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Elevate real money gaming with the Hunch EURO 2024 Kit

With both the EURO and the Olympics happening this year, it's a prime time for advertisers in the betting and gaming industries. Buckle up, because it's going to be a wild ride!

The thrill of crafting campaigns during these global sports events is unmatched, and there's a whole playground of opportunities to captivate new players.

Hunch's Euro 2024 Kit is the game-changer you need to elevate your RMG advertising on Meta platforms. It's your secret weapon to not only survive but thrive during the advertising frenzy, all while managing to clock out in time to enjoy the games yourself.

Deliver eye-catching ads and reach your audience on every placement.

Why should you gear up for the following EURO? 

From a fan’s perspective, the significance of this event is crystal clear - there's no need for explanations. You get the hype!

But from an advertising angle? Let's dive into the numbers.

Over 31 days, 51 games will unfold, amounting to 4,590 minutes of captivating programming watched by a staggering 5 billion viewers worldwide. 

Opportunities to create contextual ads? Endless. 

Challenges? Also endless, without the right technology. 

That’s why having tools such as Hunch is essential. You need to streamline & automate creative production and media buying to double down on this opportunity without losing sleep.

The most common challenges of RMG advertising 

Let’s talk about the untapped potential of betting advertising, and what are the main reasons you’re letting these opportunities pass you by. 

  • Producing video content is expensive and time-consuming 
  • Delivering timely offers makes you work nonstop 
  • Dealing with ‘Always on’ campaigns is exhausting 

We’ve prepared a playbook where you’ll discover how to:

  • Attract new audiences through reels, stories, and other formats that are not oversaturated with advertising, by delivering engaging video ads at scale. 
  • Shift your focus from brand awareness to driving performance, by incorporating live odds into your campaigns. 
  • Unlock the full potential of your RMG advertising by employing hyper-targeting to guide users to their nearest locations with Hunch’s automation. 

It’s perfect timing to bring your A-game. And Hunch has just what you need to get you there.
Let’s get the ball rolling!

Get the playbook we created especially for EURO 2024, and rely on Hunch as your 12th man.