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Adwise & Lucardi Case Study

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Adwise & Lucardi

Adwise are an award-winning, full-service digital agency from the Netherlands, specialized in digital commerce.

They successfully utilized Hunch for their client – Lucardi, an omnichannel jewelry retail chain active mostly on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in-store. While focusing on brand awareness, their main performance goal was to improve and increase their online revenue through all channels.

The goal was to beat the sales momentum with more brand recognition. Adwise used Lucardi’s unique selling points to put more brand data into the shoppers' buying journey. They showcased not only the product but the message and lifestyle behind it by using Hunch enhanced DPA.

Solely leveraging the Hunch platform and the creative production process in the Hunch Creative Studio, Adwise and Lucardi successfully managed their prospecting and retargeting campaigns, beating the odds with an arsenal of 10000 creatives and a 67% rise in ROI.

If you follow Adwise's steps you’ll be left with:

  • Completed purchases
  • More revenue 
  • And a returning customer base faithful to its brand

Get inspired with the amazing Adwise case study.