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5 reasons why Hunch is not the right choice for you

As fellow marketers, we know you wouldn’t want to lose a minute on something that won’t benefit you.

That's why we won't trick you into requesting a demo or spending time on a discovery call, only to realize that we might not be a suitable fit for your needs right now.

We spend a lot of time defining our ICP to detect some clear roadblocks to a successful partnership with us. 

If you do find yourself here, we’ll wait for the perfect moment when our paths will cross again. 
If not, let’s meet and share some ideas on how to elevate your Paid Social efforts with Hunch.

#1 You’re working in an agency that doesn’t want to innovate 

You’re just fine with the traditional way of delivering social campaigns to your clients. Your creative production capabilities have their limits, but they are just enough to meet your clients' needs. Also, you’re fine with not getting new clients, because retaining existing accounts squeezes all your resources. Bringing average solutions keeps your agency standing still and you’re not ready to invest money, time, and people’s energy into getting acquainted with the new tool. 

Yet, if you feel overwhelmed and pushed to the breaking point, with everything your clients ask you to do, so you constantly overpromise and overdeliver, we can help you out.
With a short attention span and the fastest thumb scrolling than ever before, marketers have an almost impossible task to deliver just enough creatives. 

We say almost because it can be done with innovation. And Hunch brings innovation to your everyday workflow. We’ll equip you with our expertise and knowledge, and ensure you’re fully using our platform to deliver exciting and complex solutions your clients couldn’t do without you.

#2 Your team resists adopting another new tool 

It’s no joke to advocate investing in another platform for your tool stack and then realize that people on your team avoid using it. You don’t want to be remembered as that kind of person. 

If you feel like your team is stuck in old ways, or designers are stubbornly sticking with the tools they use for design, maybe your teammates are not ready for the new platform (or maybe they just aren’t enough exhausted from doing things manually). 

If you, as an advertiser, see the benefits of using Hunch and struggle to inspire your teammates to see the same, here are some good points you could use: 

  • Designers can easily upload their PSD files and work on them inside Hunch’s Creative Studio 
  • You don’t have to be a designer to produce image or video assets in our Studio, we made things pretty simple for marketers 
  • Thanks to a single platform where all your creatives and campaigns are kept, your workflow will be seamless

Until your team gets on board with using Hunch, don’t rush into any decision. 

#3 Basic DPAs are enough for you

You can run basic DPAs using only Meta Business Suite, so there’s no need to invest in a platform that lets you do much more than that. 

In the best-case scenario, you may use the Hunch platform for automating DPA production. But that still doesn’t justify partnering with Hunch. 

If you want to enhance DPA, try AI-powered background removal that will help you scale the production of dynamic product ads, or if you want to explore your options with hyper-localized advertising, investing in Hunch will get you there.

Master DPA with AI powered background removal

#4 You don't need to constantly test your campaigns

Your ideal scenario: prepare everything you need for a campaign, launch it, and watch the results, without the option to change anything. You like your campaigns static, and you’re not about to invest your time in updating creatives.

Skip Hunch.

Working with our platform only makes sense if you want to test tons of different creatives (CTAs, images, prices, discounts) and see what works, but you neither have the time nor enough people in the team to do that manually. 

And why would you? 

Best-performing agencies are the ones that discovered how to shorten the path between launching campaigns with different ads and learning which one performed the best and why. And then, produce more of them at scale.

You can’t win this race without automating this process, and instead of wasting your team effort on nitty-gritty manual tasks, put your daily focus on strategy, while everything else happens automatically. 

#5 You’re looking for an agency to entirely run your Paid Social activities 

What is Hunch? 

Hunch is a Software with a service (SwaS), which means we combine technology and the knowledge of our advertising experts to support you in creating high-performing ads through our platform. 

What isn’t Hunch? 

We are not an agency that will create and execute your social advertising strategies, without getting you involved in the whole process.  

How does our partnership work?

You have a challenge or a roadblock you cannot overcome by yourself. Our team will introduce you to the capabilities of our platform. Once you’re onboarded, you’ll be ready to work on our platform with your team and turn weeks of work into hours.

This will leave you a lot of free time to win back your creative thinking and start working on some awesome strategies. And we’ll be there to support your great ideas and find the best way to deliver them with Hunch. 

You've come this far, and you didn’t recognize yourself in any of these?
Seems like great material for a discovery call. But we won’t leave any link to request a demo. As a modern marketer, we trust you’ll find your way. See ya!