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Creative Scaling

Solving the creative scaling problem: How to produce and test creatives at breakneck speed

Creative is the ultimate differentiator for brands on Paid Social.

This isn’t some well-kept secret. The main problem is how frequently you have to refresh the creative to maintain your performance on Paid Social. 

Not doing so results in ad fatigue, and users start ignoring your brand. 

You need to solve the problem of creative scaling and you need to do it fast.

But between knowing you need a high volume of creatives and implementing it lies the real issue—the broken creative process.

Peeling back the curtain on the creative process (+ why D2C suffers the most) 

Without an effective process in place, marketers run into delivery delays and branding inconsistencies, making the feedback process a nightmare for everyone involved.  

With multiple formats, sizes, and markets to cater to, the countless rounds of creative review have a huge opportunity cost for the business. When time is disproportionately spent on producing and reviewing creatives, it leaves little room to be strategic. And the delay in going live with the campaign also means lost revenue. 

Now think about having this problem for every product and its variant you sell. 

Imagine you’re working with a D2C fashion brand. When you have thousands of products, you need to create hundreds of visuals for each product and then localize your content for every region.

You need more time and resources to put together a single campaign.

And then there’s the issue of actually testing your creatives to see if your audience resonates with them. If you don’t see a decent response, you have to go back to the drawing board and start again.

The answer to your problems isn’t just software

Beating ad fatigue, scaling creatives, and running tests requires investing in the right tech and resources.

But not run-of-the-mill agencies or SaaS platforms only invested in delivering creatives or offering vague value.

You need a true partner. A creative enabler. Software with a service.

From creative concept to campaign results, challenges you face with creative scaling can be solved with creative automation software and a dedicated team to help you every step of the way.

No designer? No problem. Anyone can design

The problem: Designers often become a bottleneck when it comes to production, making creative scaling a challenge. Even if you have a sizable team, thousands of creatives have to be created. This delays your campaign launch which means you’re losing money and putting unnecessary pressure on your designers.

The solution: Use premade designs or customizable templates

You don’t have to be a designer to produce creatives when you use creative automation tools.

Instead, you can choose from premade designs and tinker with existing assets to produce new creatives.

Or you can standardize the design process by having designers create customized templates so everyone across teams ends up with on-brand creatives every time.

P.S. You can do this for videos too. Automate your creative production with tools like Hunch to create video ads from scratch or use customizable templates. As a Meta Business Partner, Hunch also gives you early access to PLV, the solution for product-focused videos precisely tailored to your audience.

Design without a designer

This means your team is not overburdened by design requests, and you don’t have to wait weeks to launch campaigns. 

Ditch the endless creative reviews

The problem: Thousands of creatives mean endless reviews and a ton of back and forth on email to approve the campaign creatives. This means delays and the chance that some feedback is missed or not implemented.

The solution: Centralized management for creative previews and reviews

No one should have to keep track of hundreds of email threads to see what feedback was given or the status of the creative. The problem is more acute when you have hundreds of products in your inventory to market. 

Creative production tools include an easy way to not only preview creative assets but also approve of them so everyone on the team is on the same page.

We have a handy review and approval tool that lets you review entire catalogs with great ease. You can also collaborate with external users like your clients or freelance designers who need to approve or review the assets.

Product catalogs = better creatives. Turn your feed into enriched catalogs

The problem: You need product catalogs to create better creatives. But creating these manually takes time and resources. Plus, they have to be constantly updated when there’s a change in your inventory or campaign offer.

The solution: Connect your feed data and third-party sources on creative automation tools and turn that raw data into enhanced product catalogs.

Building and updating product catalogs for thousands of products is a nightmare. But it is a necessary evil. Without a product catalog, you can’t effectively run DPA ads, use language localization or run location-based advertising because doing this manually and keeping track of changes is impossible. 

Creative production tools help you solve that problem. Most just need you to connect your feed data and you can start building enriched catalogs (and ultimately, better creatives).

On Hunch, we offer enhanced DPA catalogs—a step above what native platforms allow—so you can use advanced designs for your DPA ads. See it in practice with Hunch's creative showcase.

