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Enhance your Holiday Campaign with Dynamic Creative effortlessly

When it gets to preparing e-commerce holiday’s campaign in and achieving Q4 goals, how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of the $$$ you put in? While Ad spend skyrockets over the holidays, with a 140% increase in cost per click, average order value (AOV) does not. This case is likely due to increased competition and deal chasers taking advantage of one-off sales and deep discounts.

That means that your spend is going up. There is a silver bullet to keep your advertising spend while having the same average order value. But how? Holidays are about emotions. This holiday season, you can achieve a frictionless shopping experience and amplify ROAS by employing beautiful Ads for a more personalized approach.

As it is the most competitive time of the year, this article will help you plan your Paid Social Holiday campaign, set up and optimize ad creatives effortlessly. The narrative of today’s story is a clothing store promoting the Holiday season’s fashion.

Warm your audience with Dynamic Data-driven videos

How can you be sure you’re getting outstanding ROAS? Collect traffic early to build audiences on social. You will collect audience through engagement video ads throughout two to three weeks leading up to the holiday campaign. Record enough view content events so you can retarget them later.

Make a selection of the most attractive products for your Holiday campaign.

Furthermore, you can filter your data by price range, previous engagement, purchase data, even a real-time Google Analytics top 10 goods. With Feed-driven creative, you automatically produce thousands of social ads that vary in real-time for product-based retargeting, creative personalization at scale built in a couple of minutes without adding more design resources.

Feed based ads are mostly focused on e-commerce stores. Product focused Dynamic Creative serve viewers with selected products and offered using data pulled from a spreadsheet.

Launch dynamic video ads in most effective customer channels: Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to use high-impact Instagram story format to get customer attention.

After we got users’ attention, collected enough website events, we are ready to build our contextual storytelling remarketing journeys. This article focuses on the creative aspects of thematic campaigns, as are holidays. To get a campaign scaling structure, check out our latest evergreen BF campaign Playbook with ready to implement a strategy.

Contextual Storytelling

When your audience interacts with your brand, users want to feel special. Since consumers feel strongly about high-quality creative, it’s not surprising that they are most likely to convert when shown ads on social, that prioritize visual storytelling. E-commerce brands who understand the role creative plays in the ad process are likely to see many happy returns this holiday season.

You need to make numerous decisions to ensure your product is at the forefront of your consumer‘s attention. Decisions such as text, discount%, animations, arrangement, stickers, colors, and countdown tweaks all matter and are the core components of how you direct your storytelling.

The right approach to reach the right people with sequential storytelling

Buying journeys are unique to each customer, during the holidays, perhaps more than ever. Personalization can help you identify elements that drive a difference in your holiday campaign. When it gets to storytelling, the immediate nature of modern advertising opens up a host of likelihoods for creativity.

Sequential storytelling is the concept of showing ads through user journey. In our case, in a particular order, using a defined strategy and structured narrative. Additionally, it relies on users’ self-selecting themselves into interaction with a brand. You can use this tracking data to develop a focused Holiday campaign.

A video or image ad that is part of a compelling storyline will likely have better performance metrics than one that does not. It’s easy to put in place too. Especially if you have access to 1st party data and Dynamic Creative templates.

Not only do dynamic ads save a tremendous amount of time, but they can also make use of real-time data streams. Dynamic creative allows you to create hundreds of highly tailored creatives that incorporate time-based data, behavioral messaging, geo-data, demographic data, or (CRM) based data for high-impact messaging.

Use all the data you have about your products and visitors to build beautiful dynamic experiences effortlessly.

Holiday Dynamic Creative tips

Use story format

According to Shopify Black Friday 2019 results, 69% of sales were made on mobile. The story format is a Mobile-First solution.

Stories are excellent to inspire creativity as they go beyond the conventional square to take on the full-screen. Vertical storytelling will ensure that creative receive unbroken attention. Craft your space with different layouts within the vertical space.

Creative A/B/n tests

Run creative tests seven days to determine which creative engages and sells. Before you select a winner and turn off losers, be sure to have 10-15 conversions per creative.

Holiday ad examples

Be sure to test with different dynamic templates. Hypothesis usually don't win

Image and videos ads together

E-commerce marketers using both image & video ads saw a higher rate of conversions compared to the brands that are using only image or video ads.

Urgency and strong CTA

Use phases as a Limited offer, don’t miss out or use time-based data (days left counter) to create a sense of urgency. Also, be sure to show the previous price, together with the mentioned tips.

Holiday rush: take-aways

As an e-commerce marketer, you know the Holidays are your time to shine! US advertisers will spend more than $57 billion on digital display advertising. More further, half of that will go to digital ads on social networks.

Dynamic Creative opens doors for both prospecting and retargeting, which is using tons of creative dynamic ads. We have been testing Dynamic Creative with our e-commerce clients during the Black Friday rush, and it’s helped us get a much clearer picture of which creative is a resonating audience.

How easily can you switch your static designs to Dynamic Creative with Hunch? Seamlessly!

If you would like to find out how to set-up Dynamic Creative for the upcoming Holiday campaign, schedule a free strategy call with Hunch.

Let’s talk about what Hunch Dynamic Creative can do for your business.

Have a successful holiday season!