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What’s new: Background removal

Dynamic Product Ads offer a tremendous opportunity to deliver personalized engagement. But it’s the creative elements that truly captivate and connect with audiences.

DPA has evolved from basic images, through frame overlays, into more complex templates, but through all of this, the biggest blocker in building amazing DPA creative is the quality of product images. This is why we at Hunch are dedicated in helping our clients produce higher quality creatives for their ads with the help of AI.

Witness the evolution of Dynamic ads with AI-driven catalogs.

Background removal

Transforming advertising through creative agility - AI-driven Background removal.

The AI-powered Background removal tool for product catalogs is fresh from development. We’ve crafted a feature that will prepare product images to be used in advanced designs and enable the creation of enriched catalogs.

Why is it important and what problem does it solve?

By infusing creativity into your ads, you can create memorable experiences that drive engagement.

The problem of this is that Product catalogs are vast, and let's face it, some product images can be quite uninspiring. The challenge lies in transforming these bland visuals into captivating creatives.

By focusing on eCommerce products, we were able to train our own specialized AI model which outperforms generalized ones in quality of output, breaking free from frames and white backgrounds in product-based ads. Hunch users can now experiment more with their creative layouts and designs.

How does it work and who should use it?

Our awesome Creative Dev team could brag about their AI baby for days. Since I’m an outstanding modern marketer just like you, I’ll try to put it simple, so here's how it goes:

  • Our AI model analyzes the product image, detecting the objects by identifying lines, edges, and colors.
  • Then it creates a precise mask around each object using those features, just like a Photoshop layer.
  • Finally, it applies the mask and generates a high-quality PNG output, automating all the hard work needed for background removal.

Some of our eComm clients are already testing this feature on massive catalogs and reporting 98% accuracy. So, it’s best suitable for big eCommerce companies or retailers with thousands of product images to be dealt with.

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

Hunch’s Background removal feature integrates with your catalog sync and render process. Once the sync is complete, you'll have access to stunning background-free images through dynamic links in the Hunch Creative Studio, conveniently located under the 'image_link_no_bg' field.

AI Background removal product update
Experience the power of AI in our Creative Studio.

Product image dynamic analysis

Exploring the possibilities of AI and testing its limits in providing better creative solutions for our clients lead us to expanding our AI arsenal. These new AI-powered features help speed up catalog image processing, help designers organize the layout of templates, and, in general, allow improved fitting of images into the creative.

Color discovery

Our Color discovery function enhances the aesthetic coherence of the creative by suggesting color palettes that resonate with the product. The designer can extract the dominant colors within an image and dynamically change the color of any element in the template to those colors.

AI color discovery product update
Which color from the palette goes the best with the product?

The color palette can then be used in our Creative Studio for creating dynamic backgrounds and highlighting image details, giving each creative an authentic and unique feel.

Dynamic layout adjustments

Dynamic layout adjustments or Aspect ratio analysis further enhances the creative canvas by dynamically adapting the product's placement based on its orientation and proportions.

AI aspect ratio product update
Dynamically switch between different containers based on the image aspect ratio.

They enable the designer to get dimension information from a product image and use that information in the design. So instead of trying to fit a landscape 1000x500 image into a 600x1200 portrait image container in the template, the designer can now dynamically switch between a landscape, portrait or square image container based on whether the image itself has a landscape, portrait or square aspect ratio.

How do they benefit you?

By allowing marketers and designers to explore innovative layouts and compositions that seamlessly accommodate the unique characteristics of the product, while ensuring that each creative maintains a harmonious layout, regardless of the platform or format.

These features empower Creative teams to craft more captivating and informative ads that resonate with the target audience, and be fully creative in doing so.

And for Performance teams, they help in a way that now their creatives produced in Hunch at scale look like a designer professionally custom created each and every product image. This directly correlates to how the customers will perceive the brand and the ad they see. Which makes their ads pop and drastically differ from manually-produced ads that may or may not be showing the desired product to customers.

Product image dynamic analysis bring the biggest impact to eComm verticals, especially fashion&apparel and electronics consumer goods, where these features enhance the product design to make it stand out that users can see the best possible version of it.

Wrapping up

The Hunch AI-powered features allow for the creation of more flexible and dynamic ad templates, enabling you to stand out in a cluttered digital landscape. This allows you to make better creatives that more effectively engage their audiences and stand out from others. We're continuously enhancing our model by learning from challenging scenarios and incorporating them into our training data for the next iteration.

You know that you can enroll for our AI Lab and become a part of Hunch’s exclusive beta program, right? At no cost. In case your submission gets approved, Hunch will build a next-generation dynamic template for your ASC campaign, with AI-powered features included.

Effects that would take thousands of hours and cost thousands of dollars are now available for free to Hunch customers. Transform advertising through creative agility - contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for more info.