You can also build a hyper-localized catalog to effectively market your products in various regions and countries. We translate your ad copy and messaging into different languages so you can go local on social.

And every time you make changes to your feed data, your catalogs get updated on Hunch with 1 click.

Never ask “Where can I find this asset?” again

The problem: Without a process in place, creative assets are hard to find when you actually need them. This leads to duplication and rework, slowing down the creative production and hinders consistency.

The solution: Centralized creative asset management 

You need a single place to store and manage all your creative elements so you can not only find existing creative assets but also use them as building blocks to churn out new creatives at breakneck speed. 

We have a Creative Library to solve this very problem and streamline your workflow.

Creative library

BTW, do your designs live in Photoshop? Use our Photoshop integration to pull all your designs into the creative library. 

Scale omnichannel creatives: Many formats, one template

The problem: Omnichannel marketing means you often have to create multiple versions of a design template for different placements and formats.

This results in a lot of back and forth when changes are needed since you have to juggle multiple files. And it’s also hard to maintain design consistency.

The solution: Make changes to a master template and see those reflected on all other versions instantly. Imagine having to constantly check other versions of your ad for design consistency every time you want to make design changes. That is a massive productivity drain.

Creative automation tools like Hunch let you get rid of all the messy file juggling and inconsistencies with a master template. Any changes you make are reflected on all other versions instantly.

Hunch Creative studio

This handy feature called Multi Artboard Template also lets you see all other ad formats in a single view so you don’t have to keep switching tabs.

Bring your concepts to life fast

The problem: You have creative ideas but not enough resources to execute them. And after a point, adding more headcount doesn’t make fiscal sense.

The solution: Dynamic templates (+ on-demand service)

Pro Tip: Make sure to get to know the industry your clients are in.

As a creative enabler, at Hunch, we go all out.

In your first three months with Hunch, the software comes with a service. We help you create dynamic templates to run high-performing ads. 

And you can always tap into our on-demand services for images and videos.

We can turn all your static creatives into dynamic templates. And if you just have a seed of an idea, we’ll turn your creative concept into a new dynamic template.

Hunch Creative Studio and Design Requests
Request key visuals or design templates and collaborate on them with external designers.

Automate your dynamic campaigns to beat ad fatigue

The problem: To beat ad fatigue, you need to refresh creatives. But manually refreshing creatives is cumbersome. And you’re flying blind because you don’t actually know what’s working for your audience.

Every platform offers some version of dynamic ads, but monitoring them individually for D2C brands is unmanageable. 

The solution: Campaign Automation 

Your data can be used to build creatives and campaigns on a campaign automation tool like Hunch. Once you’ve connected your data, we do all the heavy lifting.

Hunch helps you create dynamic ads and launch them on Meta and Snap without ever leaving the platform. When users are shown your ad, their response helps the platform identify what works and build new creatives to show audiences to increase engagement and beat ad fatigue.

The final part of the creative scaling equation: The iteration game

Creative scaling can help you improve your Paid Social  performance.

True. But you also have to constantly monitor and track all your campaigns so that you can optimize them to get the most out of your ad budget. 

While native platforms offer in-built analytics and options to set up rules, it can be hard to track all the dozens of campaigns across different channels. 

Creative automation and management tools like Hunch help you solve that problem too. You can build KPI reports, and integrate native and third-party analytics to see how your campaigns are faring. 

Set up rules to track key parameters and alert the team when intervention is needed. And automatically optimize your campaigns in real-time based on Google Analytics data or Adjust metrics.  

Creative scaling Hunch

Meet Hunch: A creative enabler for your next DTC campaign

A solution that offers you software you can use out of the box and the option to be completely hands-off with an end-to-end creative model.

Yes, we’re tooting our horn a little. But we believe the proof is in the pudding. 

Dynamic campaign Hunch
Examples of Ruokaboksi's creatives.

With Hunch, Genero (full-service marketing powerhouse), and its client, Ruokaboksi managed to:

  • Produced more than 1500 Facebook creatives
  • Launched 4 campaigns
  • Made 400 ad sets
  • Lowered CPL by 82%
  • Lowered CAC by 62%

Want to partner with a creative enabler? Get on a free strategy call with Hunch’s ad experts today!