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Dynamic Video Ads: The secret to winning on Facebook

Have you had immense success with Dynamic Creative but can’t sustain those results? You probably have banner blindness to blame for that.

Banner blindness, a long-studied phenomenon, is an instance of selective attention where users deliberately ignore anything that looks like an ad.

But the answer to this problem may be simple - switch to dynamic video ads. Since users become accustomed to images after a point, using video can help you stop the scroll and lower CPM and higher CTR.

What are dynamic video ads?

Dynamic video ads are a subset of Facebook’s dynamic creative which allows you to add different ad elements like videos, titles, descriptions, and CTAs and let the algorithm test and tell which combination works best with your audience and your campaign’s goals.

Are video ads better than image ads?

The short answer? Yes.

According to Statista, video ad spend is forecasted to reach up to $9.26 billion by 2024.

With the ATT update, it is no surprise that advertisers are diversifying their ad spend.

Animoto’s survey of 580 customers found out how they respond to video ads. Here are a few important highlights:

  • 93% of consumers find video helpful when purchasing a product.
  • Consumer report video being their #1 favorite type of content from brands on social
  • Consumer prefer video over reading about a product or looking at photos
  • Facebook and Instagram are among the top three platforms consumers use to find new products and services

Hunch’s Head of Product, Nebojsa Knezevic, shares:

You can lose users pretty fast if you stick with images.

There are two reasons why video ads are better - better engagement and placement.

Users spend more time on video. The explosive growth of both Reels and Stories is proof.

And traditional video placement on the news feed doesn’t get the kind of engagement it used to so you don’t want to try that approach. Be where your users are - reels and stories.

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Do you see better results with video ads over image ads?

After launching 120 million automated ads, we can confidently say the answer is yes.

Say you’re running a campaign where you expect that ad engagement will bring the right results. You’ll generally see lower CPMs, higher CTR and higher conversion rate depending on the type of campaign you run.

Winning on Paid Social with dynamic video ads: Step-by-step guide

While you can create dynamic video ads manually on Facebook, the platform isn’t built to support the creation of 1000s of ads and launching them. But a Meta Business Partner like Hunch can help you with that problem.

Step 1: Connect your product feed

The first step to creating stunning video ads is connecting your product feed to a dynamic creative platform.

Step 2: Create and launch dynamic video ads automatically

DCO vendors like Hunch allow you to create dynamic video ads at scale. Using Hunch’s video ad templates, you can quickly create and launch thousands of ads.

The product feed also lets you personalize these video ads with details like discounts and offers. Or you can use localization to your advantage via automated language localization, integrating weather data or first-party user data you have collected.

Hold up! Take less than 2 minutes to see how to build winning ‘top sellers’ video ads, and how to launch and optimize sales campaigns for maximizing your returns and hitting KPIs, all without overwhelming your team.

Step 3: Track performance and use insights to optimize

Dynamic video ads can only be successful if you can track the performance and use insights to optimize them in real-time.

Hunch helps you combine data from various sources and turn off campaigns based on the product insight metrics so you can divert ad spend to campaigns that are getting you the desired results.

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Are dynamic video ads the future of Paid Social?

From better product placement to more engagement, dynamic video ads create a win-win situation for both advertisers and users.

But you also need dynamic video ads for another reason. When we talk about ad fatigue or making changes to your campaigns, there is no other way to do it except with dynamic video ads because you need to change the creatives quickly and in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create dynamic Instagram video ads?

There is no difference in creating dynamic video ads for Instagram with the DCO platform. When you set your product feed with information for dynamic ads, you'll be able to choose a template that fits Instagram's format.  

2. Do you need dynamic video ads?

Video is the most engaging type of content. With the evolution of TikTok, short video forms took a lead. That's why using dynamic video ads makes your campaigns more relevant and engaging for your future customers.

Want to switch to dynamic video ads? Talk to a Hunch expert today!