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What’s new: Snapchat Manage page

Find your spot in Snapchat advertising by leveraging Hunch. We enabled the Snapchat Manage page so you can manage and track the performance of your Snapchat campaigns through the Hunch platform.

As a starting point for running ads on the Snapchat platform, from the Manage page you can initiate the campaign creation process and supervise and handle ongoing and additional optimization steps while the campaigns are running.

The Snapchat Manage page also introduces three new features that help in streamlining the process - Snap metrics and in-line and bulk actions.

Snapchat Manage page

Hunch supports the Manage page for Snapchat campaigns. Connect your dynamic feeds, create product or automated catalogs, build templates and manage and track the performance of your Snapchat campaign - all through the Hunch platform.

Why is it important?

Users who are running Standard and Automated Snapchat campaigns through Hunch are able to monitor campaign performance directly in Hunch, without switching to Snapchat. The Snapchat Manage page gives the ability to manipulate campaign, ad set and ad level operations which can be measured, with reliable real-time metrics and users’ confidence in the system.

Within the Snapchat Manage page, users can also operate with:

  • In-line actions - Individual campaign status edits within Manage on all campaign levels.
  • Bulk actions - Multiple simultaneous in-line budget and bid edits on the ad set level. 
  • Snapchat metrics - Built-in metrics available for a better campaign performance overview of all Standard or Automated campaigns launched through Hunch.

These capabilities liberate marketing managers of mundane, time-consuming, manual edits within each campaign separately. They enable swift minor tweaks, multi-select for filtering and manipulating multiple campaigns and ad sets for better improvement.

An advanced feature within Snapchat DPA campaigns is that every change within the campaign directly replicates in the campaign edit mode. This capability is not yet supported for Snapchat Automated campaigns.

How does it work?

There’s a Snapchat campaign tab on the Manage page in the Hunch platform.

snapchat manage page product update
Change a campaign status in-line, or multi-select multiple entities for bulk actions.

Changing the campaign and ad status is simply done by clicking the toggle button on and off. You can simultaneously do a bulk change on multiple entities on the ad set level by multi-selecting certain ad sets you want to make additional settings to, then edit the budget or bid. In order to make simultaneous changes, budgets on the selected ad sets must be of the same type. Bidding can be changed only if a target cost is set and autobid disabled.

What problems does it solve?

On the Snapchat Manage page, we address two main organizational issues. Firstly, it enables users to view the actual real-time results of their Snapchat campaigns. Manage also allows users to perform essential operations on the campaign, adset and ad levels such as modifying status, bids and budgets, etc.

snapchat manage page product update
Snapchat metrics provide a clear overview of the campaign performance.

By providing these capabilities within the Hunch platform, users can avoid constant switching between Hunch and native platforms, working in one centralized place and streamlining their campaign management processes.

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

Hunch supports the Manage page for Snapchat campaigns. It’s a functionality already fully integrated in the Hunch platform.

With the Snapchat integration, you can connect your dynamic feed to Hunch and create and manipulate Product catalogs as well as automated ones, for DPA and Automated campaigns for Snapchat. Build thousands of templates and creatives from scratch in various formats in the Hunch Creative Studio for relevant and engaging Snapchat ads. Push the designs into Snap campaigns, manage their progress and track performance.

And all of this without leaving the Hunch platform.

Wrapping up

From building image and video creatives at scale to launching and optimizing campaigns for Snapchat - it can all be managed with the Hunch platform. Without the full working Manage page, users would constantly need to switch between Snapchat and the Hunch platform.

The features offered within Hunch’s Snapchat Manage page empower users to effectively manage campaign operations on all campaign levels, improving optimization without the need for repetitive, individual and manual edits.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.