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data-driven creatives
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Enhanced dynamic ads for Snap

Find your spot in Snapchat advertising by leveraging Hunch. Our Creative Studio lets you create the next level of targeted creative by building dynamic templates. This way you can personalize creatives by audience interest, location, or any other preference and create engaging ads that will stop your audience’s scroll.

make your creative stand out

Make your creatives stand out

Forget about the time-consuming production of plain creatives with white backgrounds. Hunch’s Video Studio offers various features to help marketers effortlessly produce tons of enlightening creatives in no time.

make data your ally with feed management

Rule your data with feed management

Fit Snapchat requirements by adapting your feeds. Manage your data easily: add new to your feed, or transform the data that is already in it. Use Hunch’s 3rd-party platforms’ integrations to optimize your Snapchat campaigns based on their metrics.

custom dpa verticals

Hunch supports all DPA verticals

Hunch supports all standard DPA Facebook verticals on Snapchat as well, such as eCommerce, Travel, and Automotive, but also custom catalogs such as sports data for Betting and course information for education institutions.

launch and optimize

Launch your Snapchat campaign with Hunch

From building image and video creatives at scale to launching and optimizing campaigns for Snapchat - it can all be managed with a single platform.

snap // snap

Automated campaign creation process for Snap

Discover Automated Ads for Snapchat and elevate your advertising game with relevant ads, multi-format creatives, or video creatives. Turn your creative strategy into amazing campaigns by personalizing and contextualizing all your creatives for the right audience.

localization ads

Deliver localized experiences

Produce data-fed creatives relevant to audiences in different countries. Use dynamic templates to personalize ads based on currencies, languages, or alphabets.

location ads

Leverage location-based ads

Use physical location to personalize your creatives. Hunch allows you to target your audience based on exact coordinates and the radius you choose. Showcase relevant information to different cities, hoods, or streets.

dynamic video templates

Level up dynamic video templates

Rule video production to engage the Snapchat community with Hunch’s Creative Studio. Effortlessly produce dynamic video templates and deliver personalized video content to your audience.

automated campaigns

Streamline your campaigns on Snapchat

Once your data is connected to the platform you no longer need to manually manage your campaigns. Your ads and campaigns are updated any time there is a change in your data.

results are everything

customer stories
G Adventures

Transform Travel marketing

G Adventures dominates the adventure travel game with Automated ads.

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Hours saved per week
automated workflow
personalized journeys
Genero & Ruokaboksi

Maximize Local impact

Genero optimizes online customer acquisition through localization.

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drop in cpl
lowered cac
localized ads
Adwise & Lucardi

Unlock Retail success

Adwise leveraged Hunch enhanced DPA for perfect-matching templates.

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rise in roi
product assets
different markets


Enabling marketers to focus on strategy by automating creative production & media buying.

feed enrichment
Feed enrichment

Enrich your feeds with additional custom creatives made in the Hunch Creative Studio.

dynamic templates
Dynamic Templates

Create high-quality, on-brand visuals in real-time with real data.

automated campaign deployment
Automated Campaign Deployment

Streamline the campaign deployment process with automated workflows and real-time syncing.

customizable templates
Customizable templates

Create dynamic designs for product catalogs, leverage catalog data to build the most relevant creative for each product.


Scale your ad campaigns quickly and easily to reach larger audiences with personalized targeted creatives.

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