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What’s new: Product catalogs for Snapchat

A stable omnichannel stack is what all vendors are striving for, and it has become a necessity for a comprehensive, customer-centric approach. At Hunch, we have extended what we do best onto other platforms.

The added value we’ve delivered on Facebook can now be extended onto Snapchat too! As of now, all our customers have the option of creating DPA catalogs for Snapchat campaigns in the Hunch platform, as well as building creative assets for Snapchat in the Hunch Creative Studio.

Snapchat DPA catalogs

Hunch made a unified process that works for both Facebook and Snapchat, through parallel work streams. By extending functionalities to work for other platforms, we’re letting the users deliver the creative value from Hunch onto Snapchat. This ensures fast, smooth, and precise interventions across platforms.

DPA catalog for Snapchat
When creating a DPA catalog, simply choose if it's meant for Facebook or Snapchat.

Once you connect your product feed to the Hunch platform and set up dynamic ads catalogs, you can create templates for different product designs with dynamic data elements coming from the feed. All creative tools are Snap-ready, with the production process running as usual, just adapted to different communication.

Why the need for support for dynamic ads for Snapchat?

To open up new integration options with versatile business platforms. This is a new platform potential that can easily enable the integration of any network. And DPA catalogs are the traditional way.

Snapachat catalog
Set up your Snapchat catalog general info.

What are DPA catalogs for Snapchat?

Catalogs allow you to promote a broad range of products without having to configure individual ads for each item. Creatively this format remains a huge opportunity for advertisers to flex creativity, as many advertisers run homogeneous, unbranded product ads.

How do DPA catalogs for Snapchat work through Hunch?

When connected, Hunch’s Data Management system allows users to integrate or intervene in the feed data, which is important for catalog cross-compatibility.

Snapchat DPA catalog
Voila! You're Snapchat DPA catalog is ready. See the icon?

Once the catalog is ready, it’s time to make creative designs in the Hunch Creative Studio.

Once a template is created, Hunch translates the design and dynamic data onto Snapchat, all through the automated production of creatives, rather than manual design work.

But, its work doesn’t just stop there. Hunch continuously refreshes the feed data, allowing it to stay live and be updated in the catalog. That’s how product information is synced and communicated on Snapchat.

What problems do they solve?

Hunch became a centralized hub from which you can create and manage advanced marketing campaigns. Hunch has the best system for these campaigns, transferring different verticals from Facebook onto Snapchat and being the best creative adaptation for different Snap formats. Also, Hunch’s Preview tool allows for the preview of flagged creatives.

Snapchat creatives
Now, make templates for your Snapchat creatives in the Hunch Creative Studio.

This integration enables seamless feed extension onto Snapchat and an advanced feed management system for precise data manipulation.

Who is the best fit to use this integration?

Performance agencies managing multiple e-comm brands that need to cover multiple platforms in their different formats on multiple markets should find a place for more platforms in their media mix in order to hit their goals. Brands that technologically operate as e-comms, or use advanced marketing strategies are also good candidates for this feature.

Snapchat ad examples

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

Product catalogs for Snapchat work just the same as any other catalog through Hunch. First, you authorize the account, then connect your feed to Hunch and then choose whether you want to create a Facebook or Snapchat catalog.

Since there are unique naming and format specs for different platforms, our Feed mapper and Feed extender tools help out in mapping out all necessary fields or adding new ones, making sure your feed is compatible with Snapchat.

Wrapping up

This omnichannel approach isn’t just in terms of technology but in the overall handling of the process. Hunch built a solution that can extend the functionalities of our platform onto Snapchat and elevate the existing features for the best possible client experience.

If you're looking to run Dynamic Ads on Snapchat through Hunch, let us know.

DPA catalogs for Snapchat are a chance to supercharge your creative process from what’s good to great, with quality, speed and management.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with them.