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So Buzzy - Carrefour's EOY Campaigns

How So Buzzy automated Carrefour’s end of year campaigns using Hunch

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So Buzzy is a social media agency that has been making organizations stronger in and on social media for over 10 years.
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Rotselaar, Belgium
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Challenge // Challenge // Challenge

Adapting to Every Appetite: Carrefour's Hyper-Localized Holiday Campaign

As the seventh-largest retailer in the world by revenue, Carrefour has an estimated 700 stores with thousands of products just in Belgium. To put all that on a paid social map is a real challenge having in mind the amount of repetitive and time-consuming work needed to be done. Now imagine doing it but at scale and in a highly personalized way - where you promote a specific store in combination with a product on sale only to the people who are inside a certain radius around that store - mind-boggling. Well, So Buzzy had to do exactly that. 

During the holidays, Carrefour offered their customers extra festivities at lower prices thanks to the Carrefour Extra, and through major promotions. The goal was to try to bring more people to their stores with recipes, location-based, and countdown ads. Looking to shake things up, So Buzzy aimed to craft an end-of-year campaign on social media that incorporated innovation and a distinct touch. 

Thus, creating ads that resemble Carrefour's target audience was of the utmost importance. “We wouldn't want to have ad fatigue on these creatives,” - says Ward Bernaerts, So Buzzy’s Digital Advertising Lead. “We would like to work out these creatives with some dynamic templates to ensure we have sufficient creative variations to work with.” 

solution // solution // solution

An automated solution that streamlines campaign management, saves time and removes creative roadblocks 

So Buzzy partnered with Hunch on this campaign to create hundreds of creatives, set up product promo counters, and publish hyper-localized ads. "Having Hunch in our toolset helped us both with automation and the creation of 100+ creatives at once" says Ward.

Following the funnel structure, they mapped Carrefour's content pillars into the most suitable stages. For the very top of the funnel, they created recipe ads to inspire a broad audience with dishes anyone could make using ingredients from Carrefour. So Buzzy utilized Hunch’s Creative Studio for all the recipe ads as a way to streamline their creative process and used a Multi-artboard solution to scale those creatives into all necessary formats.

Carrefour ads showcasing different dishes such as Red Velvet cake and Risotto
Recipe ads

After successfully capturing the audience's attention, the next goal was to attract people to the stores by promoting products on sale in combination with store maps using hyper-targeted localization, where each creative is perfectly tailored to specific location.

So Buzzy populated their feed with all necessary data (including exact coordinates and radius), and mapped them using Hunch’s best-in-class Feed Mapper. Having everything prepared, they opted for a Hunch Automated Campaign which instantly created the entire campaign structure. This unlocked the possibility of making any adjustments directly from the feed without managing multiple ad sets or ads individually.

Carrefour ads showcasing different products such as an iPhone and PS5, and the location of Carrefour's stores
Hyper-targeted localization

Finally, to enhance FOMO for the final stage of the funnel, So Buzzy created countdown ads for food items that revealed how many days were left until the end of each promotion, beginning from 7 days. This entailed a new ad being created every 24 hours and once one item's promotion concluded, another began with a fresh countdown sequence. The capability to achieve this was facilitated by Hunch’s Automated Campaign as mentioned earlier, making the entire process fully automated!

Carrefour ads showcasing different product deals for Salmon, Prosecco and Oyster
Countdown ads
Thanks to Hunch, we've tailored recipes for different regions and individual preferences, enhanced visuals, and added countdowns on key creatives. This has improved clarity and promotional opportunities, attracting more customers to our stores.

- Céline Wildschutz, Creation & Marketing Campaign Manager at Carrefour

results // results // results // results

Delivering hundreds of ads at scale with reduced maintenance and manual work 

This year, recipe ads demonstrated an outbound click-through rate (CTR) that was 4.1 times higher than that of other image ads in traffic campaigns. Ward remarked, "Instead of communicating only a few recipes, you guys helped us create lots of creatives at once. This reduced production costs significantly and increased the likelihood of creating high-performing content."

Hyper-target localization ads outperformed the specified target:

  • CPM: 81% lower than the goal
  • Cost per thousand people reached: 94% lower than the goal

Lastly, alongside the countdown campaign, another simultaneous campaign ran throughout the entire EOY period without time-limited offers. Upon reviewing the results, it became evident that the countdown campaign had a more significant impact on website performance compared to the other one:

  • Purchase rate - 28% higher 
  • ROAS - 31% higher
  • Average Purchase Value - 13% higher

Using Hunch, So Buzzy saved 250+ hours on manual labor related to ad production, campaign management, and constant back-and-forth between ad sets and ads that required additional updates. Hunch enabled them to do everything with minimal input. All of this was automated, so once the campaign was set up, it ran for a month and a half without any interference or need for manual updating.

If this success case inspires you to embrace automation and localization, give us a call and unlock the full potential of creative scale.

About Customer
So Buzzy is a social media agency that has been making organizations stronger in and on social media for over 10 years.
Rotselaar, Belgium
Hunch features used
Workflow automation

Highly personalized creatives at scale

So Buzzy - Carrefour's EOY Campaigns

"Using Hunch automation solutions we generated a multitude of assets efficiently, saving valuable time. The personalized touch in these creatives greatly enhanced their performance, making a significant impact during the hectic December advertising period."

Ward Bernaerts
Ward Bernaerts
Digital Advertising Lead at So Buzzy