How Beliani achieved faster creative testing with Hunch’s creative and AI solutions?

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Beliani is a family-owned Swiss online furniture company that sells designer furniture at affordable prices.
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Baar, Switzerland
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With over 10 million happy customers across 17 countries, Beliani is constantly growing and expanding. Having thousands of products requires constant testing and tweaking of what drives performance on paid social, which helps them stay at the forefront of creative design trends and best practices.

As a Meta Business Partner, we join forces to help master marketers create, test and deliver world class ad experiences. That’s why we established a partnership with Beliani on transforming their catalog-based creatives into standout ads that don’t resemble the usual standard DPAs.

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How to achieve faster creative testing of catalog based ads on Meta?

Beliani manages large DPA catalogs, with a strong emphasis on performance. This involves working with product lines across 17 different markets, which often makes it challenging to test various creatives without impacting performance and causing congestion in the workload.

Delivering high-quality, on-brand creatives within a limited time frame can be quite challenging. Moreover, managing and keeping track of all the modifications and updates can sometimes be overwhelming.

Focusing on not jeopardizing optimal performance metrics, while testing new creative approaches, adds on to the complexity of the overall process.

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Time-efficient creative automation with Hunch’s creative and AI capabilities

Partnered up with Hunch, Beliani created two distinct A/B focused templates for a catalog containing over 8,000 items. By implementing Hunch’s AI Background Removal, they were able to efficiently and rapidly remove the background from product images, leading to a significant reduction in time from several days down to just hours.

Also, Beliani enhanced their DPA templates by selecting specific elements, such as sale price and purchase motivators, to include in the creatives based on different rules they set.

This ultimately enabled faster delivery and helped in improving the overall effectiveness of their testing efforts.

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From hypothesis to relevant results in less than 3 weeks

Beliani's BAU, dark and light template

Hunch Creative Studio enabled Beliani to test different creatives while maintaining operational efficiency. Additionally, they were able to sustain their performance without disrupting the algorithm.

Results achieved after 14 days serve as an indicators of how powerful enhanced DPAs could be:

  • The Hunch Dark template outperformed the BAU with a 30% higher ROAS
  • Decrease in Click Through Rate followed by 7.9% reduction in Cost Per Result underscores the creative's success in attracting ready-to-buy customers.

Learn more about dynamic creative and use cases. If you would like to find out more about how Hunch can help your team to increase sales through dynamic product ads, get in touch for a free strategy call.

About Customer
Beliani is a family-owned Swiss online furniture company that sells designer furniture at affordable prices.
Online retailer home and living
Baar, Switzerland
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Creative relevance

Enhanced DPA

With the power of Hunch's Creative Studio, Beliani was able to generate thousands of on-brand creatives ready to be tested at any time.


"Hunch's AI-powered solutions allowed us to streamline background removal and dynamic layout orientation, reducing our creative production time from days to mere hours."

Anna Dudek
Anna Dudek
Team Leader, Social Media Paid Performance Marketing at Beliani