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Fjuz & C-optikk Case Study

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Fjuz & C-optikk

Fjuz is a Norwegian full-stack advertising agency that helps large and small brands to succeed online.

The Fjuz team already knew that local advertising works better than centralized advertising and have experienced the benefits of local ads first-hand for their client C-Optikk.

C-Optikk has 170 stores around the country, which is too many to handle manually regarding asset production and ad distribution and also a bit hard on the budget allocation part.

Fjuz joined forces with Hunch to eliminate labor work and execute their workflows smarter (and automated). The automated ads function enabled Fjuz to advertise from every store’s own Facebook page and an additional benefit of running hyper-targeted campaigns is that Fjuz can create a distribution key based on percent, and allocate the budget based on geolocation and turnover.

Go to the case study and see how Fjuz went from National to Local with immense results.