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Product Level Video: Tell Your Product Story Like Never Before

Drop everything you're doing because the new era of eCommerce advertising is about to begin, and Hunch has secured front-row tickets. Introducing: Product Level Video. Yes, it's here – video for DPA. This means you can now create product-focused videos precisely tailored to your audience.

Meta has taken the hottest ad format, proven to engage the audience, and brought it to product advertising. This unique opportunity will help agencies working for eComm brands spark their audience's curiosity and boost ad performance.

Join forces with Hunch and be among the first to experience the impact of adding video format to your product ads.

Let’s dig in. 

What is Product Level Video and why should you care?

Product Level Video is a solution that allows advertisers to upload video assets directly into their catalog at the product/SKU level, enabling them to target their audience with product-centric videos on all Meta placements, such as explore, reels, and stories. 

Meta reports up to 48% increase in conversion rates for campaigns using product level videos compared to image ads.

The power of PLV lies in its ability to combine high-impact formats with the Advantage+ algorithms, to deliver more personalized and high-performing ads. This is best shown with reels, a video-first format, where PLV outperforms images. 

How does Product Level Video work?

If you’re familiar with how dynamic product ads work, you’ll get the hang of PLV easily because its logic is similar. But instead of using product images, you now use videos, and that opens new opportunities for creativity and storytelling. 

You can upload several videos for each product, and you should, as Meta recommends using different video sizes for optimal adjustment across all standard placements.

Build high impact creatives using PLV through Hunch.

Advantage+ and PLV - maximize video delivery & testing 

Using product-centric video in Advantage+ shopping campaigns brings your product ads to another level. Meta’s finest machine learning delivers the right product to the relevant person using a variety of ad formats. 

The best way to leverage PLV through your Advantage+ shopping campaigns is to test static (non-product) video vs product video to see what performs better. Meta suggests running a Split Test with two campaigns: one with a single video uploaded manually and one with Product Level Video uploaded with the catalog. 

This is how you’ll get the most accurate performance comparison. You have the option to focus your Advantage+ ads on products with videos by promoting these product sets only. 

Here's the example of how product-centric video should look like.

Build product-centric videos at scale with Hunch 

Considering that larger product sets perform better, Meta recommends having at least 200 product videos per product set. That is 200 video creatives you have to produce, that will be product-centric and will need to be adjusted for different placements in different ratios.

Every creative roadblock you had with producing image assets just gets bigger and more complicated when it comes to producing video. You need more time, more manpower, and more heavy lifting. The realization of this will probably drive you away from even trying PLV.

With Hunch you’ll avoid such a scenario. 

Connect your feed with the Hunch platform, use our Creative Studio to build stunning product-centric video creatives at scale, take the enriched catalog with fresh video creatives, and publish it on the Advantage+ shopping campaign.

The best part?

You can streamline the whole process from building on-brand video templates to launching product level video ads, all within a single platform.

As a Meta Business Partner, Hunch gives you early access to PLV, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition and win high-stakes pitches. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the huge potential of Product Level Video, where Hunch takes care of all the heavy lifting!