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How can brands optimize eCommerce advertising with automated ads

Social media is the most relevant ad channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials.

But eCommerce brands are in a constant battle for user attention on social media. 

On average, people are exposed to 6000-10000 ads a day. Hello, ad fatigue!

Plus, it’s hard to keep track of all the trends—ads that don’t look like ads, user generated content with low production value, and all the dancing and pointing on short-form videos. 

Creative production is challenging. But that’s only half the problem.

With creative fatigue setting in quickly (more so on platforms like Snap), creatives have to be constantly updated. That means brands are stuck in an endless loop of creative production. And when these campaigns do go live, monitoring and optimizing them is another nightmare. 

It’s virtually impossible to launch huge campaigns with this bottleneck. 

The answer? Automated Ads - your personal ad campaign manager on steroids. From creation to optimization, Automated Ads provide a flexible framework for you to run complex and large campaigns, streamlining your entire advertising process.  

What are Automated Ads?

Automated Ads is a solution designed for eCommerce brands who want to win on Paid Social without overwhelming their creative team. 

Here’s how it works: 

Sync a data sheet, product feed or a campaign launch document to a platform like Hunch. Automated Ads connects with on-brand video and image templates to automatically create, archive, and update ads based on the data source.

You can also control ad statuses, budgets, title/copy, creative and bids with your data source. Anytime you make changes to the data source(s), your live ads will reflect those changes.

And to increase real-time personalization, you can leverage weather, sports, location intelligence either through first-party or third-party sources. 

automated ads example Hunch

While implemented slightly differently on each ad platform, automated ads help you run the entire show with little manual intervention. Set the right rules and budget, and your eCommerce advertising can run on auto-pilot.  

Produce high-quality creatives fast

Problem: The biggest issue with eCommerce advertising is ensuring the creatives stand out among a sea of other ads. Plus, creatives have to be replaced every week for platforms like Snap so that ads are still relevant to the target audience or they start ignoring them.

Solution: Automated ads don’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your ads. 

Whether you use a native feature on an ad platform or a dedicated campaign management platform, the input — information about your business, audience, or first-party data — guarantees the output will be stellar and faster.

We estimate you can save 50% of your time otherwise spent on ad production and use it to bolster strategy instead.

fast ad production Hunch
Keep your offers relevant, while delivering beautiful ads.

Plus, platforms like Hunch also offer features like Review (to quickly approve of creatives) and Multi Artboard template (to maintain omnichannel consistency) so that you can your ads are on-brand across different platforms without needing endless back and forth.

P.S. The end results may differ when using a dedicated campaign management platform vs. native feature on an ad platform. 

Reduce production costs

Problem: Constant creative production means having to rely on using expensive software and hiring more people to share the increased load. 

Solution: Use campaign management platforms or native features that take your minimal input and turn it into 1000s of ads with a click. 

Some native ad platforms uses AI to create ads by asking you a few questions. When you answer questions about your business and your advertising goals, the tool generates multiple versions of an ad for you.

Campaign management platforms like Hunch use your feed data to turn your sheet into visually pleasing ads.

That means someone with no experience in design can create ads too, reducing your reliance on complicated editing software. And there’s no need to hire more people. You can have a lead designer approve or reject the final output. 

Increase personalization

Problem: Customers want personalized ads but aren’t willing to share their personal data. Plus, a new wave of privacy laws makes it harder to target the right audience. 

Solution: Brands can use first-party data to make ads more personalized. Or rely on benign data points like weather and location in lieu of personal data by.

All you need to do is connect your product catalog feed to a campaign management platform like Hunch. And you can generate 1000s of personalized creatives that leverage weather or location data. Plus, you can create dynamic image and video templates to make your creatives on-brand across all channels.

And to make an ad like this that makes the weather the hero, you can connect a third-party source. 

Weather-based personalization will engage your audience more.

Boost conversions

Problem: Even if campaign management is automated, you still need to constantly update new creatives to fend off ad fatigue. Also, high-quality creatives don’t automatically guarantee results. You may need to change your CTA or offer to convert your audience.

Solution: Receive timely notifications so you know when images need refreshing and ways to improve your ad. 

Automated Ads can help with just that. You’ll know when it’s time to tweak your ad to make the most of your ad budget.

While native platforms can notify you and help refresh your creatives, creative management platforms like Hunch can kick things up a notch. In-house experts who know your business and paid social like the back of their hand lend their expertise to help you succeed.

Vitapur, a Slovenian home living goods and a mattress retailer, had this to say:

“We can easily say that we’re using 30% of our budget through Hunch and seeing [47%] better CTR and [25% higher] ROAS with Hunch’s campaigns than typical Facebook ones.”

Vitapur ad examples
Here's how Vitapur used sale data to engage their audience.

Reduce manual workflows

Problem: Updating ads or changing the bid or budget and ensuring everything is up to date based on the data source for hundreds of campaigns is virtually impossible. Outdated and inaccurate information can lead to low ROI and CTR. Plus, the target audience may also be dissatisfied and bounce when there’s a mismatch in ad copy and the website’s landing page.

Solution: Automate manual workflows and make the data source a centralized source of truth.

With Automated Ads, you can reduce manual tasks with advanced automation. 

Tasks like changing the bid or the offer or adjusting the budget can all be automated. Even the ad’s copy, creative, CTA can be automatically updated. 

When changes are made to the data source, the ads are automatically updated without you having to manually go in and check each ad set. 

Automated ads: One solution for all platforms

Any eCommerce brand with hundreds of products and a high-growth strategy doesn’t need much convincing to switch to Automated Ads. 

But having an omnichannel presence means dealing with multiple ad platforms and relying on their native features. That can lead to creative inconsistency and extreme context switching. Plus, you’d have to manually go into each ad set to view recommendations and make those changes. Imagine doing that for hundreds of ads per platform. 

automated ads Hunch

That is where creative automation and management platforms like Hunch can save the day.

With Hunch, you can run campaigns for Meta and Snap on auto-pilot From creative production to actually launching the right ads, Hunch has your back. And you can manage and optimize campaigns without switching platforms. Plus, you also get access to our in-house experts to help you succeed on paid social. 

Want to see how it works? Book a demo with our experts today!