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Running hyperlocalized campaigns across markets? Go to market faster with this strategy

Personalization drives results. It’s no longer enough to deliver just ‘okay’ ads, you need to craft on-brand ones that make people stop mid-scroll. Moreover, you need to do it fast and on a large scale.

With personalization, you're showing your shoppers you get them and have just what they need, making ads 69% more likely to convert. But bidding farewell to cookies this year, makes using data for personalization harder.

The answer lies in running hyper-personalized campaigns by targeting locations, not people.

The implementation gap + the way out

Knowing the answer to unlocking revenue is hyperlocalization, and being able to implement it is a different story. 

  • For huge companies, going local on social is a tedious process. Every postal code needs localized creatives.
  • But creative production is still largely a manual process. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to produce creatives. 
  • Because of the lengthy production, creative scaling is impossible. You cannot A/B test creatives and optimize them for the audience with a limited number of creatives.

The gap in implementation requires investing in a creative automation and management solution that can make running hyper-localized app campaigns easy and deliver real results. 

#1 Creative production on hyperspeed

Manual production has its limits. You may be able to produce 3-4 creatives a month and then go through the whole ordeal of personalizing them. And that’s not even counting how long it takes to review and approve of them.

Plus, the number of creatives you need to run hyper-localized campaigns without encountering ad fatigue is huge. 

The only way to up production is to spend more on hiring designers or design agencies. But that’s not a feasible option when you’re a huge app company with thousands of products to sell. Those costs can quickly add up and put you in the red. 

And that is why investing in a creative automation tool pays off. All you need to do is connect your data sources - product feed, third-party sources - and let the tool automatically generate creatives that are on-brand. 

G Adventures ad examples
See how G Adventures leveraged Hunch to hyper-localize their ads.

G Adventures’ global hyper-local campaign is a case in point. Hunch helped them generate more than 10,000 image creatives and over 300 personalized videos in just over a month.

The result? G Adventures exceeded their sales targets. In fact, Hunch can not only help generate creatives fast but it can also help create better DPA creatives with dynamic product templates.

#2 Personalization at scale

The main objective of hyper-local app campaigns is to offer users a personalized experience. But how can an ad feel personal, especially if the company has no boots on the ground?

It’s clear that you need to combine a healthy mix of first and third-party data sources to personalize these hyperlocal campaigns. 

And the right tool can make all of this seem possible. For instance, with Hunch, you can launch review-centric product ads. You can show relevant user reviews to people in a certain geographic location to increase the likelihood of clicks and conversions.  

Personalization at scale
Use review-centric ads to stop your audience's scroll.

Or, you can run weather-triggered ads with Hunch where you offer different discounts based on the weather. In fact, you can create a single template on Hunch and deliver hundreds of personalized creatives. 

#3 Centralized control

When you’re trying to capture new markets across regions, you want to be in tight control of the GTM plan. And that seems like a hard task when you factor in all the different postal codes, budgets, campaigns, and teams that must be aligned. 

While most creative automation tools can help you automate parts of the production process, these systems have a steep learning curve and are difficult to use.

With Hunch, you can centralize your launch system to a single “command center” data source. That means you have one sheet containing your locations, budgets, campaigns, and creatives. 

Centralized control

All local teams running point on the hyperlocal campaigns across different departments now have one source of truth. Whenever a budget has to be changed, or a creative has to be swapped, the changes are made in the centralized data source. Those edits instantly reflect in the live campaigns. 

Using a sheet-based automation workflow, you can reduce launch time from days to an hour and deliver 1000s of personalized image and video ads daily. 

#4 Testing & optimization fix

The sheer volume of creatives needed to make a hyperlocal campaign a success mean that while testing and creative optimization is necessary, doing so manually isn’t possible. 

Most ad platforms can help with just that. You can launch hundreds of creatives and monitor them to see which ones produce results and which underperform. Then, swap out the creatives that aren’t doing well and double down on the high-performing ones. 

Sounds simple enough. Except, this process is still hard without a dedicated tool. For one, ad platforms have native optimization and testing features and different recommendations when it comes to improving the ads. And, you still need to manually intervene when campaigns need your attention. 

Opt for automated creative management tools like Hunch where you can use the Meta and Snap platform and third-party analytics to monitor and optimize your campaign’s performance. With Hunch, you can build rules, alerts & reports (so you don’t have to keep checking performance manually), and integrate with both Google Analytics and Adjust. 

Delivery localization ad examples
Genero used geo-location to personalize their creatives.

And the proof of how well this works is in customer success. Genero lowered CPL by 82% and lowered CAC by 62% on Facebook and Instagram by automating ads with Hunch.

Dominate multiple markets faster with the right tech and team

Hyperlocalization works. It strikes the right balance between adhering to privacy regulations and effective targeting. Plus, 80% of business leaders report that when customers have a personalized experience, they spend more.  

But hyper-local campaigns aren’t a novel concept. And yet only a handful of eCommerce companies get it right. And that can only mean one thing: investing in the right tech isn’t enough. 

You also need experts who’ve “been there, done that” to help you orchestrate a huge campaign that’s created at scale and still feels deeply personal. It goes beyond knowing what general tactics to use and investing in the real-life expertise needed to create customized solutions that are uniquely built for you.

And with Hunch, you get exactly that. We’ve helped hundreds of companies find their voice through their creative and deliver on-brand messaging that’s targeted and yet personal to their audience.