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StitcherAds vs. Hunch: Best StitcherAds alternative for performance marketing

StitcherAds is a performance marketing platform that helps advertisers optimize campaigns primarily on Facebook and Instagram. It is a retail-centric platform that differentiates itself from similar platforms by providing pre-to-post-campaign optimization capabilities.

Hunch is a top StitcherAds alternative. It provides dynamic creative, creative automation and campaign optimization abilities. Hunch’s Creative Studio allows users to scale their creative production while also being able to monitor their results and optimize their campaigns all in one place.

Since both platforms offer similar features, how can you decide which platform is best for your performance marketing needs?

We did some research to identify the nuances that set both platforms apart and provide you with an unbiased comparison between Hunch and StitcherAds.

Comparison tables

Hunch specializes in serving B2C brands and SMBs across all industries. StitcherAds is “retail and e-commerce centric” by its design.

Hunch is an invaluable StitcherAds alternative for companies that want a more intuitive and streamlined advertising solution while still being affordable.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:


Facebook (full) green-tick green-tick
Instagram (full) green-tick green-tick
TikTok (library and creative integration) green-tick green-tick
Snapchat (full) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Google ads (rules and automations) green-tick green-tick
Custom metrics green-tick green-tick

Both Hunch and StitcherAds offer the same range of opportunities when it comes to integrations, although StitcherAds primarily caters to Facebook and Instagram advertising while Hunch offers an equal level of configurability and support across all platforms, including TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

For example, under StitcherAds’ self-serve plan, Snapchat and Pinterest are limited to feed and creative features. Campaign automation is not included.

For most advertisers these are crucial platforms, and Hunch ensures the same amount of features.

Both StitcherAds and Hunch are Meta Business Partners.


DPA Product catalogs green-tick green-tick
DPA templates green-tick green-tick
Automated ads green-tick green-tick
Automated campaigns green-tick green-tick
Campaign management green-tick green-tick
Reporting green-tick green-tick
Workflow automation green-tick green-tick
Bulk editing green-tick green-tick

Although both platforms offer similar features on paper, the platform experience is very different: Hunch offers both DCO and campaign management, while StitcherAds focuses more on personalized social media advertising across channels.

Both StitcherAds and Hunch provide an omnichannel growth marketing platform for end-to-end campaign management.

StitcherAds dynamic creative suite enables the generation of fully customizable creatives at scale. They provide multiple personalization capabilities such as rule-based creative layouts, A/B testing, and dynamic product ads.

This is thanks to its omnichannel data platform (or ODP) If you’re confused about what that is, it is a data processing system that segments data from multiple feeds, such as website data, inventory data, product catalogs, and more.

StitcherAds also offers some unique “smart” features such as environmental triggers. For example, on a rainy day, the platform can be customized to show relevant weather-based product ads for an e-commerce company (such as umbrellas) and even display weather-based creatives to influence the audience. This is an example of how real-world data is used to deliver personalized ads at the right time to the right audience.

That being said,  StitcherAds primarily caters to retail and e-commerce businesses. The platform is mostly used for the generation of creatives such as digital circulars.

Hunch’s Creative Studio offers the same DCO and personalization features that will allow you to scale creatives across platforms while maintaining brand consistency. However, Hunch’s advanced feed management solution allows users to launch complex feed campaigns faster. This is possible due to features such as automated data synchronization and feed-based campaign creation. These features make it an appealing choice for businesses in any industry.

Hunch goes a step further from environmental triggers by allowing users to build custom CSV and XML feeds to generate ads based on data such as location, weather or any custom parameter!

Hunch offers comprehensive reporting and optimization capabilities, including Slack alerts and customizable reporting. You can even capture your winning strategy by setting advanced rules with triggers that are checked every 5 minutes.

StitcherAds’ analytics platform UI is reminiscent of Google Analytics, while Hunch’s Creative Studio presents creative insights in a more detailed and actionable manner (try it out for yourself to see the difference).

Hunch is a more comprehensive solution thanks to its combination of both intuitiveness and power-packed advanced features that any business can benefit from.

Services and support

Customer success green-tick green-tick
Account management green-tick green-tick
Training services green-tick green-tick
Professional services
Solutions and integrations green-tick green-tick
Creative and production green-tick green-tick
Strategy green-tick green-tick
Support (24/7) balck-cross-icon balck-cross-icon
Knowledge base green-tick green-tick

Hunch shines as one of the top StitcherAds alternatives when it comes to strategy support and individualized customer success efforts. Since Hunch caters to more industries than StitcherAds, the platform is able to provide much greater assistance across different situations.

Hunch offers actionable insights and recommendations around the campaign data it collects. For example, if you connect your Google Analytics account to Hunch, it identifies your top-performing products and creates ads for them.


Flexible green-tick green-tick
Project-based green-tick balck-cross-icon
Pricing Structure Direct platform spend Flat fee based on chosen features
Subscription green-tick green-tick

Both Hunch and StitcherAds have completely different pricing models, so based on your requirements, you may see greater value in one platform over the other.

