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Automotive Case Study

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The Automotive industry is spending more and more on digital advertising and marketing. The growth in digital ad spending for the auto industry has seen consistent double digits since 2020.

Automotive advertisers using Paid Social ads have seen a massive improvement in most of their KPIs, so marketers in this industry have an opportunity to give rich digital experiences and engagement throughout the shopper journey.

Therefore, building a connected integrated journey for a customer is a must, but it cannot happen without data. Data fuels the creative process needed to personalize messaging for each car buyer. Personalizing offers requires creative production at scale.

This case study covers features that will help car dealers sell more cars:

  • Data management
  • Creative at scale
  • Dealership promotion and creative localization
  • Advanced customer journeys

Adopting Automotive Playbooks helps marketers in the car industry to:

  • Effectively promote deals
  • Book more test drives
  • Convert test drives to sales