied with nice-looking DPAs, and you’re not interested in scaling your Meta advertising’s performance, then Marpipe will do the job. At the beginning of the game, Mario performs just fine. 

But, if you have many products to advertise and you want to simplify creative production and campaign adjustments, while also scaling across various formats and placements, then you’ll need Super Mario - meet Hunch.

With Hunch in your toolkit, you will take back time for yourself, and you’ll help your team cut tedious tasks, and put strong focus on crucial strategies.