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4 Thumb-Stopping DPA Templates to Beat Ad Fatigue

As an advertiser, all that you have been working on comes down to an approximately 4-second judge from your audience. You’re left with just a few seconds to communicate the right message.

In-context ads increase purchase intent by 69%. The same goes for how you are going to communicate the message: the more personalized the ad is, the better it will resonate with your target audience.

With thousands of products to think about the best you can do is to use dynamic product templates based on different motivators, ie different messages for your audience, and automate the process of creative production.

That’s why we’re sharing 4 ideas for DPA templates you can create with Hunch Creative Studio, to engage your audience while staying on-brand.

#1 Price-based templates: answer the big question

Price based template

When considering buying an item, do you check the price?

Your audience does too.

That’s why if you have a special discount or you’re running a sale for certain products you should highlight that message. You can design the template where the comparison of full and sale prices is dynamically pulled.

It doesn’t have to be a sale. If you consider your offer a good deal, you can highlight the price to make it more attractive. For apparel, beauty, and other eCommerce industries, highlighting the price sets you apart from competitors. In other industries, it's all about putting special offers in the spotlight.

Find creative examples of how you can enhance DPAs in other industries with Hunch.

#2 Time-based templates: use the countdown method

Time based template

We’re still working on price-based templates, but this time the approach is different: make the time your ally.

Set the dynamic field for pricing to change based on the date: use the countdown method to create anticipation. The sense of urgency is what moves the needle.

Besides the actual price, you can communicate how many days are left of a certain discount or promotion.

#3 Category-based templates: group your most popular products

Category based template

Leveraging creative automation for your campaign’s creatives gives you more time to focus on making the strategy while the asset production is happening seamlessly in the background.

The case that illustrates it the best is creating category-based templates. Using the insights from the previous campaigns you can create the category for your bestsellers, make the template, and let the personalized creatives work for you. Also, brands that experiment with data-driven audience segments see 8X the ROI on marketing spend.

Also, you can create categories based on different seasons, periods of the year, or following trends.

#4 Review-based templates: showcase the product from the user’s perspective

Review based templates

Review-based templates are the playground you don’t want to miss.

By leveraging Hunch Creative Studio you can import your product feed and add reviews or ratings as a dynamic field on the template.

Use this social proof to make your ads more relevant to potential shoppers.

How does Hunch make it all work?

Feed mapper

When you upload your data feed on the platform, Hunch’s feed management will map your feed to the required fields. You can also assign your own attributes.

Hunch maps the information by matching the IDs of the product and the data you provide: price, offer, review, etc. So, once you add the information you need in the product feed and upload it on the Hunch platform it’s all set to generate thousands of variations of the same template.

Divo into Hunch Creative Studio.

Leverage Hunch and get things going


Most of the time you will create more than one template, so to make the process as smooth as possible, you’ll need the right creative management platform that will help you generate thousands of ads with different templates.

By using Hunch you’re automating the whole process: Hunch Creative Studio allows for creating the templates you need, and the platform is there to set the campaign and launch it.

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