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9 mind-blowing Facebook Ad examples that increase online sales

From time to time, we all need some extra inspiration in order to create outstanding campaigns, especially if we’re in e-commerce space or running a performance agency.

Our design department is preparing us a lot of creatives for different products and clients, and we find ourselves merely accepting and publishing all of their creatives without even thinking about their impact or quality.

What if we can do better?

What if, together with our design team, we can create outstanding campaigns that break the laws of marketing?

Would you, as an Advertising Specialist or Performance marketer, love to be the owner of the next ground-breaking ad that will bring you and your company a lot of revenue?

That’s the reason why we’re here today – to bring your creativity to the next level by inspiring you with some of the best Facebook ad examples of 2020.

We’re here to help you think outside the box and create outstanding campaigns.

We will go through 9 different ads and see what makes them outstanding.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

Great creatives that are breaking the limits

In some cases, all your team needs to do is to create an outstanding creative that will catch the people’s attention and surprise them.

Keep in mind that ordinary visuals with a product image and a price behind it aren’t working anymore. Customers are demanding more creativity.

They want you to stand above everyone else.

Unleash desire and experience the power of the human element

Let’s be honest. There are two reasons why people buy any product or service:

  1. They want to avoid pain or loss
  2. They want to gain pleasure

When you think about your next campaign, ask yourself: “Why should someone buy a product or service that I advertise?”

Once you have your answer (it can either be a or b), you and your team can approach preparing a copy and designing a creative.

But what is the human element?

In the era of automation, robots and “generic ads”, people naturally have the tendency to value the ads that better represent actual human beings.

Unleashing desire in your customers’ eyes and appealing to the things that make us human, is a killer combo that won’t just improve your brand awareness, but will also bring you more sales.

Here’s an example from another skin-care brand, Noelle. This is what their ad looked like:

What makes an ad so great?

  • It attracts attention
  • Eccentric women are seen in the beginning (which improves customer engagement)
  • The products are seen only after the first couple of frames. This creative makes you intrigued and you can’t resist swiping up.

Use Geolocation Targeting to Gain Greater Engagement

We often forget that Facebook is a “distraction-based” marketing platform. We distract people with our ads.

Because ads usually annoy the users we need to make original creatives that will stand out from the rest. We need to make ads that do not look like ads.

If there’s anything I especially like in Facebook Ads, it’s the use of geolocation targeting in creatives.


It leaves the impression that people behind the ads invested a lot of time and effort when they brought amazing creatives to life.

Ads like these are extremely powerful when it comes to engaging with the users and capturing their attention.

The first example I really like comes from Air Serbia, which is an air transport leader in Southeast Europe.

This particular ad has one goal: to promote hot deals and flights from one location to another.

They’re using a great dynamic creative with a plane that goes from one landscape (Belgrade) to another (Amsterdam, New York, etc.).

Since this ad uses geolocation targeting, if you’re not currently in Belgrade, you will see flights from other locations.

For example, if you’re in Berlin, the first image would automatically be replaced with the landscape of Berlin (not to mention that you would also see the ad in a different language).

The combination of geolocation targeting and a dynamic creative allowed Air Serbia to automatically create hundreds of different ads (without spending the budget intended for their design departments).

These type of ad is great because it brings the personalization of the user journey to the next level. By getting the users to relate to our ads, we stimulate them to make the decision that works in our favor.

Even this ad from Qatar Airlines catches the attention of their target audience.

You can’t say it isn’t unique.

Create old way/new way campaigns

Old way/New way is a really powerful strategy when it comes to capturing the attention of your prospects and converting them into customers.

In essence, it clearly compares the Old way (the way in which your prospects used to do things before), and the New way (your innovative way of improving the process in question with your product).

Help your potential customers imagine and feel your products

There’s no better way to spark someone’s emotions (and satisfy their pleasure or help them avoid pain) than helping them imagine your product/service in action.

That’s why showing your product in its real environment or your service in action can help you get more engagement and boost your sales.

If you think that this isn’t possible with your product, you’re wrong. You can do this with any product or service.

For example, if you’re a brand selling hair products, you can find a hairstylist and capture the magic that they can do with the help of your products.

This way, your target audience is able to imagine themselves with their hair done the same way.

What does this ad sell?

The answer is pleasure – people will buy this piece of furniture because they are seeking comfort. And most importantly – they want to feel better when they spend time in their homes or have their guests over.

This ad helps them feel all of those emotions and make a decision based on that.

So at the end of the day, if you’re selling multiple products, it’s important to combine real content (the environment), and your products (product feed). This combination allows you to show your customers what they are buying (product image), and that it looks awesome once the product it’s set in its natural environment. It helps them make a faster decision based on their emotions – hence, it improves your sales.

Showcase Your Entire Collection in One Ad

We know how you’re feeling.

You have hundreds of products in your inventory, and you can’t afford to invest too much time, efforts and resources into creating a separate ad for each product.

That would require months and a lot of money.

So, is there a better solution?

Is there a better way of showcasing various products in the first 3 seconds and capturing people’s attention in that way?

Sure there is.

Using dynamic creatives you can advertise multiple products at once.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, in these overcrowded markets, only one type of brand would win.

The one that stands out and breaks the rules with their creatives and Facebook ads.

It’s time to think outside the box and amaze your customers by using a Facebook marketing technique that’s new and original, or one whose potential is overseen, such as:

  • Dynamic creatives
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Multi-language campaigns
  • Preparing creatives that stand out from the rest.

How are you going to do that?