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How to combat Ad Fatigue using Dynamic Creative on Social (+DPA playbook)

Let’s face it, we are all tired of annoying and repetitive retargeting.

Same product, same design, same messaging, again and again following us around until we become blind to that offer.

Your eyes recognize it. Your fingers scroll through it. Your brain skips it – blazingly fast.

And, Facebook knows this.

That’s why Facebook has been cracking down on poor experiences for its users. Facebook punishes ad fatigue – that’s when the ad’s performance decreases because people have seen it too many times.

This also about the time when you try to explain to your client (or boss), why your FB magic is not so magical anymore. And then you both blame, Zuck :)

4 out of 10 digital advertisers chicken-out and stop their retargeting ads entirely because of high frequency and high CPAs. They don’t get it. Piling up more ads will not beat these numbers. You do it through contextual ones.

In this article, you’ll learn how the top brand ninjas fight ad fatigue with data-fueled ads. You’ll find out how you can unlock interesting brand data and create engaging customer journeys through automated Facebook dynamic product ads.

What is Facebook ad fatigue actually?

The lifespan of ad creatives is seriously dwindling down.

7 million advertisers on Facebook are fighting for that 1.7 seconds attention span. That’s a whole lot of scrolling thumbs. Have you ever seen people scroll endlessly for no reason like zombies?

We break down Facebook Ad fatigue into three categories:

  • Creative Ad Fatigue – deals with design (image, colors, shapes, layers)
  • Offer Ad Fatigue – deals with how you communicate the offer in the copy and on the creative
  • Angle Ad Fatigue – this is how you frame or ‘angle’ the offer

Facebook ad fatigue occurs when people see the same ad too many times, and they are not reacting to them. High ad fatigue causes Facebook to severely limit your ad’s deliverability. You can measure ad fatigue on Facebook with the frequency metric. Or with your ROAS dropping.

How to recognize Facebook ad fatigue vs. something else? In case your key metrics drop, but frequency doesn’t increase or vice versa, this is not ad fatigue.

Show your Products to the Right People and Avoid Ad Fatigue

As an e-commerce marketer with a large inventory and significant traffic, you have undoubtedly faced this dilemma. To achieve good ROI, you either have to stick to a few ads, showing the most successful items with general messages, or create a massive number of ads (which may be time-consuming).

Facebook dynamic product ads let you connect your feed and create a template that will show all of your products, including the long-tail items, to precisely selected people who visited the product page – and all of this, at the right time.

Facebook DPA examples

Automatically promote your most relevant items with Facebook DPA.

It also happens that Facebook DPA is one of the highest ROI marketing formats you can invest in. (if you are not running any yet).

Dynamic product ads for Retargeting

On average, it takes five visits to an online store before a potential shopper is willing to act. This means you need to continue engaging with these shoppers wherever they may go.

For example, luxury watches brand Watch a Porter saw a 28X return on ad spend and a cost per acquisition 2.5X lower than average. They have achieved this by using custom image templates in their dynamic product ads (DPA’s) fighting against creative ad fatigue.

Hunch's DPA examples
Compare this engaging ad's DPA with those white-background ads displayed above. Who's gonna have higher ROAS?

Ad fatigue hurts ad performance and, over time, your bottom line. That’s why it’s essential to take these measures early and make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent carefully on ads that inspire your audience instead of annoying them.

With Facebook dynamic ads, your retargeting efforts are powered by your live, real-time product feed.

Using data from the product catalog, you can customize your Dynamic ads through Creative Tools. Creative Tools is a tool in Ads Manager that allows you to show frames, pricing, set fonts, position, even shipping details over products that appear in a dynamic ad.

This combat takes a lot of time, for your designer and advertising specialist.

You don’t beat ad fatigue with more white background ads. You do it through contextual ones.

So HOW do you creatively refresh your Dynamic Product Ads

Both retargeting and dynamic ads are ways of personalizing what viewers see based on their actions on your site. This is an excellent way to combat ad fatigue because users will get customized content based on data and products they have previously shown an interest in.

Custom labels in your feed help you group products that you are likely going to want to bid differently on, such as “best sellers”, “last chance to get”, “brands”, “discounts”, or “sales expire date countdown” which you can then break into different ad creatives.

Retargeting done wrong can damage your brand’s image and severely impact growth.

During the last Q3 and Q4, we launched millions of retargeting ads and kept notes to examine what worked and what failed for our customers.

Now, we are sharing the learnings with you, including Facebook Creative DPA examples— so you can use them for your campaigns.

Take a look at 15 creative strategies to combat Ad fatigue the right way with enhanced dynamic product ads.

1. Leverage DPAs with custom templates

Enhanced Facebook DPA leverages content that captures the audience’s attention and tells a story. A custom image template will make your ads stand out in the newsfeed and finally influence your ROAS.

2. Beat Ad Fatigue with enriched brand-centric ads

Primarily optimized to tell brand stories, while also driving return from engaged audiences.
This ad is built on imagery that speaks with the product brand. It dynamically includes the brand logo and price from the product feed.

3. Make your ads shine – Use SlideShow DPAs

Slideshow DPA uses additional images from product feeds to create individual slideshows in the carousel format with engaging templates. Connect your additional images from the Shopify store and utilize them in a slideshow in a Facebook DPA.

At this point, you should have a good idea of how to unleash the power of brand data and send data into high-impact ads.

But there’s more to see.

Access our free 15 Facebook DPAs Hacks playbook to see how e-comm brands are winning battles against ad fatigue and driving more sales – with an innovative type of retargeting experience.

Click the button below to unlock the rest of the enhanced DPA examples and exactly why they work so well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reduce Facebook ad frequency?

Facebook is designed to be engaging. So Facebook ads also. To reduce ad fatigue, consider adding relevant engaging ads.