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G Adventures

G Adventures gets back to the game with Automated Ads

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G Adventures is an adventure travel company and a world leader in adventure travel.
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Vancouver, CA
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G Adventures is a Canadian largest adventure travel company and a world leader in the adventure industry. They offer unique small group adventures, safaris and exhibitions to more than 40000 travelers around the world annually with a focus on culture, nature, and active travel.

Using Hunch automated ad solution for catalogs, G Adventures was able to be more granular with their strategies in each market. Without automated ads and that level of granularity, they would not be able to get back into the game after COVID-19 hit.

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Localizing 1000s of travel offers

One of the biggest obstacles G Adventures had to face was managing a large number of travel destinations where localization in creative, pricing, and other location-relevant info became a real challenge.

Consequently, they spent a large amount of time setting up campaigns and running both image and video ads at a product level at scale across their five key markets.

They needed a solution that would automate and speed up the whole process and make it more efficient at an affordable price.

The best-case scenario for G Adventures would be to find a solution that would enable them to stay relevant during challenging times for the industry. In other words, they had to become more personal, more relevant and more agile.

After carrying out detailed research, they came across Hunch. This collaboration helped them gain the upper hand.

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Hunch Data Management solutions and creative production tools

G Adventures leveraged data management capability to segment their advertising and Hunch creative production tools to deliver creatives to these campaigns.

Hunch helped G Adventures generate beautiful image and video ads that enabled them to reduce the time needed to set up their campaigns.

Plus, Hunch enabled them to develop, scale and manage their campaigns, thus saving their time and effort.

To sum up, Hunch showed G Adventures they can run campaigns at scale without investing in huge team. The bottom line: they realized that running granular product ads is not scalable without a solution like Hunch.

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Granular campaigns for more relevancy and personalization in multiple markets

This collaboration resulted in a major success.

G Adventures managed to become more relevant and personalized with their strategies in each market during one of the most challenging times for the travel industry.

If you would like to learn more about how to run and manage marketing campaigns at scale and reach amazing results with Hunch, feel free to schedule a free strategy call with our CS team.

Dynamic localized ads

Level up your creative game and reach more travellers in multiple markets by contextualizing your ads through localization.

G Adventures

"Without Hunch automated ads and that level of granularity, we wouldn’t be able to get back into the game after COVID-19 hit."

Millie Yervantinan
Millie Yervantinan
Global Manager – Digital Marketing