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How to scale sales for Father’s Day campaign by 10X

With Father’s Day around the corner, many brands have started advertising since the beginning of this week on social media. Are your campaigns ready? If there is any time for a tweak, keep reading this post. We will share our success stories so you can implement them immediately!

During last year’s Father’s Day campaign our team managed to increase the daily budget for one of the brands we’re working with from $1K to $9K and scale their ROAS 10x.

Go ask your dad

Test constantly

Test the creatives and products in your campaign constantly. Testing is the right way to succeed in the Facebook Ads game.

“Should you run just one ad or multiple ads for better results? It’s pretty simple.
The more ads you run, the more tests you’re running. The more tests you run, the more you learn about your audience. The more you learn about your audience, the better you become with your ads. The better you become with your ads, the better your ads perform.”

Advertisers often forget the importance of testing a single variable when experimenting with different creatives. If your ad sets have varying creative aspects such as different images, headlines, and text, then when the winning ad set is declared, you won’t know which factor to credit.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances

In Hunch, we utilized creative automation as the solution to automating the creative aspect of our ads. It allowed us to create dynamic templates and generate different creatives that could be applied to products across the entire catalog feed. We were then able to A/B test without losing time during the ad creation process.

Facebook CBO campaigns

We’re promoting CBO campaigns daily and not without good reason. Facebook’s AI is super intelligent and can find the best audiences quickly. It helps you automatically reallocate your budget to the best performing audience.

CBO Hunch campaigns in Hunch

As a tip, we highly recommend you to use spend limits on the ad set level. This way you can control budget split by setting your remarketing ad set to use 10% of the CBO budget.

Spend Limit in Hunch

Organize your Ad Sets

Organize your ad sets like this:

  1. Interest-based: group all of your winning interests into one worldwide ad-set. The interests will be broad, so the audience itself will be broad as well.
  2. Selected Countries: don’t do any targeting on these, just choose the age and gender. Select the best-converting countries for you and run ads there.
  3. Worldwide audiences: target only based on gender and age.

Combine creative testing with Facebook’s AI

This is easier to do than you think. We tested a lot of different creatives and ran them constantly. With the creative automation tools available in Hunch, we were able to spend minimal time doing this.

We created enhanced dynamic ad templates in Hunch Studio so that we could generate thousands of different creatives. For example, we targeted females with different color patterns and added girly design effects on the ad templates. We also enhanced discount labels on ads for guys and painted them red. Once we identified our winning creative variations, we duplicated them into all of the ad sets that were running at TOF.

Alternatively, you can create a sense of urgency around the upcoming holiday. This will encourage people to act quickly and they’ll be more likely to buy.

Monitor your data and get notified

With limited-time campaigns, you have less time to test and tweak, so it’s wise to monitor your KPIs very closely throughout the campaign. You should also keep a close eye on the cost per initial checkout, cost per add to cart and cost per landing page view. If they all seem to be working well together, start moving the creative down to the middle of the funnel and then gradually down to the bottom of a funnel.

In Hunch you can receive notifications through Slack or via email if one of your rules is triggered.

Get notified via Slack

Send the right message

We needed to keep testing the creatives of the Facebook ads. We were constantly checking what our direct and indirect competitors were up to. We tested their ideas, offers, and creatives that seemed to be working well with our own customers.

Creative Automation helps brands and agencies generate thousands of different beautiful images in just a couple of clicks. It enables you to find the right offer, for the right customer, at the right time. This is applicable for any e-comm business and it’s a game-changer when it comes to big shopping periods like Father’s Day.


Our team managed to scale the Facebook ad daily budget for one of our brands from $1K to $9k within a weekend. We adopted this process of testing creatives and adjusting our targeting to yield the highest results for this particular account. You should make your Facebook strategy simple around D-Day (that’s Dad Day if you missed it), with an automated approach to both prospecting and retargeting.

You will eliminate redundant manual tasks to save time and effort with automation. So, we suggest that you go into your campaign, play around with the creative, then automate it!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do father's day sales start?

Father's Day is typically celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father's Day sales typically start around early July.