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How to stand out in Facebook news feed and make your Retargeting ads POP

Two major trends are colliding right now.

The growth of direct to consumer is colliding with the massive shift to mobile-first content. Which means, we’ve never had more products online competing against each other on the smallest possible screens – ever.

And the results are in: marketers today have less than 1.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. How much is 1.7 seconds, you ask?

About as long as it would take you to say the words “Ad Fatigue“.

So, knowing this, what’s your game plan to stand out and grab somebody’s attention?

Here’s one way not to fight the attention battle on social – keep showing the same old ad day-in and day-out. Because think about it, not only are attention spans getting shorter than that of a goldfish, but your customers have also developed a serious antibody condition called – Ad Blindness.

That’s when potential customers don’t even see your offer.

What’s the end result of all this for your brand? Eventually, your campaign does not go according to plan cause your audience loses interest in your retargeting ads. And there are several reasons why this may happen.

In 90% of scenarios, the enemy is stale creatives.

Table retargeting ads
CTR went down, while CPM grows, frequency and negative feedback are high. Diagnosed with creative Ad Fatigue

Today, we are gonna show you how to combat ad fatigue on Facebook and Instagram. You will learn how to get the most out of your feed if you are managing a large inventory of e-commerce products.

As a result, you will be getting CTR above 15% with Catalog DPA ads and some crazy high ROAS. (case-study included).

An antidote to ad fatigue with Retargeting Ads

How do you stop people from getting sick from your retargeting ads? By delivering personalized, highly relevant retargeting journeys for each user seeing your ads.

Personalization is the antidote to ad fatigue. Your customers must feel that you’re speaking to them directly.

Both retargeting and dynamic ads are a type of personalizing what customers see based on other items and sites they have viewed or at the time of their last visit. People will get customized content based on information, services, and items they have previously shown an interest in.

Instead of feeling bombarded with generic ads, customize content for each phase of the funnel.

Get the most out of Your Retargeting DPAs

Enabling Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook and Instagram gives your audience a refreshing, engaging, relevant, and ultimately more personal experience.

What can possibly go wrong here? Your products/ads aren’t differentiated from similar products/competitors.

Facebook offers limited options to make your DPAs stand out, many DPAs don’t work as well as they could.

Generic ads
Does this ad stand out from the crowd? Nope. Actually is same as competitors ad.

Facebook Creative Tools allow you to modify white background product images, but most of the data about the product from your catalog is still locked.

Use creative concepts to drive the performance of your dynamic ads

To stand out in the news feed, your ads need to look engaging and clearly communicate your message.

If your e-comm store has hundreds or thousands of products and you are “fine” and running standard Dynamic Product ads, you are wasting your money.

Engaging ads help brands to tell their story more expressively and keeping the attention of today’s easily distracted customer.

Watch a Porter, a luxury watches brand saw a 28X ROAS and got a 30% higher click-through rate by enhancing their retargeting ads. They reached these impressive numbers with visually engaging dynamic product ads that actually didn’t look like classical product ads.

Personalized ad examples
WAP got 28X ROAS by unlocking the power of conditional layers.

Content that ‘looks like an ad’ – ad fatigue occurs. Content that blends alongside the content that consumers are already consuming on social will have a much higher chance of capturing user attention.

Creative capabilities of enhanced retargeting experience will ultimately overtake news feed consumption. Competition to capture customers’ attention is high. Many e-comm marketers leverage this effective advertising format already.

Unleash High-impact ads by unlocking your owned Brand Data

Brands that can produce and deliver visually engaging ads that will make your ads stand out in the newsfeed. Audiences always prefer a more personal approach, and it all starts with the dynamic creative. Retargeting is the next level.

Technically speaking, you can enhance your retargeting ads by customizing them with dynamic content that you unlock from your own brand data:

  • Leverage imagery that best correlates with branding, dynamically adding the brand logo and price from the product feed
  • Unlock the opportunity to have different designs for different categories or genders
  • Leverage conversion rate by testing different price positions on the ad
  • Make a distinction between knowing a brand and connecting with it
  • Unlock additional images from the product catalog
  • Add urgency with Countdown product ads

There are a lot of different creative angles that can make your retargeting ad POP.

How your ads look will decide whether consumers engage with them, especially in a saturated marketplace. When ads are produced strategically – using contextual creative with your additional data from catalog feed – you’ll be sure to get the most out of your advertising spend.

Make your Retargeting ads POP

During publishing millions of retargeting ads, we were monitoring what works or fails. Now, we are sharing these learnings with you, including world-class retargeting dynamic ad examples. See why these ads work so well.

You’ll find out how you can unlock exciting brand data and create engaging customer journeys through automated Facebook dynamic product ads.

Examples and solutions we’ve revealed to you here are confirming why contextual ads are the most vital form of the Facebook e-commerce strategy.

You learned that if you enhance your retargeting campaigns and make them more engaging, your campaign will get better ROAS. Simple as that!