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Dynamic Creative Optimization case study: Does DCO work?

We could save you the effort of reading this article and just tell you that dynamic creative helps with conversion rates and is a great alternative to generic ads.

But that wouldn’t be enough, right?

So don’t take our word for it. We’re going to break down the exact strategy e-commerce brands that have adopted dynamic creative have used to get amazing results.

#1 Telenor drives performance via on-brand ads

One of the largest Telco providers, Telenor felt limited by the traditional options for paid social advertising. The extensive product line had to be marketed efficiently while maintaining brand consistency.

On brand ads with Telenor

Solution + Results

Telenor chose creative automation to design and implement personalized customer journeys that delivered 3x return on paid social.

Now Telenor shows the right phone and the right plan with dynamic creative optimization instead of serving generic ads.

Telenor drives performance through On-Brand Ads with Creative Automation.

Check out the complete case study here.

#2 Europebet creates aesthetic ads to increase engagement

Use ads to increase engagement

Betting and gambling companies have several obstacles to overcome - social media regulations, increased privacy laws and engaging their target audience to try their array of services.

Solution + Results

New rules on Facebook took care of the first problem and using dynamic creative helped with the latter.

All they had to do was connect their data feeds and they could say goodbye to static ads forever.

Want to connect your product feed to power paid social ads? Grab your free playbook here.

Dynamic creative also has another bonus - there’s no guesswork involved. Europebet knows exactly which ads perform and which don’t.

Europebet creates aesthetic engaging ads while saving time with automation and feed management.

Read how they achieved this success here.

#3 Wavemaker decreases 50% CPA through DPA

Wavemaker case study

A global growth marketing agency, Wavemaker, relies on data to make decisions. So using dynamic product ads (DPAs) for their clients was a no-brainer.

The agency’s telco client, Telekom Slovakia, wanted to improve its performance but had a wide range of products that had to be marketed to different audience segments making the creation, distribution and updation a challenge.

Solution + Results

Wavemaker used owned brand data to run DPAs to create relevant ads that contained information like the latest offers and discounts which is more likely to attract more shoppers.

Mobile phone ad examples
Wavemaker surpasses all expectations with highly personalized ads.

Wavemaker’s telco client has unlocked the following results:

  • Faster creative testing
  • Best performance YoY results
  • 50% decrease in CPA for DPA

Find out more about Wavemaker’s success.

#4 Fashion&Friends boost ROAS by 73% and lowers CPA by 50%

Fashion and Friends

A multi-brand concept store, Fashion&Friends, saw an increase in traffic due to physical stores opening around the Alps-Adriatic region but converting this traffic into sales proved to be tricky.

Solution + Results

Fashion&Friends used customized image templates to create engaging dynamic ad creatives to drive Valentine’s Day cyber sales. Plus with audited retargeting, Fashion & Friends could monitor and update both past and current DPA and standard ad campaigns.

Fashion and Friends ad examples
Fashion&Friends lowered CPA by 50% with dynamic ads.

The icing on the cake? The conditional layers to power A/B testing helped the fashion brand scale the winning ad variants for a better return on ad spend (ROAS) and lowered their CPA by 50%.

Fashion&Friends also saw a lift in other metrics - a 72% increase in purchases, a 62% lift in website purchase conversion, and a 73% boost in ROAS.

#5 Air Serbia increased its online bookings with Dynamic Creative

Air Serbia

To maintain its leading position in Southeast Europe, Air Serbia wanted to improve online sales.

The problem? It’s hard to stand out on Social without highly-personalized offers.

Solution + Results

Air Serbia used optimized customer journeys for potential flyers. Travelers that had been on Air Serbia’s site saw ads that showed them their recent travel destinations while browsing Facebook and Instagram.

Air Serbia automated promotion for 73 flights around 54 destinations.

Through flight dynamic ads and DCO, Air Serbia’s campaigns had a positive recall, new site visitors and increased conversions.

Read their entire strategy here.

Can you use Facebook's dynamic creative to see results like these?

Yes and no. Facebook’s dynamic creative allows you to test different ad components and the algorithm tells you which combination was best received by users.

Check out: Facebook’s dynamic creative optimization case studies.

But there are certain limitations to Facebook’s DCO.

For one, it is nearly impossible to do this at scale if you have hundreds or thousands of products. Having your creative team come up with the copy and creative for all those products will take you days if not months.

And the secret to success on Facebook is creative cycling which means asking your creative team to churn out another set of creatives. Plus you may not want to update the ad elements manually when say an item is out of stock or you announce a new discount.

The solution is to use a creative automation platform that’s a Meta Business Partner like Hunch.

Hunch gives you the ability to personalize ads using data in real-time. All you have to do is connect your product feed and use Hunch’s templates to automatically launch hundreds of on-brand dynamic ads. And you can use Hunch campaign automated rules to optimize creatives for your key KPIs helping you see the lift in campaign performance you want.

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