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Air Dolomiti

Hunch lowered CPA by 47% for Air Dolomiti with automated creative production

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Air Dolomiti has been the first Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group.
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Verona, IT
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Air Dolomiti is the Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group. Their main flight routes link Italy and Europe to the German hubs of Munich and Frankfurt, and summer is always the busiest and most challenging advertising season of the year for them.

Ogilvy agency partnered with Hunch to build localized creative for Air Dolomiti and communicate their versatile flight offers to potential flyers on Facebook and Instagram, in an automated and time-saving way.

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Activation for the summer season to increase flight ticket sales

The flight industry is competitive by nature, and offering discounts alone doesn't always ensure success. Air Dolomiti decided to run a dynamic ads campaign to stay ahead of the game. But, how could they harness dynamic ads without being overwhelmed by complexity and frustration of manual repetitive tasks?

Air Dolomiti needed to find a way to scale creative production for countless flight combinations between airports, and to optimize editing ad info due to flight changes.

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Automated creative production at scale

Ogivly built a creative feed for Air Dolomiti, a centralized control hub connected to Hunch which simplified campaign management and creative updates. With the data from the creative feed, they automated both creative and campaign creation, providing greater flexibility than regular feed-based dynamic ads.

The automated campaign micro-targeted 8 airports and their cities with localized dynamic ads. The image and video creative dynamically communicated the departure city, the destination, price, CTA and description, with a dynamic background localized to attractions and activities you could experience in the destination city. Now, multiply that by countless dynamic combinations.

The feed provided a hassle-free flight status overview, meaning if any changes occurred, a simple edit to the feed automatically updated hundreds of creative, without manual design intervention. In case a route got cancelled, the feed would automatically signal the Hunch platform to pause an ad

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Broader reach and more checkouts with increased localized creative output

For Ogilvy Creative team, working in the Hunch Creative Studio was easy and time-saving. They drastically reduced their production time for over 300 unique, customized and localized image and video creative with many combinations.

On the campaign management front, the Hunch platform ensured their Media team more flexibility and time to focus on strategy. Duplicating campaigns with minor adjustments was a breeze, leaving the overall structure intact, and all changes reflected seamlessly on Meta.

The results surpassed their KPIs, with impressive increases in reach, link clicks, landing page views, and initiated checkouts:

  • 40% higher reach
  • 144% more initiated checkouts
  • 22.2% lower CPC
  • 47.5% lower CPA

Take your airline company to new heights with Hunch and the power of automated creative production. Produce, scale, test and optimize localized contextual image and video creative, without breaking a sweat. Interested? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or give us a call.

Automated Localized Creative

Scale creative production of flight offers. Dynamically communicate the departure city, destination, price, CTA and description, with dynamic backgrounds tailored to local attractions and activities.

Air Dolomiti

"Hunch provided us with a perfectly organized and functioning environment for automated creative production and campaign management. This helped us lower CPA by 47%."

Federica Bocchetti
Federica Bocchetti
Paid Social Media Specialist at Ogilvy