Roma increases ROAS and reaches fashion-conscious customers with on-brand creatives on autopilot

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Roma is a famous US-based designer jewelry brand that features thousands of top-quality luxury goods.
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eCommerce / Retail, Luxury Goods
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Los Angeles, CA
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Roma is a well known US-based jewelry brand. Their product catalog features thousands of top-quality luxury goods. Made from the finest materials, and with superior craftsmanship, the Roma jewelry store includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more.

A brand built on the luxury lifestyles, Roma speaks to fashion-conscious customers honestly and directly, offering exotic jewelry collections at fair prices.

Roma’s bottle-neck on Facebook has been to keep creatives fresh and on-brand. Hunch helped remove these creative production obstacles by keeping their creatives on-brand and on autopilot resulting in ROAS uplifts of 120%.

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Creative roadblock and high ad production

Keeping all product offers on-brand at scale presented serious creative production challenges. Infusing branding, lifestyle images, product pricing, discounts, emotional triggers and building hundreds of different on-brand product offers for Facebook manually proved to be a daunting task for an already resource limited team.

The goal was to overcome the creative roadblock, and deliver the right messages to the right customers fast and at scale.

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Smart automated campaigns for creative consistency

Teaming up with Hunch and using the Hunch Creative Studio, Roma was able to transform its approach to performance on Paid Social.

Utilizing smart automated campaigns, and personalization, Hunch standardized and templatized Roma’s creative process.

By leveraging our Hunch Creative Image and Video Studio, Roma significantly increased production, while staying on-brand and on auto-pilot. The company can now speak to customers clearly, and directly as is their style, without worrying about ever looking off-brand.

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ROAS soar by 120%

By using our Hunch Creative Studio, Roma created a fast and agile creative rollout process. Implementing an automated on-brand creative production process saved a lot of hours giving the team additional hours to focus on high-value tasks like performance strategies

By leveraging dynamic creative templates with high-impact creatives, Roma has the capability to launch any strategy quickly. Subsequently, they unlocked better performance on Paid Social that resulted in:

  • All creatives are 100% on-brand and on auto-pilot
  • Increased ROAS by 120% from initial BOF retargeting

To fully explore the true capabilities of creative automation, do not hesitate to reach out and unlock the true potential of the dynamic creative.

On-brand creatives

Leverage dynamic creative templates with high-impact creatives and speak to customers clearly, and directly in your style, without worrying about ever looking off-brand.


"Through personalization, Hunch keeps our creatives on-brand and on auto-pilot. This streamlines our creative process, and we never worry about something looking off."

Deven Davis
Deven Davis