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23 reasons why you should start using Facebook video ads right now

Over a span of just one year, the number of advertisers adopting video into their marketing strategy has soared. That’s not without reason either- advertisers are seeing the value in video content not only in brand presence but in their pockets as well. However, that’s not to say the advertising competition has slowed down- we’re just saying the game has changed. This year, businesses will have to pump more into their ad spend just to ‘stand out in the crowd’ as a direct result.

Video ads usage

Video ad usage
Video is an integral part of the marketing strategy
  • 87% of businesses have adopted video as a marketing tool
  • 91% of advertisers believe video is an integral part of their marketing strategy
  • 83% of advertisers attest to video driving a good ROI

The benefits of video ads

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Video is an integral part of the marketing strategy
  • 79% of consumers say they were persuaded to buy a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video
  • 68% of people prefer watching a short video to learn about a new product or service. This puts video ahead of text-based articles (15%), presentations and pitches (4%), infographics (4%), ebooks and manuals (3%) as a learning tool

Video ads effectiveness

Video ads effectiveness
  • 94% of advertisers agree that video has helped increase their users’ understanding of their service or product
  • 84% of advertisers say video has driven traffic to their website
  • 80% of advertisers have noticed that people spend more time on their websites.=

These stats are impressive and advertisers are using videos to achieve a variety of different goals. Videos enhance the UX and bring them closer to the end of the buyer’s journey through increasing online traffic, the length of time visitors spend on-site (which does wonders for both B2C and B2B SEO), converting them into leads and, ultimately, helping scale sales.

Video Ads Trends

Facebook Video

  • 84% of Facebook advertisers have used video as a channel (In 2018, only 68% did)
  • Out of those, 85% say it was successful
  • 78% plan to use video in 2019.

Instagram Video

  • 51% of Instagram advertisers use video. (In 2018, only 41% did)
  • Out of those, 88% considered Instagram video successful for them
  • 67% of advertisers plan to use it in 2019.

Mobile Video Statistics

  • 17% of people say they mainly watch videos on desktop, 34% say they mainly watch on mobile, and 42% say they use desktop and mobile equally to watch videos
  • Only 1% say they exclusively watch videos on their desktop and 6% say they do on mobile

Marketers are not using video

We asked advertisers who aren’t currently using video to reveal their main reasons for not jumping on this sweet bandwagon. They said:

  • 23%said they didn’t have the time
  • 21% said they didn’t know how to get started
  • 14% said they weren’t certain about the ROI
  • 12% said videos are too expensive to produce and distribute
  • 9% said they didn’t have the need for video content
  • 5% said they couldn’t convince their key decision-makers of the value of video.


  • 74% of these advertisers said they plan on using video as a marketing tool hopefully by the end of 2019 (This is up from the 34% in 2017, and 65% in 2018)

There doesn’t appear to be any extraordinary reason that prevents advertisers from taking advantage of video advertising. In fact, most that aren’t currently using have plans to start for the first time in 2019. This indicates that the numbers of advertisers using video are likely to increase by this time next year in 2020.

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Video stats credit goes to Wyzowl.