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Creative Scaling

Creative automation: How to scale ad content, not your design team

Every social media platform’s feed is saturated with ads. One cannot scroll through their feed without avoiding boring ads until that one ad pops up, the one that promotes a great burger place nearby, just at the beginning of lunchtime. 

Behind this ad is great targeting and contextualization done right, and probably a fed-up designer who spent hours working on different variations of the same creative and an exhausted marketer who had to check all the boxes and make sure that the right ad is delivered to the right audience.

How to avoid such a scenario and still make great results with your Paid Social efforts? By leveraging creative automation.

The everlasting struggle with repetitive tasks

In most in-house marketing teams creative process is broken. 

Producing creative assets should be a designer’s job. But advertisers need to be a part of this process too when it comes to preparing personalized creatives for campaigns. 

It takes some time to create different assets, make them look neat, and send them over to advertisers. Sometimes advertisers have to return the asset to the designing phase, seeing that something is missing. Once the assets are done, advertisers need to add other elements such as CTAs, offers, or headlines and then assigned the creatives to a campaign. 

Without feed management and creative automation, this process gets repeated due to thousands of different products that need to be advertised, which leads to repetitive tasks and non-stop feed updating with fresh offers and prices.

That’s why most advertisers give up on ad personalization, which leads to poor performance. 

Hunch Feed management
Feed management streamlines the process of ad production, and lets you deliver tons of individual creatives in minutes.

Make creative automation work for you

The process where all the work we mentioned gets done on autopilot is creative automation.

With creative automation, you can automate each part of the production of creative assets, which leads to automating the whole process of ad production for all placements.

So, for advertisers looking to hit the performance KPIs, save designers’ time, and improve ad quality, creative automation isn’t optional - it’s the essential way to launch on-brand creatives at lightning speed.

Power of creative scaling Hunch
Turn weeks of work into minutes with creative automation.

The connection between creative automation and dynamic creative 

Dynamic creative gives you a broad spectrum of opportunities when it comes to setting personalized campaigns. But, an essential part of every campaign is an ad, furthermore, the ad’s creative.

Creative automation lets you render all the creative variations in a bit of time, making the whole process of producing dynamic creative efficient. Meaning that scaling  dynamic creatives is only possible with the usage of creative automation. 

Once you connect the catalog and dynamic templates you want, let the software render variations for all social media platforms - that’s how a week of work will turn into minutes.

Connect your catalog with the Hunch platform and let the software generate beautiful ads.

Best practices of creative automation

Surrounded by thousands of ads a day, users demand a more personal approach to even acknowledge you as a brand, let alone buy something from you. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides a tailored experience.

A campaign’s performance is far less dependent on the strength of a single social media platform. It depends on the creative.

That’s why we choose the best practices of creative automation that will help you test the waters with this powerful technology. 

Overcome the lack of design resources with dynamic templates 

Producing high-performing creatives demands a lot of resources. 

Even if you have enough designers in your team, you will lose the time race - there’s never enough time to produce as many variations for different formats and  placements manually. 

If you're a creative strategist always stuck in the cycle of manually resizing or editing thousands of ads, creative automation is your answer.

With creative automation,  you won’t need to expand your team or spend days and nights doing repetitive tasks to create different variations of assets.

Use pre-made image and video dynamic templates, or design a template from scratch,  fill the placeholders for dynamic information with data from your product feed, and let the system render thousands of creatives variations in no time. 

Image and video dynamic templates, Hunch
Use dynamic templates to produce tons of creatives using data from your feed.

The best part: the next time when you need a tweak in your ad (for example sale or new product image) you won’t need to ask your designer to do the job for you. You can do it by adding the information to the spreadsheet and letting the creative automation do the work. 

Leverage AI to make outstanding creatives

If your catalogs contain thousands of products, removing the background from each one is quite challenging. Not to mention, you’re sacrificing hours of manual editing instead of focusing on design and strategy.

What AI can give you is operational efficiency where there is already too much manual repetition. Tools that enable creative automation, such as Hunch's AI tools, can help you speed up the creative production process and gain more creative control, yet still deliver standout creatives. 

With Hunch’s AI Background Removal you can ditch plain backgrounds and give each product a unique, hands-on look. Most importantly, you're doing it at scale, without spending hours on manual edits.

See how Beliani achieved faster creative testing using Hunch's AI and creative solutions.

Make hyper-localized ads in a fraction of the time with creative automation 

You are running a campaign for a delivery company that is heavily focused on precise location targeting, and this specific company delivers to 100 areas. Looking at just the placement requirements and the location personalization you’re now having thousand of assets required just to get started.

In a traditional process, this isn’t really cost-effective, and campaign results would suffer. However, with creative automation, you can produce creatives on demand quickly.

Through feed management, you can add and transform data, to produce thousands of creatives and deliver enriched dynamic ads in multiple locations (countries, regions, cities). Use images of popular buildings in a particular city, or advertise a product from a nearby store.  

Geo targeting Hunch
Turn your audience's data into beautiful creatives.

Produce high performing creatives with contextualization 

The biggest opportunity to delight your audience is to use the information you have about them, such as previous engagement, location data, weather data, demographics, and interests. Or get better results by mixing this information, and deliver ads with the right message at the right time. 

Use creative automation to connect any feed to unlock the full potential of your audience data, and start combining different information to produce beautiful ads that will be contextualized in terms of weather data, language, or location. 

Serve your audience ads for umbrellas and waterproof footwear the very minute rain starts, or showcase the ad for a beautiful wedding gown to a user who’s been looking for venues for a wedding. 

Use slang of local communities and render tons of creatives that will help you directly communicate with different audiences. 

Use weather-data to deliver personalized experience to your audience.

Use on brand templates to maintain brand consistency 

Multiple placements are available even o​​n a single channel and running an omnichannel campaign highly benefits brand consistency.

Take Facebook as an example: there is a story format, messenger, news feed, etc. That’s why a single creative is usually served in multiple placements. Even the simplest campaign on Facebook will require multiple different sizes of assets.

You may want to expand the campaign onto Snapchat which requires an entirely different set of safe zones and margins. 

As you can see, even with a single creative, running an omnichannel campaign will put you at a rough minimum of 60 assets to serve an ad the way it should. 

On brand creatives Hunch
Keep your creatives on-brand while delivering omnichannel campaigns.

With creative automation and on brand templates, you can do this in a hustle-free mode. The pre-design template will show your brand and define dynamic fields that will be filled with data from your feed. Click the button and watch creative automation transforming weeks of work into minutes. 

The review tool allows you a detailed review of the product catalog designs and it will help you to catch all the errors in designed assets, while creative export allows you quick and easy customization of assets that needs to be compliant for additional networks and placements.

Put a spotlight on your creative performance with Hunch 

Creative automation is the engine behind any creative production at scale.

To start that engine you will need help from the best in class design tool for ad creative: Hunch Creative Studio, which will help you deliver beautiful ads that perform on Paid Social. 

Not only does Hunch automates the process of creative production, but the whole media buying process on Meta and Snapchat, meaning that you won’t have to leave the platform to effortlessly manage all your campaigns on both platforms. Talking about smooth workflow. 

If you need creatives for other platforms, you can leverage Hunch’s Creative Studio to  easily produce TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube-ready assets and use them whenever you want. 

We’ll let the results speak for themselves: discover how Ruokaboksi launch 4 automated campaigns, with 400 ad sets and produce more than 1500 localized creatives with the Hunch platform, which resulted with CAC lowered by 62%.