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What’s new: Automated campaigns for Snapchat

Introducing Hunch's integration with Snapchat - our solution for streamlined campaign creation.

With Hunch, you can effortlessly launch dynamic product ads with custom designs and multiple ad sets in just minutes with Product catalogs for Snapchat.

But, we went a step further and enabled modern marketers to elevate their advertising strategy and power up their creatives with data through Hunch’s Automated campaigns for Snapchat, connecting feed values on all levels, campaign, ad set, and ad level.

Automated campaigns for Snapchat

Say goodbye to manual labor and manual errors in campaign creation, freeing up time and resources to focus on what really matters - delivering outstanding results.

Automated campaigns for Snapchat
Experience effortless and impactful advertising on Snapchat with Hunch.

Get ahead of the competition by delivering personalized customer journeys with weather and location-based ads, delivering the right message to your target audience, at the right time, and in the right place.

Why the need for support for automated campaigns for Snapchat?

To put it simply - we enabled brands and agencies to have a unified egress from Facebook onto other platforms, with a focus on Snapchat and TikTok.

The pains of omnichannel communication arise with redistribution in attention, demographic groups, times of rapid changes on Paid Social, not just in terms of rising trends, but in legislation as well. Cookie policies, how will companies deal with these modern hurdles and who’ll be the leader - you’ll need to be ready for options to launch your campaigns on multiple platforms and formats. Who knows?

What are Automated catalogs for Snapchat?

Automated catalogs are a feed-based advertising solution that creates and updates campaigns through the integration of a single data source.

Automated ads do not compromise Snapchat ad personalization and offer dynamic ad options, including single image and video ads, slideshows and carousel ads. Budget, targeting, ad creative, and copy can be easily adjusted in real-time using data from the feed, leading to personalized, localized, and constantly updated advertising.

How do Automated catalogs for Snapchat work through Hunch?

If you have to do something more than twice, then it needs to be automated.

Automated campaigns for Snapchat platform
Snapchat Automated ads campaigns are connected with feed values on all campaign levels.

Automated catalogs define the instruction of that automation through simple data points over which a certain structure is defined. That structure dictates how to use that data, how to implement it into creative, hence the creative becoming a part of the structure of how ideally we’d like the campaign to look like.

Starting with Snapchat Automated catalogs through Hunch is easy. Just follow our simple 4-step-framework:

  • Connect - Feed Hunch with your data. Upload a feed into the platform and set up the general Automated catalog info. A centralized sheet is all you need as a source of input for the ad’s creative production and campaign setup.
  • Design - When the platform creates an Automated catalog, design your template in the Hunch Creative Studio. Automated catalog support both image and video creatives.
  • Launch - The templates are not the only dynamic thing - the campaign is too. Set up ad sets, Define your winning strategy and build personalized customer journeys.
  • Optimize - Drive performance by using multiple data points and analytics platforms to optimize delivery.

With a one-time campaign setup, you'll save time and effort in the long run. Any changes to your product and targeting details are effortlessly reflected in your ads through updates made in the data source.

What problems do they solve?

Hunch simplifies the production process by creating assets based on your feed, and keeping them up-to-date with automatic updates to Snapchat when your data source changes.

Though, with DPA catalogs, there’s not much control over the ads placement. Automated catalogs give full control over what way will each item from the catalog be placed to its audience. They don’t let Snapchat randomly decide it. There aren’t any restrictions and needs to extend the feed as well.

Oh, and another benefit of using Automated catalogs for Snapchat is fast testing of the campaign itself, the validation of the idea and creatives.

Who is the best fit to use this integration?

Automated ads are the perfect solution for advertisers who prioritize a structured and standardized approach to ad creation.

Automated campaigns for Snapchat ad examples

Designed for brands operating as eComms as well as performance agencies managing multiple eComm brands and utilizing advanced marketing strategies, Snapchat Automated ads give full coverage across multiple platforms and markets.

Automated campaigns for Snapchat are also a must for:

  • Businesses with large catalogs
  • Small or outsourced design teams
  • Brands aiming to shift focus on Snapchat campaign management
  • One-touch creative application

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

Automated catalogs for Snapchat are set up the same as Product catalogs through the Hunch platform.

When your feed is connected to Hunch, simply choose to create an Automated catalog, design your templates in the Hunch Creative Studio, set up campaign goals and parameters and then hit ‘Publish to Snapchat’ to launch your own Snapchat campaign.

Wrapping up

Experience effortless and impactful advertising on Snapchat with Hunch.

If you're looking to take your creatives to the next level, Hunch enables the creation of Automated ads campaigns that are connected with feed values on all campaign levels. But Snapchat wouldn’t be the thing without personalized customer journeys - your favorite features like weather and location-based ads can still be used, giving you even more options to reach your target audience, at the right time and place.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.