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AI Ad Creative Redefined: How Hunch Leads the Charge

Is AI a marketer's pal or just another tech headache? This question could spark debates over coffee in marketing departments worldwide. In the hustle of hitting KPIs and crafting ad campaigns that create an impact, it’s easy to wonder if AI is more friend than foe.

And it's exactly where Hunch — a platform that supercharges Paid Social through creative automation and AI-powered features — shines. It's not just about automating the mundane — it's about elevating the creative process.

Ad example of ads with AI enhancements using AI Background Removal tool.
Get captivating ads without hours lost on manual edits.

Imagine having a buddy who takes the drudgery out of ad creation, giving you back hours to brainstorm, innovate, or, hey, even grab that well-deserved coffee break.

So, is AI a marketer's friend? With Hunch’s blend of AI features that make creative automation a breeze and human creativity, it's like finding that rare, perfect coworker who gets your ideas and helps you polish them into something stellar. For brands and agencies striving for operational excellence, getting chummy with AI through Hunch could be the smartest move in the playbook.

The creative blockade on Paid Social

Creative production isn't just a task; it's a pivotal strategy.

But for fast-growing brands and agencies, time is a luxury. The race to deliver standout content quickly is on, but there's a catch – doing it efficiently without compromising quality is where many stumble.

The crux of the matter? Creative production. It's a crucial lever for growth yet a challenging part of the process, where the need for personalized content to be both fast and fantastic puts agencies under pressure.

This is where the broader landscape of AI solutions, including Hunch's offerings, becomes invaluable. 

Solving for operational efficiency with AI: The Hunch way

Hunch emerges as the ultimate partner for marketers, offering innovative solutions that redefine the narrative. From the AI Background Removal tool to the AI Panel that empowers creative control, Hunch opens up new avenues for captivating audiences.

And with everything accessible from one place — the Creative Studio — agencies don’t have to waste time context switching and focus on their core creative acts.

Bland to bold: Turning product images from drab to fab

Hunch's AI Background Removal tool is a game-changer. Here's the deal: you have product images that are, frankly, a little dull. Hunch's tool waves goodbye to those uninspiring backgrounds, bringing your products into the spotlight where they belong. 

Use AI Background removal to ditch the dull, white backgrounds.
Remove the dull white backgrounds with just one click.

No more white-background snooze-fests. We’re talking high-quality, striking images that make people stop mid-scroll.

And the best part is, you’re not just able to ditch those generic backgrounds, you're doing it at scale.

Every Master Marketer knows that creative testing is paramount for finding the best-performing ad, but doing it for thousands of products is quite a challenging task.

For Beliani, a Swiss furniture company, partnering with Hunch removed those roadblocks, enabling faster creative testing with AI tools. By implementing Hunch’s AI Background Removal, they were able to efficiently and rapidly remove the background from thousands of product images, cutting the time of creative production from days to hours.

Take a look at Beliani's success story and see how Hunch’s AI Background Removal enabled them to test different creatives while maintaining operational efficiency.

The art of aesthetics: Color discovery and dynamic layouts

The magic doesn't stop with background removal. Hunch's color discovery and dynamic layout adjustments are like having an AI-powered design consultant. These tools intuitively select colors that complement your product and adjust your ad's layout, so everything just fits. Your ads become not just visually appealing but also emotionally resonant, striking the right chord with your audience.

Find color discovery in the AI Panel.
Craft more resonant ads with color discovery.

The AI Panel: Where it all comes together

Enter the AI Panel (part of the Creative Studio) aka Hunch's creative command center. This is where Hunch's AI-powered tools unite, simplifying the integration of these advanced features into your projects. It's designed to make the creative workflow seamless, allowing you to focus on innovation and design.

It is the definitive solution for effortlessly integrating AI enhancements, such as precise background removal, vibrant color discovery, and adaptable dynamic layouts, into your creative projects. 

By offering an intuitive platform for applying these advanced features, Hunch ensures your creative endeavors are aligned with the highest professional design standards.

Ad example of Beosport ads that used AI Background Removal.
Beosport ads made with AI-enriched templates.

Mini-Case Study: Beosport achieves 30% higher CTR, and 2x more purchases and impressions with Hunch’s AI features


Beosport, an eCommerce brand, faced the challenge of creating engaging and efficient online videos and images to improve campaign performance.


To address this challenge, Beosport adopted Hunch's AI-enhanced templates, leveraging AI Background Removal and color discovery features to streamline their creative process.


The results of Beosport's implementation of AI-enhanced templates were remarkable:

  • 30% Higher CTR: The ads created with AI-enhanced templates achieved a 30% higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to plain ads.
  • 2x More Purchases: Beosport saw a twofold increase in the number of purchases, indicating improved conversion rates with AI-powered creatives.
  • 2x More Impressions: Ads featuring AI-enhanced templates received double the number of impressions, expanding their reach and attracting a larger audience.

We often wonder if AI will only continue to speed up the job or genuinely improve the outcome. Well, this A/B testing shows that AI doesn't just make things more efficient — it actually leads to better results.

Hunch + AI: A Marketer's Dynamic Duo

In an environment where agencies are stretched thin, Hunch offers more than just tools — it offers a front-row seat to the latest trends, data and innovations in Paid Social. This partnership unlocks new revenue streams and helps agencies grow their existing accounts.

We become an extension of your team — educating them, imparting industry knowledge, and transforming agencies into centers of creative excellence.
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