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Facebook Ad objectives 2022: How to choose the right one (eCommerce edition)

Many eCommerce Facebook advertisers focus on their targeting, messaging, and creative, while often ignoring the campaign set up. Even though the creative may be the most important part of a Facebook ad, if you do not set up your campaign and do not implement the proper objectives, you will not get the results and the ROAS you were looking for.

To create a successful ad campaign on Facebook, you need to carefully select your Facebook Ad objectives 2020 and set up your ad in order to victoriously reach your campaign goals and make the most out of your paid social budget.

In this post, we will go over all the Facebook ad objectives and help you figure out what type of ad you should run in order to achieve different campaign goals.

Facebook Ad Objectives in 2020

Facebook breaks down its objectives into three different categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Each of the three categories includes various different Facebook Ad objectives 2020.

Awareness Consideration Conversion

What's your marketing objective? Most important question

The first step in choosing one of the most suited Facebook Ad objectives for your campaign is to figure out which overarching category works with where in your sales funnel the people you are trying to target are.

  • Awareness objectives are best used when you are targeting the people that are on the top of your funnel (TOF). You should choose one of the Awareness objectives when you are trying to get people to take interest in the products you are selling on your e-commerce site.
  • Consideration objectives are better suited for the middle of the funnel (MOF). It is best to use these types of ads when you want to reach people that have already shown some interest in your products and are possibly looking to learn more info about your store or your brand.
  • Conversion objectives are great when you want to target the people that are almost at the bottom of your sales funnel (BOF). These are the people you want to drive the store traffic or make a purchase from your online store.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Awareness

Awareness objectives are great when you want to increase the awareness of your brand. At the moment, there are two types of Awareness ads to choose from.

1. Brand awareness

If you want to increase brand awareness for your e-commerce brand, you should use this type of Facebook Ad objective. With this type of campaign, Facebook will try to get your ad in front of the people that are more likely to be interested in what you are advertising.

2. Reach Objective

If you want to reach as many people within your target audience, you should use this type of Facebook ad objective. If you have an ad that you want to be seen by as many people as possible, for instance, when you are just about to launch a new collection in your store, or when you have special offers for multiple brands, products, or a product category, and you do not necessarily need them to take a specific action, this type of ad will be perfect for you.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Consideration

If you want the audience to do a bit more than just being aware of your ad, you should try one of the following ad objectives. They are great when you are trying to reach the people that are in the middle of your funnel, those that are already interested in the products you are selling in your store and people that are already engaging with your brand.

1. Traffic Objective

The goal of this Facebook ad objective is to drive traffic outside of Facebook, ie. back to your online store. If you have a new product page or a landing page and you want people to visit them, then this is the objective for you.

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Bear in mind that, if you want to have the ability to track whether people visited your website in order to make a purchase or to opt-in, you would be better off with the Conversion objective.

2. Engagement (PPE)

When you want more people to engage with your ad, ie. react to it and like it, comment on it, share it, respond to your event or claim your offer, you should use the Engagement objective. With this Facebook ad objective 2020, Facebook will target the people that are most likely to engage with your ad.

3. App installs

This is a really specific type of ad objective, only intended for those advertisers that have an app they would like to promote. The goal of the App installs Facebook objective is to send people that Facebook determines are interested in your app to download or sign up for your app.

4. Video views objective

Use this ad objective when you are promoting a video and you want to get more people to watch it. This is also a pretty specific ad objective and it is not intended to be used when you want people to click on your link or convert the people on the product you are promoting.

As the name suggests, this ad objective is great when you want to build an audience that will engage with your video. It’s also suitable when you have a promo video for your store or one of your products or collections.

5. Lead generation objective

Facebook Lead generation ads allow you to generate leads directly on Facebook without driving traffic to outside destinations. Facebook can also autofill the name, email address, and perhaps even the phone number of people that click on your ad, allowing those people to complete lead forms more quickly and easily.

Facebook Ad Objectives: Conversion

The third and final category are Conversion objectives. When you want to convert people and get them to perform a specific action, you should use one of these Facebook Ad objectives 2020. Conversion objectives are great for people that are at the bottom or near the bottom of your sales funnel.


If you are trying to optimize for a very specific type of conversion such as purchase, email newsletter sign-ups or registering for an event, you should use the Conversions Facebook ad objective 2020. Each of these actions can be considered a conversion and if your goal is to get more of these actions, then Conversions is the right ad objective for you.

1. Catalog sales

If you would like to promote few, or all products from your e-commerce store, then this ad objective is the right one for you.

Since this ad objective is targeting the people that are the bottom of your sales funnel, you can expect Facebook to have collected a lot of data from these people using Facebook pixel.

Facebook then uses that data to figure out which of your products is most likely to be purchased and shows that product at the times that the algorithm thinks is the best to make the purchase.

To get the maximum out of this ad objective, you should use Dynamic Product Ads, which are highly personalized, as they show the most relevant products to the people that are at the bottom of your sales funnel and are more likely to purchase from you.

These dynamic ads are also focused on showcasing your products, which means that they are more likely to attract people that have the intention to purchase. They can also be updated in real-time, and they are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

To learn more about Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads and improve your creatives by using them, make sure to read this blog post.

2. Store traffic

If you want to drive more foot traffic and get people to visit your store, store traffic campaigns can help you with that. With Facebook’s Localization targeting, you can focus your advertising on people that are in the area of your physical location. This type of ad lets you interact with your customers in a locally specific and personalized manner.

Puma ad examples

To learn more about store traffic campaigns, make sure you read up on them in this blog post.

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Choosing the right Facebook ad objective can have a positive effect on the results of your ads, which is why it is important that you carefully consider which of the available Facebook Ads objectives 2020 to use for each of your campaigns.

The intention of these Facebook ad objectives was to make it as easy as possible for advertisers to choose the one that will get them the best results. However, the reality is that many of the objectives work better in some stages of the funnel than the ones designed for that exact stage. That is why you need to test out many different Facebook ad objectives until you find the right one for your specific funnel.

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