Wavemaker surpasses all marketing expectations with highly-personalized Dynamic Creative

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Wavemaker is a global agency that specializes in growth marketing and offers innovative solutions to help its clients acquire and retain valuable customers.
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Bratislava, SK
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Wavemaker is a global agency focused on growth marketing and providing pioneering solutions for its clients. Fuelled by consumer decision-making data, Wavemaker shapes consumers’ brand decisions and experiences through innovative media, content and technology.

Very much in the spirit of Wavemaker, Hunch built upon that growth by speeding up creative production, making it easy to manage, and unlocking faster A/B testing. This in turn helped chart even better shopper journeys for the agency’s telco client, Telekom Slovakia. With an impressive decrease in CPA, Wavemaker’s Facebook campaigns garnered better results than ever before.

Challenge // Challenge // Challenge

Improve Paid Social campaign performance

The challenge was creating, distributing and updating a wide range of products in real-time for different audiences for one of their biggest clients, Telekom Slovakia. The ultimate goal was to achieve a sales uplift and leave a mark in the competitive telco industry.

Having on-brand and personalized creatives was seen as a possible way to go.

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Hunch Creative Studio's dynamic templates

Using Hunch Dynamic Creative, Wavemaker managed to surpass goals for campaign results. Leveraging owned brand data from Hunch DPAs provides accurate info to attract more shoppers users including latest and best offers, discounts, and so on.

With a wide selection of dynamic templates from the Hunch Creative Studio, Wavemaker is now able to deliver thousands of personalized messages at scale. Thanks to restructured campaigns, Wavemaker is using dynamic ads that are hitting all the right notes, and triggering all the right emotions from consumers.

The Hunch Onboarding team created even more growth opportunities for Wavemaker, which led to additional campaign management best practices and saved a huge amount of time and resources.

results // results // results // results

Data-driven messaging with 50% reduced CPA

Wavemaker now utilizes the full potential of Hunch Creative Studio, which helped the agency streamline creative production for a big client. In addition, Wavemaker has restructured their campaigns with ease, which saved a lot of time.

Wavemaker’s telco client now has ample opportunity to create powerful data-driven messages. As a result, the client connects and communicates with consumers even more efficiently, while focusing on other business strategies.

Having a Facebook Marketing Partner like Hunch by their side, Wavemaker has unlocked the following benefits:

  • Faster creative testing
  • Best performance YoY results
  • 50% decrease in CPA for DPA

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to us to unlock more powerful customer journeys and achieve incredible performance growth via the Hunch Dynamic Creative.

About Customer
Wavemaker is a global agency that specializes in growth marketing and offers innovative solutions to help its clients acquire and retain valuable customers.
Agency / Performance
Bratislava, SK
Hunch features used
Workflow automation

Dynamic templated creatives

Send 1000s of personalized messages at scale with the Hunch Creative Studio's diverse collection of dynamic templates.


"Hunch helped us to create attractive designs for our DPA with little effort from us, resulting in an up to 50%-decrease in CPA."

Iva Mandalová
Iva Mandalová
Performance Specialist