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Creative Scaling

How to automate your creative production with Hunch?

The evolution of creatives has never been this obvious. Big brands are focused on producing ads that educate, engage and delight users.

There’s no doubt that a customer-centric approach to delivering creative is what moves the needle. A recent study found that 73% of consumers find personally relevant content more enjoyable.

If every performance marketer knows the secret to run a successful campaign, how come every campaign doesn’t get the same accomplishment?

Because it takes technology to support and scale creative production. Today’s creative automation tools need to help advertisers generate thousands of creatives for omnichannel campaigns and maintain brand consistency while doing so.

You can’t skyrocket your campaign’s success without a cost-effective and efficient solution for creative production. That’s precisely what Hunch is. Learn why.

Optimize every level of creative production

The challenges of creative production stem from the media used. In order to get better performance with personalized ads, you will need more placements. For more placements - more creatives are needed. Preparing each creative takes budget and time, which means a lot of repetitive tasks, collaboration challenges, and stops in running campaigns.

To help marketers navigate the cost-benefit ratio of having this level of creative customization Hunch built the Creative Studio. With this creative automation system that supports both image and video creatives, Hunch allows for the easy distribution of thousands of asset versions.

G advenutre ad example
G Adventures leveraged Hunch creative production tools to deliver engaging creatives at scale.

Minimum manual work, get the job done faster

Moving slowly with creative production won’t get you far. You need to step up and minimize manual work.

Through a system of templates, Hunch allows for automated production. When you build one template, all the versions are automatically produced. Additionally, Hunch makes asset creation easier by enabling full PSD import support, to cut the chance for additional work.

PSD import
Import the PSD file, and continue with the design.

Also, automated creative production lets you make the changes in design on demand and make variations on-the-go.

That leaves your team with much more time to focus on delivering the best possible creatives and maintaining creative consistency.

Streamline your workflow

With a centralized hub that contains all your designed items, you have the possibility to make changes, efficiently import and export assets, and keep the track of the process. That’s what Hunch’s Creative Library brings you - everything you need at one place.

PSD Creative Library
Keep the track of the process with Creative Library.

Using automated rules and dynamic ads with custom image templates, Hunch helps you streamline your workflow and increase ROI for your clients. Eliminate redundant manual campaign management tasks to save time and effort.

Stay on-brand and avoid errors

Working with big brands means you will have a lot of products to manage. Making it all work through omnichannel campaigns means you will have a high number of formats and versions to think about.

Yes, there’s a lot of room for errors, but you can avoid it if your creative production is automated. Hunch came up with the Review tool - a feature that enables quick access to all design times, and easy review, flagging, and approval of individual items.

The review tool
With the Review tool you can easily access all designed items and check for errors.

With such a feature, you can catch all the design errors, and make sure that all the templates are on-brand. Also, creative collaboration is enhanced, since the previews can also be used outside the platform.

Easily run omnichannel campaigns

You have an audience on Meta, TikTok and Snapchat, and there’s no doubt that you should follow them. That will require a lot of formats to prepare. So it is critical to have a creative management platform that’s providing omnichannel ad support.

Hunch creative export allows for easy export of full versions of dynamic ads both in image and video, so you can easily distribute them to the channel you need. It will take a few minutes to have your creatives TikTok, Snapchat or YouTube-ready.

Creative export
Have your assets ready for any platform in a few minutes with Creative export.

How the process of automation looks like with Hunch?

You have products with their feeds, and we got the platform for turning the data info into personalized ads.

So, you can easily implement all the data from the product feed, and Hunch platform will use them as dynamic elements of the template that you designed or imported from PSD. Once you set the dynamic template you want, let the automation do the job for you.

Betting ads examples
Data feed match and games information is used for automating the process of creative production and media buying.

Bonus! See how’s your creative performing

With Hunch, optimization is more than a buzzword. Hunch platform automates every aspect of running dynamic campaigns.

Apart from being a creative management platform, Hunch offers full campaign management capabilities. This means that you can save time on workflow efficiencies and seamlessly run DCO campaigns.

Schedule your free demo and see Hunch in action.