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Creative Scaling

How does technology empower efficient asset production?

Latest reports show that the number of social media users has grown to 4.95 billion. That means more advertisers are betting on social media.

But it also means you now have increased competition. A competition that is hard to beat without sufficiently leveraging technology.

There aren’t too many well-kept secrets in the digital advertising space. Everyone knows dynamic creative optimization is the way to go and asset production should be automated.

The real question is what should you be looking for in a creative automation and management platform?

Let’s dive into the underlying tech that can help you become more efficient so you can not only produce more ads but better ads.

Features you need to make asset production efficient

When evaluating a creative management platform (CMP), here are the features you should ask to see:

  1. Ad creator
  2. Scaling tool
  3. Ad templates
  4. Publishing tool
  5. Collaborative platform
  6. Auto-translation
  7. Analytics

#1 Ad creator to generate your master creatives

You want something that’s simple to use straight out of the gate. An ad creator that lets you and your design team work with familiar tools to create aesthetically pleasing ads every time and for every platform. With Hunch, you can have your creatives Meta, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok ready.

Here's how to scale creative asset production through creative automation and remove repetitive design tasks such as producing, resizing, or versioning assets for different markets and placements.

#2 Scaling tool to resize creatives

Typically, you would use the same creatives across multiple platforms. If you tried to resize these images manually, you would end up having to redo the designs each time. With a scaling tool, you can automatically produce assets for each channel and ad type.

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#3 Ad templates for image and video ads

Don’t want to start from scratch? Use templates. Ad templates allow you to quickly scale production.

Example of creating an ad with pre-made templates.
Launch creative faster with pre-made templates.

You can either pick one of the pre-made templates or create a template for your campaign that can then be applied to all your ads. All you have to do is connect your product feed to the platform and choose the template you want and the tech will auto-populate all the information for you.

P.S. Hunch’s Creative Video Studio also allows you to add pre-made videos, sounds, and effects to your video template.

#4 Publishing tool to launch ads

While this feature may not seem as important for asset production, successful campaigns don’t take a one-and-done approach. The first set of ads allows you to test how the audience engages with them so you can create better versions and keep iterating till you see your metrics improve.

So rather than exporting your files and setting up your campaign on each ad platform, you can save time launching campaigns which means you have more time to produce better ads.

#5 Collaborative platform to prevent information silos

How often does your copy team end up with an old version of the ad? Or your design team tells you that they’re still waiting for the new copy? And how many times have you reviewed an ad that wasn’t the final product?

Traditional ad production can create information silos. No one knows which version is the latest or what stage of production is the ad in which leads to long and preventable delays.

A collaborative platform can put an end to this. Everyone on the team has access to the platform. And you can even share the ads with external teams for their input.

#6 Auto-translate for language localization in multiple markets

Even with all the new privacy updates, you can still count on one element to personalize ads - language. Ads in their local languages appeal to native speakers and can create an authentic connection with the brand.

But manually adding the translation to each ad can be tedious and tricky. Look for a CMP that allows you to auto-translate your ads in multiple languages.

Example of an ad being edited in different languages.
Connect with buyers in their native language, without editing marathon.

Psst... You can create ads in different languages with Hunch by connecting your feed data and auto-populating the ad copy in different languages.

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#7 Analytics and insights to make changes in real-time

As we established, a successful campaign goes through multiple iterations. You want your CMP to offer analytics and meaningful insights so you can make changes to ads quickly.

You should be able to make local or universal changes and with an in-built publishing tool, your changes will go live almost immediately.

These product insights can also help you develop your next campaign’s assets further reducing the time between concept and launch.

Hunch's tool: Feed mapper.
Use the feed mapper to streamline product changes on ads in real time.

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Ad Builders aren’t enough. You need Dynamic Creative Optimization

Creative automation is an answer for efficiency in asset production. But when we are talking about the automation of the whole process of running campaigns, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is a common solution.

Three steps in creative optimization.
Automation doesn't end with ad building.

Some creative management platforms only function as ad builders. DCO is still left up to the ad network.

Instead, you should choose a platform like Hunch. Hunch isn’t just a CMP, it’s also a DCO platform. With Hunch, you can set up dynamic ads right on the platform, receive meaningful product insights, and adjust your strategy in real time.

Hunch: Everything, everywhere, all at once

Efficient asset production can actually be summarized in one line: Find everything you need for asset production in one place.

Hunch gives you a chance to run everything on one platform without overextending your team. With Hunch, you can produce assets, run, and optimize your campaigns all in one place.

And if you’d like to skip the effort of testing out alternatives that don’t work for you, talk to us. After helping launch over 120 million automated ads for our customers, we know a thing or two about mastering asset production.

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