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Location-based advertising on Paid Social [2024 Guide]

Struggling to get your ads noticed on social media? 

You're not alone. With everyone bombarded by ads, standing out is tougher than ever. 

But what if your ads could feel like they were made just for the person seeing them? 

That's the magic of location-based advertising (LBA). It's not about throwing more ads into the mix; it's about making each ad count by being super relevant to where your audience is, right now.

Think of it this way: instead of a one-size-fits-all ad, you're giving people a "just for you" message that makes sense for their current situation. This isn't about spamming; it's about offering value, and making your audience's day easier or more interesting because your ad popped up at the right place and time.

Location-based advertising is your secret weapon for cutting through the noise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It helps your ads do their job better—catching attention, sparking interest, and getting clicks—because they speak directly to someone's immediate world.

Ready to make your social media ads stand out by being as relevant as possible? Let's dive into how location-based advertising can get your ads noticed.

What is location-based advertising?

Location-based advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram targets ads to users based on their physical location, from localities to entire countries. This strategy uses dynamic creative and messaging that changes according to the audience's geographical area, making each ad more relevant and personalized.

It’s akin to those flyers you get handed on the street but way smarter and less intrusive. 

Now, for any marketer out there thinking, "How do I keep up with changing ads for every spot on the map?"—automation is your best friend.

And hey, let’s clear the air a bit. Location-based advertising on social isn’t the same as just throwing your ad into different languages and calling it a day (that’s ad localization) or just picking a place on a map (hello, Facebook geo-targeting). It’s about making your ad feel like a personal shoutout, not just another generic ad.

Is location-based advertising right for you?

If you crafts campaigns for brands across different locales, location-based advertising might be the game-changer you need. Consider this approach if you're looking to:

  • Attract more brands: Stand out by offering targeted, impactful campaigns that resonate on a local level.
  • Boost client loyalty: Use personalized advertising to make meaningful connections, driving success for your clients and reinforcing their trust in your capabilities.
  • Enhance efficiency: Cut through the complexity of managing multiple campaigns with smart automation and precise targeting, saving time and resources.

Perfect for agencies eager to elevate their strategy, deepen client relationships, and achieve more with less.

Be ahead of the curve with Hunch as your innovation partner

Different types of LBA techniques

Location-based advertising, Hunch

While we’ve briefly delved into location-based marketing, there are different techniques to implement location-based advertising:

Hyperlocal targeting

This refined technique zeroes in on very specific geographic areas, like neighborhoods or even street corners, to deliver ultra-relevant ads to users based on their immediate surroundings. Ideal for businesses aiming to drive foot traffic or promote local events, hyperlocal targeting ensures your ad reaches users exactly where and when it's most pertinent.

Location-based targeting

This approach casts a slightly wider net, targeting users within broader areas such as cities or ZIP codes. It’s about balancing relevance with reach, making sure your message resonates with users based on their general location. Great for regional campaigns or promotions where hyper-specific targeting isn’t necessary.

Interest-based targeting with location insights

Beyond just where a user is, this technique leverages what we know about their interests, combined with their location, to serve ads. For instance, targeting hiking enthusiasts with ads for outdoor gear when they're near relevant retail locations. It's a way to add depth to your targeting, connecting user interests with their real-world context.

Weather-triggered advertising

Utilizing real-time weather data to tailor ads based on the user's current weather conditions. This dynamic strategy ensures your message is not only location-aware but also contextually apt—offering umbrellas and raincoats on rainy days, or sunscreen and hats when it’s sunny.

Benefits of location-based advertising

Exploring the benefits of location-based advertising reveals how agencies can leverage this strategy to sharpen their competitive edge, streamline campaigns, and deliver high-impact results. 

Benefits of location-based advertising, Hunch

Here's a look at what makes LBA invaluable for agencies focused on maximizing client success:

Enhanced localized messaging in video ads

Video ads perform well on social platforms. Adding localization—using local dialects or showcasing area-specific data—transforms a good strategy into a great one. It's about making ads that don't just target a location but belong to it, boosting engagement and relevance.

Personalization at scale

Location-based strategies meet the challenge of personalizing ads for broad audiences head-on. Tools like weather-triggered ads allow for customization that feels individualized, enhancing viewer relevance and response without overwhelming your team.

Capturing multiple markets

Agencies can use LBA to adapt messages for different locales without losing the brand’s core message. This global reach, coupled with local precision, ensures campaigns are as effective in one city as in another, all while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

Increased customer engagement

Ads tailored to the user's location and interests drive deeper connections with the brand. Advanced ad formats that include local directions or store information increase engagement and drive foot traffic, bridging the gap between online advertising and in-store visits.

Competitive advantage

In crowded markets, LBA offers agencies a way to differentiate their clients from bigger brands. Highlighting local involvement or exclusive local offers appeals to consumers' desire to support community businesses, providing a clear path to capturing market share.

Streamline ad buying across markets with Hunch on Meta and Snap

The best networks to leverage for reaching a vast audience are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook now boasts over 3 billion monthly active users, Instagram impresses with 2 billion, and Snapchat captures the attention of 750 million users worldwide. These platforms offer unparalleled access to diverse demographics, making them prime channels for location-based advertising.

Hunch makes the setup and management of ads across these networks easy. Plus, agencies can significantly enhance the ad creation process through creative automation

Hunch's suite of AI features, including AI Background Removal, dynamic template design, and color discovery, empowers advertisers to produce highly personalized and visually appealing ads. These tools streamline the creative process, enabling efficient ad customization at scale without compromising on quality or relevance.

Check out the full scoop on Hunch’s AI features: Unlocking AI Ad Creative Excellence 

With Hunch, advertisers can seamlessly automate their advertising strategies on Meta and Snapchat. The platform simplifies the three-step process of creating a list of target locations, designing dynamic ads, and launching campaigns swiftly. This efficiency ensures that ads are always timely, relevant, and aligned with current stock levels or seasonal trends, thanks to the direct connection of feed data to Hunch's advertising platform.

Moreover, Hunch's advanced AI capabilities not only solve the manual intricacies involved in ad customization but also drive superior campaign performance through enhanced engagement and conversion rates. By integrating Hunch's creative automation tools, advertisers can unlock the full potential of Meta and Snapchat, ensuring their ads resonate more effectively with the target audience.

Two location-based advertising success stories from brands that partnered with Hunch

Here’s a quick rundown on how Hunch made it possible for these brands to roll out hundreds of different creatives and messaging and streamlined the ad buying process.

1. G Adventures

G Adventures, the largest Canadian adventure travel company and a world leader in adventure travel was grappling with a major obstacle - localization.

G Adventures caters to travel destinations where location data is critical to running targeted ads. This took a lot of time and resources, as they had to create all the different versions of the ad and the messaging and then set them up.

G Adventures location-based advertising ad examples

G Adventures leveraged Hunch’s data management capability and creative production tools to segment its ads.

Hunch helped G Adventures generate aesthetic image and video ads at scale, reducing the time to set up the campaigns.

2. Carrefour and So Buzzy 

Carrefour has an estimated 700 stores with thousands of products just in Belgium. To put all that on a paid social map is a real challenge having in mind the amount of repetitive and time-consuming work. Now imagine promoting a specific store in combination with a product on sale only to the people who are inside a certain radius around that store - a nightmare.

Carrefour location-based advertising ad examples

So Buzzy, the agency working for Carrefour, partnered with Hunch on this campaign to create hundreds of creatives, set up product promo counters, and publish hyper-localized ads.

Hunch helped both with automation and the creation of 100+ creatives at once.

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