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What’s new: Photoshop Integration

Meet the newly enhanced feature in the Hunch Creative Studio - Photoshop Integration, enabling seamless integration of Adobe designs into the Hunch Studio.

We’ve made Hunch compatible with Adobe Photoshop! Now you can directly use your designs in the Hunch platform and cut down on additional work.

Always trying to facilitate and optimize your work, this solution enables creative collaboration with the Hunch Image Studio, cutting down on the design and production process for design teams and especially marketing teams without in-house designers.

Photoshop Integration seamlessly introduced Hunch into an already existing design ecosystem. Having the ability to eliminate work doubling in order to use another platform sounds clickbait-y. With this significant improvement in the Hunch platform, you can easily manage your creative process by effortlessly integrating your PSD files into Hunch.

Let’s dig in.

Photoshop Integration

Photoshop import

Why should you use Photoshop Integration?

Photoshop Integration simplifies the workflow by enabling the design and marketing teams to use Photoshop directly with the Hunch Creative Studio.

You’ll no longer need to make finalized designs in Photoshop and later rebuild them piece by piece in the Creative Studio. Keep your editing capabilities and upgrade them whenever you want in Hunch.

Why is it important?

To anyone who encountered this problem and is actively using the Hunch platform to build creative, the idea of using a third-party platform is a challenge because you’re faced with communicational obstacles and resource and time limitations.

So, as a marketer solely managing your creative campaign with or without a design team, you can seamlessly overcome the technical challenges of building your creative and simply import the PSD file into Hunch and carry on with your strategy.

What problem does it solve?

Since all designers work in an external tool they're most familiar with, rebuilding those designs in order to use another platform would double the work needed.

Hunch’s Photoshop Integration enables creative collaboration on the Hunch platform without adding more steps to the design and production process, as well as better workflow integration for teams who already have their design teams in-house working with their tools.

What is it good for?

This feature enables seamless integration of Adobe designs into the Hunch Creative Studio. You’ll no longer need to repeat the creative process in order to use another platform.

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

For advertisers that have in-house design teams, you no longer need to rebuild templates in the platform and double the work. Just prepare your designs and simply drag and drop them into the Creative Studio.

How does Photoshop integration work?
Simply import your PSD files into the Hunch Studio.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this brief article has given you a better understanding of our newly enhanced feature.

Photoshop Integration is just a micro-feature, but a monumental upgrade on Hunch’s revolutionary quest in workflow automation and creative enhancement of your paid social efforts.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success manager if you need any help with them.

And, If you’re looking for inspiration or best performing designs, make sure to check out Hunch’s Creative Library.