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How does AI shape the future of social advertising?

Sipping your coffee at work, you're scrolling through your LinkedIn feed for a slow start to the day.


OpenAI introduces Sora: a generational AI set to slash those high and intimidating video production costs.

Just a scroll down, and there it is - Gemini Ultra 1.5 Pro. Wow, already?

And there’s yet another tip on speeding up the delivery of fresh ad content. Because, guess what, your audience is already bored with the ad you spent so much time creating. You’re just not fast enough.

Why is being a marketer today so tough? Because the old ways won't cut it anymore. Now, the real joy of this job is rooted in innovation.

Generative AI, Hunch

The Shift from Traditional to Modern Social Advertising

Today, the expectations placed on advertisers differ significantly from what they were a decade ago, especially in social advertising. If you look at the patterns of usage today on social and how fast the thumbs are, it is obvious that advertisers continually have to deliver interesting, innovative, attention-grabbing creatives for different audiences on social. 

The need for rapid content production and the push for hyper-personalization have made old advertising tactics obsolete. And this is what made today’s marketers unhappy with how things are working right now. After all, who wants to spend a day at work tweaking a single visual into thousands of versions? Or setting up a campaign while the pile of work is waiting its turn? 

The Rise of AI in Advertising: Innovative Solutions as an Answer  

AI generative tools came as both answers and indicators for a current state. Because creative demand asks for limitless capabilities, and humans have limitations. The new AI wave comes with a promise of moving away from generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns to a more strategic and data-driven approach.

And we see native platforms embracing these waves, with Meta’s Advantage+, which helps marketers skip all the fuss of campaign setup, and with important breakthroughs such as Product Level Video, which puts a strong emphasis on reaching the audience you wouldn’t normally reach with image DPA on Meta.

Deliver product-centric videos at scale.

So now, you can’t go far without being introduced to a new AI solution that will change the way you work or will completely do it for you. Leaving us with the question: Is AI our friend or foe? 

The answer lies in how you choose to embrace the inevitable changes. 

Do you see this huge industry shift as an opportunity or as a threat? 

Overcoming Resistance and Becoming a Master Marketer 

The adoption of new technologies is not without challenges. Many marketing teams face resistance when integrating new tools into their existing workflows. However, relying on an individual to constantly increase output without the help of innovative solutions is no longer viable. Technology will beat you. Unless you use that to your advantage.

That’s why the most progressive marketers are asking themselves do they have what it takes to stay operational in the new age of marketing. This is a first thought that will lead to becoming a Master Marketer: a full-stack marketer who understands the critical need to stay ahead of the curve and include working with innovative tools in their skillset, to avoid becoming obsolete.

Most important of all, Master Marketers are not only searching to get the work done, they are searching for ultimate happiness. 

In other words, it's about getting excited about what you do daily rather than just crossing tasks off a list.

Get Operational and Reclaim the Happiness of Being a Marketer 

The message is clear: adapt to the changing landscape by embracing AI, to stay ahead of the curve, meet the ever-changing demands of consumers, and drive better results.

But instead of just picking a tool that you can leverage, try choosing a partner that will help you navigate an increasingly competitive market.

With Hunch, you’re not just getting a technology, you’re gaining invaluable industry knowledge. Using our expertise, we’ll work with your team, and educate and train them to get to the next level of efficiency with innovation in the coming years. Hunch, as a partner, equips you with the toolset and insights to deliver innovative creative strategies you’re going to be proud of. 

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