Gorillas reduced launch times from days to hours while delivering over 5000 ads daily

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Gorillas are Germany's leading on-demand grocery delivery scaleup.
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Gorillas are a leading on-demand grocery delivery scaleup and Germany’s fastest ever unicorn company. They’re on a mission to change the way to do grocery shopping with the promise of delivering groceries within 10 minutes of ordering by using dark stores.

And in a fast-paced advertising landscape, every minute counts - Gorillas aimed not only for a 10-minute grocery delivery, but also a 10-minute campaign delivery. However, manually creating and launching numerous creatives within this timeframe is a daunting task.

Through Hunch’s revolutionary creative automation system and centralized data, Gorillas now effortlessly generate tailored creatives and launch them in mere minutes.

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Quick and effective launch and promotion of hundreds of new delivery locations

To run a successful localization campaign, Gorillas were faced with 2 basic challenges - asset production, and how to actually get those ads into a campaign. 

Next - the overarching problem is speed. Even if they produce all the assets, what happens when they need to update them?

And finally, serious performance takes serious analytics. So, running a successful app-based business means that you have to be able to track everything users and advertising dollars are doing. Gorillas opted to extend their Facebook metrics with Adjust which provides advanced metrics like first purchase data and cohorted data. This meant looking at multiple metrics sources.

Automated ads allow them to deliver all of the above from a single point by using dynamic templates in dynamic campaigns.

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Local automated campaign launches

Imagine the power of hyper-targeted localization, where each creative is perfectly tailored to specific locations. This approach opens you up a world of possibilities to captivate your audience.

Hunch built a complex integration for Gorillas, automating asset upload from cloud, creative customization and localization, and automation of campaign launches. 

This meant that Gorillas team could focus on strategy, and each creative was produced automatically, precisely based on a dynamic template, and launched into an appropriate campaign.

Also - creative testing and insights. Each creative concept is launched in all markets, which is then tested and measured. Hunch and Gorillas built a comprehensive creative insights dashboard which allows for tracking of performance on the creative level by combining creative data with advanced Adjust metrics.

By centralizing their data and automating campaign launches, Gorillas reduced launch times from days to hours while delivering over 5000 image and video ads daily across many locations.

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Localized on-brand offers at scale

This level of efficiency allowed Gorillas to establish a strong online multi-market presence, reaching their target audience with tailored and contextual advertising.

The impact was made with localized on-brand offers at a massive scale fueled by automated creative production.

Gorillas leveraged creative automation with localization for outstanding campaign performance:

  • 8 countries
  • 400 locations
  • 5000 image and video creatives launched and monitored daily
  • launch time reduced from 5 days to just 2 hours

Through their partnership with Hunch, Gorillas revolutionized their social advertising operations, achieving speed, efficiency, and unlocking creativity. If this success case inspires you to embrace automation and localization, give us a call and unlock the full potential of creative scale.

Hyper-localized creative

Build localized on-brand offers at a massive scale fueled by automated creative production, where each creative is perfectly tailored to specific locations.


"By centralizing data and automating launches, we reduced launch times from days to hours, reaching a wide audience with localized on-brand offers."

Melin Ozturk
Melin Ozturk
Head of Digital Marketing at Getir