Dynamic product templates

Unleash the power of DPA campaigns with custom images and layers using templates.

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Delivering creative and media excellence to industry leading marketing teams

Reduced time-to-launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative for Sports betting
3x return on Paid Social
Dynamic video on Paid Social
Feed-fueled Dynamic travel ads
Online booking soar with Dynamic video
30% ROAS uplift
50% Decrease in CPA

Scale product offers

Create high-quality, on-brand visuals in real-time with real data.

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Customizable templates

Create dynamic designs for product catalogs, leverage catalog data to build the most relevant creative for each product.

Enhanced product offers

Turn your data into creative by connecting multiple data points with dynamic templates and elevate your product promotion.

Better ROI

Identify which products are most popular with your target audience, then optimize your advertising spend and improve your ROI.