StitcherAds charges based on the percentage of ad spend, but with a caveat: It has a “minimum monthly fee” of $5000 for the self-serve option and $12,500 a month for managed services. So a customer is billed the greater of % media spend or the monthly minimum fee. There are also optional creative services such as overlays and digital circulars.

Conversely, Hunch only charges based on ad spend going through its platform. You can choose will you use Hunch as a software with a service or an end-to-end solution. When leveraging Hunch as a software with a service, you can choose between two plans: monthly and yearly. Plans refer to the commitment to Hunch, not to the ad spend. In the trial period, Hunch brings 3 dynamic image templates and 2 dynamic video templates to give you something to start with. Another way to use the platform is to choose an end-to-end creative solution. For such a solution you get tailored pricing, based on the creative service the platform and the team behind provide. Check the Hunch pricing here.


StitcherAds Review from G2:


“Well. In this topics companies have act seriously because they gather lots of personal information in order to better customise an add and send it to the potential customers that are most likely interested in buying the product. So, the add doesn't have to be aggressive, just intuitive with the idea to help, not to annoy the people. Otherwise they can react in a bad way. At StitcherAds we find the correct sale online substance, in the right amount, to the right person.”


“Many features have to be defined, also many data has to be collected... So, it is a bit challenging to fulfill all the requirements... But it make sense at the end.."

Hunch Review from G2:


“I love that you can make thousands of custom ads from all your e-commerce products just by creating 1 template. This helps you to test your ad creative very fast and find which one performs the best. This process would usually spend a lot of time and resources while Hunch lets you do it automatically.

You can even connect your account with Google Analytics and let Hunch create ads from just your best-performing products to increase your profit.

Another great feature is smart automatic post boosting. This would mean that you can make your regular organic post content and with certain rules, Hunch can automatically create an ad from this post and target this ad to the people depending on the content of the post.

Also, Hunch advanced alerts and rules can help you stop bad ads and scale on good-performing ads.

Amazing tool for saving your time and running ads more efficiently.”


“Nothing really. If there are any hiccups in the software, their team solves it really fast.
This is a must-have tool for all e-commerce brands with over 50 products as it saves time and money with automatic ads creation.”

Hunch’s unique angle: What makes Hunch a superior choice to StitcherAds?

Hunch and StitcherAds have very different pricing models, which clearly distinguish their effectiveness based on the size of your company or agency. If you have an operation of a size where a $12,500 price tag per month feels like good value, StitcherAds may be a good choice for you. But for the overwhelming majority of cases, Hunch simply provides greater cost-effectiveness.

Hunch also offers superior campaign management features. Its intuitive interface allows fast campaign setup, and users can generate custom CSV/XML feeds to generate ads based on any custom feed.

Apart from this, Hunch appeals to a greater number of industries because its Creative Studio is versatile, simple to understand and offers a high degree of customization.

Hunch even offers smart features of its own as well, such as automatic post boosting and advanced customizations whereby you can scale high-performing ads and eliminate ones that aren’t effective.

For businesses looking to optimize their Paid Social efforts, Hunch is one of the most competitive StitcherAds alternatives available.

Pros and cons comparison: Is Hunch truly the best StitcherAds alternative?

Here’s a consolidated list of pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision:



  • It gives you the ability to fully automate your advertising for Paid Social
  • Full-stack solution for ad production
  • Versatile and integrates seamlessly with third-party tools
  • Has its Creative Studio for both image and videos
  • Flexible pricing


  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Specialized for B2C brands and SMBs
  • Learning curve: may take time to get comfortable with advanced features



  • It is a retail-first platform; offers the ability to create high-quality digital circulars
  • The UI itself is easy to navigate and does not lag in terms of load time
  • Offers performance management services
  • Environmental triggers
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real-time


  • It does not encourage the ability to configure and set quick customization criteria
  • The expensive and sub-optimal pricing model
  • Primary focus is on Facebook and Instagram
  • Relies on parent company (Kargo Commerce) resources

Why choose Hunch?

Hunch simply offers greater value for money, a wider range of customization abilities and is more practical for end-to-end campaign management. You can take care of all your creative automation needs and perform creative testing to achieve a high ROAS all within the Hunch platform.

Finally, StitcherAds primarily caters to retail and e-commerce businesses. Hunch has a proven track record of empowering companies across all industries to scale their performance marketing efforts.

Brands that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

Check out our case study: How Air Serbia leveraged Hunch to automate a complete social media dynamic retargeting system for 73 flights around 54 destinations. Hunch produced more than 1400 image ads and 120 video ads for Air Serbia which were fully automated at scale. The end result? Air Serbia received a large influx of new website visitors and a higher conversion rate, all thanks to implementing dynamic creatives.

If you have any questions, book a demo and we’ll be glad to help you learn how you can harness the power of DCO and drive growth to new heights with Hunch!