Europebet uses Hunch to create aesthetic ads to increase engagement while saving time with automation and feed management

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Europebet is the premier betting company in Georgia and a top organization in bookmaking and online gambling.
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Betting / Gambling
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T’bilisi, GE
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Europebet is the biggest betting company in Georgia and a leading organization in bookmaking and online gambling.

They were founded in November 2010 and quickly became a leader in their space.

The website offers a range of services – bookmaking, online casino, roulette, blackjack, slot games as well as some classic games like backgammon, bura, and seka.

Europebet is committed to offering its customers a wide range of gaming options at affordable prices and continues adopting new tech to serve them better.

But, the regulations on social media platforms make it difficult for most companies in the space to run ads.

With Hunch, Europebet was not only able to advertise on Facebook but also engage users and save time.

Challenge // Challenge // Challenge

Diversify advertising channels to run personalized, creative ads on Facebook without manual efforts

The guidelines to run betting and gambling ads on social media are overwhelming and complicated, to say the least. It requires prior permission and even with that, ads can get rejected.

Europebet ran into a similar problem. Their advertising channels were limited to static banners, key messaging, and some promotional offers.

Another challenge with social media platforms is given how the data privacy laws are evolving, advertising is bound to get more generic. It is crucial to capture the attention of the audience with creatives that stand out.

But try going down the creative advertising route without spending a massive amount of time and resources that is required to create ads.

Europebet wanted a solution that would allow them to run ads that look great while keeping manual intervention to a minimum.

solution // solution // solution

Hunch Creative Studio helps create aesthetic ads at scale

Europebet partnered with Hunch to generate aesthetic ads for Facebook.

By connecting their feed to Hunch, they were able to leverage the Hunch Creative studio to run ads on Facebook without needing to manually update details.

This helped Europebet create engaging ads and save time thanks to the automation and feed management.

results // results // results // results

Increased engagement + New advertising channel + Time-saving process

With Hunch, Europebet has opened up a whole new advertising channel to reach new audiences – Facebook.

The dynamic creatives also help communicate Europebet’s offers and engage users better than static messaging.

The set it and forget it process has also helped Europebet save time that would have been required to manage the feed and create personalized ads.

With these great initial results, Europebet is rethinking its entire advertising strategy and plans to leverage Hunch to its full potential.

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About Customer
Europebet is the premier betting company in Georgia and a top organization in bookmaking and online gambling.
Betting / Gambling
T’bilisi, GE
Hunch features used
Workflow automation

Dynamic ads for Betting

Easily integrate promotions and offers directly into your creative. Team data is combined with a timetable that is updated in real-time so it delivers the right message at the right time.


"We were searching for a solution that will improve our paid social creatives and a way to manage a feed in a way that would not require manual tweaks. In an automated way, Hunch is a game-changer for Europebet."

Luka Gaprindashvili
Luka Gaprindashvili
Digital Advertising Manager