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What’s new: Feed mapper & Feed extender

Third-party data management tools are a go-to for product feed solutions of enterprise-level companies. That data is running on a product feed on which users can manage the operations of thousands of products for different markets and languages. And there’s no need to use the data for every campaign since these campaigns are localized and can do parts of the operational management themselves.

And there comes the problem of stacking, because every time something new is added to the stack, the feed just gets bulged.

This is where Hunch’s solution steps in.

Introducing the Hunch Feed Management solutions

By implementing the Hunch Feed Management system, you’ll have the capability to import, set up, and transform a product feed to be usable for Facebook and Google campaigns.

More informative product data can be added without leaving the Hunch platform and the need for external management or interference, like 3rd-party tools.

The Hunch Feed Management system consists of two main features - Feed mapper and Feed extender.

Feed mapper

Feed mapper is an essential feature that allows for seamless feed field remapping, making your feed compliant for Facebook, Google, or any other preferable advertising channel.

Feed mapper

And if you’re missing product information, Feed mapper can also easily insert new fields with their values into the feed, following the rules of the channel that’s been advertised on.

What makes Feed mapper essential for your product catalog campaigns?

Besides overseeing Facebook catalogs, Feed mapper can assist in the QA of your data.

The mapper will go through the feed, mapping out all fields and flagging non-compatible items. You’ll have a full overview of missing, mandatory or recommended data, as well as some fields that require assigned individual values.

This is crucial because the system you're using may or may not align with Facebook’s requirements or the rules of the platform being advertised on. Luckily now, you can easily remap your feed, all by yourself.

Feed extender

As an addition to the Feed mapper, which lets you manipulate the existing data in the feed, Feed extender enables to add new data to it, allowing you to choose where and how the data is going to be added.

There’s no need for an external source or administrator to manage specific assets to specific products. Hunch’s Feed extender also gives the ability to upload needed assets.

Why is Feed extender important for optimization?

Essentially, making the feed Facebook-compliant. Likewise, as much data as needed can be additionally inserted into the feed, whether it’s informative or creative-centered.

Feed extender

Some fields don’t even exist in Facebook catalogs, but the Feed extender can easily import and prepare them for future management. User reviews are the case here, which are an important attention factor for the creative's dynamic elements.

What are the challenges that the Feed Management system solves?

Just by plugging into Hunch, every user is fully involved with their, now, Facebook-ready feed. It solves the problem of feed compatibility and allows for much faster and better data manipulation, without the need for an external administrative team to do that in your place.

Why the need for the Feed Management solutions in our system?

Running successful Paid Social campaigns is challenging without compliant feeds. The boring part of the whole process is the huge manual work around creating and updating ad content. Though, this whole process is all automated when using feed-based ads.

The challenge we saw often within our clients using the platform is when users update their feed at the beginning when using the system. They wouldn't be able to start using the system right away, because they’d primarily need to organize their feed in order to run Facebook campaigns.

The Hunch solution is just the right gear in the machine.

Who should use the Hunch Feed Management solution?

The Feed Management solution is mandatory for direct performance advertisers and brands that are independently managing their e-commerce data. Likewise, performance agencies working with multiple brands, which are not all and at all times feed-ready and compilable. And that would be a hefty feast because it requires lots of manual work and/or introducing 3rd-party software.

Wrapping up - Don’t pile, enrich your data!

Users are aiming to optimize their websites’ load times, usually timidly avoiding their feed structure, and rather turning to minimal, ‘safer’ optimizations like compressed images, shorter descriptions, optimized titles, etc. But, nothing of the mentioned largely contributes to the overall website health, as long as its feed is compatible with the platform advertised on.

With that in mind, most of the time more and new data is needed - the key is to try to enrich the information in some way, without harming the feed.

Implementing the Feed Management system, users can easily manage their data without hiccups, without leaving the Hunch platform, and without adding a 3rd-party tool.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.