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ROI Hunter vs. Hunch: Best ROI Hunter alternative for Paid Social advertising

The main difference between ROI Hunter and Hunch is that Hunch live by "Creative is the king" approach and hence build best in class AI-powered Creative Studio that enables creative automation and creative testing at scale.

ROI Hunter is a marketing platform that enables businesses to manage their Paid Social ads. It provides performance insights along with actionable data to improve the efficiency of performance marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it also helps accelerate the creative generation process by providing customizable templates.

Hunch is a ROI Hunter alternative, that offers an entire suite of creative automation services along with an integrated solution for campaign management. Hunch’s Creative Studio offers a high degree of versatility with advanced features for generating both photo and video ads.

Both ROI Hunter and Hunch help users make data-driven creatives, manage campaigns and generate insights. However, the user experience, features, and functionality vary greatly.

Information used for creating this comparison is gathered from different review websites, mentioned in the article, and from the website of the compared platform. This is an unbiased comparison that focuses on getting to know both platforms better.

Comparison Tables

ROI Hunter markets itself as a “performance management platform” and caters mainly towards retail/e-commerce businesses. Meanwhile, Hunch’s is equally suited for any business that wants to leverage creative automation and workflow automation.

Both Hunch and ROI Hunter offer vastly different user experiences thanks to their features, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:


Facebook (full) green-tick green-tick
Instagram (full) green-tick green-tick
TikTok (library and creative integration) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Snapchat (full) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Google ads (rules and automations) green-tick green-tick
Custom metrics green-tick green-tick

Hunch is a top ROI Hunter alternative since it not only provides more integrations, but it also caters to more industries. Both Hunch and ROI Hunter are Meta Business Partners.


DPA Product catalogs green-tick green-tick
Display and banner ads green-tick green-tick
DPA templates green-tick green-tick
Video Studio green-tick green-tick
Automated campaigns green-tick green-tick
Campaign management green-tick green-tick
Creative intelligence green-tick green-tick
Collaboration tools green-tick green-tick
Automated media buying green-tick balck-cross-icon
Cross-account workflows green-tick green-tick

While both Hunch and ROI Hunter seem alike on the surface, the features and user experience differ internally.

ROI Hunter lacks advanced features, such as using different catalog fields in DPA templates. This may be a hindrance for many users. The learning curve and user experience for ROI Hunter are also reported to be steeper. In contrast, Hunch offers a high degree of configuration and customizability in its platform, and is more intuitive.

Hunch has a state-of-the-art Creative Studio that has both image and video generation capabilities. Meanwhile, ROI Hunter’s template editor is relatively limited when it comes to advanced features and customization.

Services and Support

Customer success green-tick green-tick
Account management green-tick green-tick
Training services green-tick balck-cross-icon
Professional services
Solutions and integrations green-tick green-tick
Creative and production green-tick balck-cross-icon
Strategy green-tick balck-cross-icon
Support (24/7) balck-cross-icon balck-cross-icon
Knowledge base green-tick green-tick

Both Hunch and ROI Hunter offer extensive customer support for new and existing customers.

However, ROI Hunter’s customer service is partial, based on the account you choose, and there is Core, Pro and Premium. They offer a dedicated customer success manager only to businesses of a certain size which is discouraging for smaller companies that may run into issues.

Hunch shines as one of the top ROI Hunter alternatives when it comes to going the extra mile and ensuring customer satisfaction. Hunch offers unique services such as automated post boosting and leverages creative insights to optimize your ad campaigns. For example, if you connect your Google Analytics account to Hunch, it identifies your top-performing products and creates ads for them.


Flexible green-tick green-tick
Project-based green-tick balck-cross-icon
Pricing Structure Direct platform spend Flat Fee
Subscription green-tick green-tick

ROI Hunter offers different pricing levels based on a combination of factors such as your ad spend budget, desired service level, and a number of integrations. How this is calculated is not directly shared with businesses which make the ROI Hunter pricing feel opaque.

When leveraging Hunch as a software with a service, you can choose between two plans: monthly and yearly. Plans refer to the commitment to Hunch, not to the ad spend. In the trial period, Hunch brings 3 dynamic image templates and 2 dynamic video templates to give you something to start with.

Another way to use the platform is to choose an end-to-end creative solution. For such a solution you get tailored pricing, based on the creative service the platform and the team behind provide. Check the Hunch pricing here.


ROI Hunter Testimonial from G2:


The automation is great - from spending rules to dynamically updating ad copy without resetting your ads into a learning phase, ideal for businesses with ever-changing offers.

I like the template builder for dynamic ads, it's easy to refresh products and adapt them to different offers/times of the year.

Being able to track GA analytics alongside FB's metrics - we all know there can be a difference between the two, so seeing them side by side at a glance without having to pull data separately to manually compare makes life a lot easier.


It can be a little tricky to get your head around the platform at first, but honestly, with the support of your account manager, it becomes clear very quickly.

Hunch Testimonial from G2:


Creating customized ads at scale and publishing them to Facebook works like a breeze. During an important season, we delivered over 700 ads to over 110 ad sets on Facebook in an instant. We were able to customize creatives and copies by including dynamic values such as local slang, area name, and target audiences. I also like that we can run ads directly from Google Sheets and Google Drive (so we don't have to go into Ads Manager to create ads which is a tedious process). Hunch's customer support is top-notch. They have given us the support needed to bring our ideas into reality.


Creating new campaigns can be overwhelming if you don't create them regularly (at least I tend to forget all the nitty gritty settings that need to be set for the campaign to work out properly). However, with Hunch's awesome customer support this hasn't been an issue as they have helped us set up new campaigns every time it has been needed.

Hunch's unique angle: What makes Hunch a superior choice to ROI Hunter?

Hunch’s Creative Studio far exceeds ROI Hunter’s platform when it comes to features and utility, and this is the key differentiating factor. Businesses will have different requirements and they will most likely want a combination of video and image ad generation capabilities. ROI Hunter falls short in offering advanced customization options suitable for every industry since they primarily cater to e-commerce/retail businesses.

ROI Hunter also lacks a few key integrations, such as TikTok and Snapchat creative production. It is also not best suited for SMBs due to their relatively opaque pricing structure. The customer support services are limited as well, which may make it challenging for new or small users since there is a steep learning curve involved in using ROI Hunter’s platform to its maximum potential.

Pros and cons: Is Hunch truly the best ROI Hunter alternative compared to other creative automation platforms?

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of each platform to help you in your decision-making process:



  • Fully automate your advertising for Paid Social
  • Full-stack solution for ad production, including campaign management
  • Creative insights for optimizing ads
  • Has a Creative Studio for both images and videos
  • Flexible pricing


ROI Hunter


  • Integrates with third-party data
  • Multiple options for creating product sets
  • Ability to create custom metrics
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real-time


  • Lack of advanced features compared to alternatives
  • Pricing is opaque and not catered towards SMB’s
  • Customer support is limited to only specific plans
    Layout is confusing

Why choose Hunch?

To conclude, Hunch offers a much more comprehensive suite of solutions for businesses looking to amp up their creative generation capabilities. Hunch’s Creative Studio is multifunctional, easy to operate and suitable for any marketer.

Brands that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

Learn how Hunch helped Roma to streamline their creative process and to keep their on-brand creatives on auto-pilot.

Got any questions? Book a demo and we’ll be glad to assist you!