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Dynamic Creative: How to deliver and scale captivating on-brand ads on Paid Social

Standing out with your ads has become almost impossible in today's digital landscape. With an ever-growing number of ads competing for attention, it's easy to drown in the sea of noise. 

Stopping the scroll has never been this important.

For most advertisers, dynamic creative is a winning solution. In fact, according to the findings of the latest Yahoo’s survey, 82% of advertisers are deeply committed to dynamic creative in 2024, and 33% of the same group plan to increase spending on DCO. 

With all industry shifts and AI solutions emerging, dynamic creative remains the the thing. On top of that, AI tools empowered advertisers to use real-time insights to build and optimize the performance of their creative more efficiently than ever before. 

Learn how dynamic creative helps you exceed your brand's performance goals by delivering relevant experiences for your audience on Paid Social at scale.

Data is your battle card for Dynamic Creative

Dynamic creative for Meta means taking multiple media (images, videos) and multiple ad components (such as images, videos, text, and calls-to-action) and then mixing and matching them in new ways to improve the ad performance. This process automatically builds creative variations for each person who views your brand’s ad.

The technology that allows you to serve personalized ads based on data sets you provide (such as location, interest, language, or weather data) is dynamic creative optimization.

If dynamic creative fuels personalized digital advertising, then dynamic creative optimization lets you navigate it.

To hold the reins of dynamic creative optimization you’ll need to understand how to use your data and discover how to make the most out of it for your campaigns on Meta and Snapchat - as experts in that area, we’re here to help you get there.

Data is your battle card for Dynamic Creative Optimization

The fuel for dynamic creative ads is data. With feed-driven data, you can build thousands of ads in real-time for product-based prospecting or retargeting, creative personalization, audience segmentation, or phase of the customer journey automatically.

All of this can be optimized with a feed-based algorithm that completes multivariate testing.

So, what kind of data can you use?

You can use all product feed data. Also, you can use all the information about your audience: previous engagement, location data, weather data, demographics, and interests. Apart from that, you can use Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics data to optimize your campaigns to hit the performance you aim for.

Air Serbia leveraged data-fueled customer journeys. See how

Best practices of Dynamic Creative Optimization

The best way to optimize dynamic creative ads for Meta and Snapchat campaigns depends on the industry your clients are in. We enlisted strategies that can do wonders.

Personalized customer journeys for eCommerce and D2C businesses 

Most advertisers working for brands with an eComm store encounter the challenge of advertising thousands of products and managing massive feed data, while keeping each ad relevant and on brand.

Launching product-focused dynamic creative campaigns helps in serving shoppers with customized products and offers, using data pulled from the provided spreadsheet.

Turn data from product feed into beautiful creative.

Turn data from product feed into creative and deliver enhanced dynamic product ads. Use the right data to send the right message at the right time - test different triggers such as CTAs and offers.

Go one step further with automated ads, and advertise different products based on the location of your audience: adjust to weather data, language, demographics, or mix data to give more context to your ads.

Do it all at scale with dynamic templates. As a pre-designed image or video, a creative template is used as a starting point for creating design or content, ensuring consistency in look and layout. The template contains placeholders for dynamic information, which will be filled with data from your product feed, helping you launch and test as many creative variations as you need.

Use dynamic on-brand templates to produce tons of creative variations.

Hyper-local experiences for grocery and delivery businesses 

The promise of fast delivery within a specific timeframe is a popular marketing strategy used by delivery companies to attract customers.

For such a promise to be effective, the delivery company needs to be very precise with the location they advertise the offer from. If the location advertised is not nearby to the user who watches the ad, then the delivery company is likely to fail to deliver on time.

Therefore ensuring accurate location information is crucial.

Geo-targeting ad example
Use geo-targeting to serve localized ads

The power of geo-targeting, combined with Dynamic Creative, lets you serve localized ads and drill down to a granular level, which is great for each grocery store that delivers its products in different locations.

Speak directly to your audience in different cities.

You can localize the content in your ads through familiar imagery, videos, or ad copy specific to cities or hoods. You can also create local promotions depending on where the viewer is right down to the district of a city or the exact micro-location of an event. This is particularly helpful if you have physical stores that you want to draw people to.

Local communication for the retail industry 

Just woke up on a rainy day realizing you don’t have the right boots for such weather. Start scrolling through your social media and suddenly an ad for waterproof boots pops up. Convenient, right?

This is usually a result of advertisers working nonstop to deliver thousands of contextual creatives for big brands with multiple locations around the world.

That can be done without heavy lifting, with the power of dynamic creative.

Leverage dynamic creative to personalize ads for Meta and Snapchat at scale. Using digital circulars helps retailers automatically create campaigns for hyper-localized daily and weekly deals.

Contextualization does wonders for all retail brands.

Through location and weather data, that ad becomes contextually relevant and is going to have more conversions compared to a generic ad.

Customize creative to the outside weather conditions.

If you have stores in different cities or countries, there’s no better way to use dynamic creative than to speak the language of your audience at different locations, or even better - use weather data and local language at the same time.

Spotlight the right offers for the automotive industry 

The biggest challenge of the automotive industry in Paid Social advertising is the fact that cars can’t be shown virtually. The second one is: keeping all the offers relevant and up to date.

Enter Facebook automotive dynamic ads.

Hyper-localization advertising is the best solution to reach car buyers and drive more engagement, which will lead to more test drives and finally convert into actual sales.

Promote new car models and reach more buyers via dynamic localization ads

In addition, this is an effective method of promoting new car models and reaching more buyers via dynamic localization ads. Car manufacturers can also easily and effectively align their brand message with the needs of car buyers through dynamic creative optimization.

Use dynamic creative optimization to automatically launch ads that showcase the exact cars and offers available or show top-selling products to website visitors that are familiar with your brand and offerings.

Real-time offers for betting and gambling ads 

Every advertiser working for a betting and gambling brand knows the nature of this industry, which forces you to change campaigns daily, to keep them relevant.

The challenge is making real-time changes at scale, and personalize offers to players based on their individual betting behavior. Use dynamic creative to display live odds and real time updates.

The breakneck speed that the industry dictates mostly leads to generic offers because advertisers don’t have enough time to put all the needed information into a single ad and make it look good. The result? Poor user activation.

Use dynamic creative ads to display live odds and games.

Offer personalized promotions to players based on their individual betting behavior to improve retention.

Highly-tailored experiences for travel and leisure 

Each spring you deliver your potential travelers the same ads for the most popular places for summer vacation. Each fall, you do the same thing for the winter vacation. And, all your competitors do the same thing. In no other industry are consumers as fatigued by the same type of ads as in the travel industry.

But what if among all your potential travelers there is someone who wants to visit an exotic destination? Such a specific desire can easily be transformed in a booked trip, only if you’d show the right destination with a highly-tailored ad.

Leverage dynamic creative to manage multiple travel destinations. See how

With a little magic of dynamic creative ads, you can manage multiple travel destinations and make sure to show the right ones to potential travelers. Also, you can make sure to deliver highly contextualized offers. For example, you can display specific airline fares to locations where the user is likely to travel.

Discover more great examples of dynamic creative, that will help you elevate your Paid Social strategy.

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The vast impact of dynamic creative we described in this article shows how important is to leverage it. That calls for technology which will help you go above and beyond with your Paid Social efforts.

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