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Fashion Case Study

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Fashion’s pivot to online retail isn’t slowing down any time soon, with the industry seeing 5.7% year-over-year growth in 2021.

Social media plays a huge role in the fashion industry, such that 71% of apparel shoppers say personalization increases their will to purchase.

So, what does it take to run a successful brand campaign? - Personalized content!

And, to run a successful performance campaign? - Good data.

Hunch empowers brands and agencies in the fashion and apparel industry to grow on Paid Social, with features such as:

  • Data management
  • Personalizing product offers with enhanced Dynamic Product Ads
  • Collection promotion
  • Weather-based campaigns

Adopting Fashion and Apparel Playbooks helps marketers to:

  • Build better-converting creatives
  • Reach more people
  • Get more website visits
  • Increase the number of orders and order value