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What's New: AI Panel

Is AI your friend or foe?

Imagine having to remove white backgrounds from 10,000 product images. Would you do it manually or let AI handle the heavy lifting? Of course, you still need to make sure AI did it the way you wanted.

We get that today's marketers and designers need more control with AI. That's why we've come up with the AI Panel. It's a mix of quick AI efficiency and the control you want, letting you whip up templates as smoothly as if you were using tools like Photoshop.

Let's explore the feature.

Why should you use the AI Panel?

Because it restores full control over your creative process, blending AI efficiency with your creative input.

Before, when designing templates, you had to deal with covering parts of pictures or not being able to put the picture exactly where you wanted. This was because the product picture often had a white background around it that took up too much room. This made it hard to fit other important data like the price, the title, or the brand logo.  Not to mention not all products are the same size.

Find dynamic colors and products with removed background in AI panel.
Give your templates a custom vibe with dynamic colors.

Hunch’s AI Panel lets you know what your product looks like without a background and lets you place it directly on the canvas. Now you can have stunning backgrounds on your template without having to worry about how will you mask it behind a frame, so the white background doesn’t eat out the template itself.

What problems does it solve?

The AI Panel tackles issues like excess background space and awkward image positioning. It standardizes image sizes and removes backgrounds, freeing up space for key elements like prices, titles, and logos, ensuring consistency across different product sizes.

How does the AI Panel work?

The AI Panel simplifies background removal and color coordination. It displays products without backgrounds, allowing for direct placement on the canvas and integration of dynamic colors from the product into text and shapes. This enhances visual harmony. Additionally, the tool categorizes products into horizontal, vertical, and neutral orientations, enabling custom template adjustments based on product orientation.

Product orientation overview.
Check products by orientation and customize the template for each group.

Wrapping Up: Get more control and stay efficient 

The AI Panel transforms the Hunch creative process, providing marketers with a more hands-on, precise design experience. It allows for tailored, premium-quality templates for each product, ensuring they capture the audience's attention effectively. This update streamlines the workflow by automating background removal and exposing dynamic colors, eliminating the need for manual intervention by customer support or developers.