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Easily create and test 100s of product video ads on Facebook

Typical daily distance covered by a thumb on Facebook and Instagram is 91m. That’s the height of the Statue of Liberty. So, how do you stop the scroll?

Let's face it, approximately 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day.

“Focus on video creatives, that’s where the $$ is. Test video ads to learn what speaks directly to consumers.” Easier said than done, right?

In this article, you will discover how to quickly create and test 100s of product-based video ads for Facebook. It is time to stop paying thousands of production dollars, and start planning your next retail/e-commerce campaign to really create top-of-the-line Facebook product video ads.

The Old Way vs. New Way

The old way of targeting cold audiences is running single video ads and targeting broad interests. There, you would retarget people who clicked or watched video ads. This is hardly a strategy that sounds exciting enough to sell at first click.

Ad messages

Single message for one product vs. Various messages for the same product

Audience Exploration

When you target a broad audience at the top of the funnel, you’re targeting various types of users. Offer different reasons to buy the same product with various messages in videos. By leveraging different points, you will recognize what works for who.

Each video version should allow you to learn more about each of the audience pools. This means you have discovered the reason for the sale. That way, you unlock the buying potential of these audience pools.

With dozens of video creatives, you can easily identify messaging and tone which will work for each audience. Once you get there, you can continue to adapt and iterate through communication versions.

Find Your Users’ Motivators

What makes your users tick? Discovering the pain points of customers and identifying emotional triggers might lead you to a complete action that will make the campaign successful.

Build Motivation Based Creatives

Pick the top 3 barriers or motivators that seem like the biggest opportunity to convert potential buyers. Do your best to ensure that these motivators are not attracting the same or similar audience.

Micro target customers with different motivators rather than sell a product with a one-size-fits-all framework

Using this process, you will be micro-targeting your customers with all available motivators to get a purchase, rather than just blindly selling your product with a one-size-fits-all framework.

Build your video creatives based on these motivators/barriers. Experiment to find what works, don’t just settle for what works ok.

How to actually produce 100s of Facebook Product Video Ads

    1. Make a Selection of the Products for Your Campaign

If you are using product catalog feed, you can filter data by price range, previous engagement, purchase data, Google Analytics data, or select any product you want to advertise and convert to a video ad.

Rely on Hunch smart strategies to select your top-performing products or the products, which garner the highest engagement.

Bear in mind that sometimes the product that is is driving your consumers isn’t the one which is sold the most, but the one they come for.


Product focused dynamic video creative serve viewers with selected products pulled from a spreadsheet
  1. Design a Compelling Dynamic Video Ad Template

Design from scratch or import your current assets. Any data you have can be used as a dynamic part of your creative; as a variable.

  1. Produce and Send to Facebook Campaign Hundreds of Video Ads

The price of 100s of Facebook Product Video Ads

Great video content is an expensive and time-consuming effort. It is priced per final video. Often, the campaign based on presenting products through various videos can cost higher than the actual media cost.

Creative production

If that’s the case, use dynamic creative to significantly cut production costs and automate campaign management. You will save 15x your production budget with automated videos.

On-Brand” Slideshow Video Ads

Launch, Test, Repeat, Scale

With this model in hand, you can put 80-85% of your marketing budget towards the creative processes that work best. Opportunity cost is a real thing.

Content variations of what has worked in the past are where your man-hours go into.

Start using creative automation technologies to realize creative production efficiencies, improve ad performance, and increase creative relevancy for consumers.

Scale creatives, not budgets.